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Friday, 24 January 2014

How to Create Perfect Hashtag URLs

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Creating the perfect #HashtagURLsForMarketing to drive social media conversations form opinions that eventually leads in the successful closure of a sale is a process that needs careful planning & implementation. The push for #HashtagURLs as neo marketing conversion channels is clearly on the rise with the usability of hashtags across premier social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+.

The evolution of mobile devices has allowed consumers to connect with hashtags from almost anywhere as they glue on to social media conversations via status updates, comments, posts & tweets. These trending factors in favour of #HashtagURLsForMarketing foresee the rise in its demands from top brands. Social media marketers must get themselves adapted to the delivery of hashtag URL marketing as triggers for successful marketing conversions.

The purpose is therefore to understand the basic rules while creating the perfect hashtag URLs before initiating any steps to register them across platforms like or for marketing broadcast.

Rules to Create Perfect Hashtag:

  • Do diligent research before in creating the hashtag URLs, where the emphasis should not be to just include a brand name
  • Hashtag must clearly make sense to the user at first look, inciting intent to click on them and thus unravel what’s available with the same
  • Maintain quality consistency & relevancy in its usability so that it makes sense within sentence formations while using them to describe content copies for websites, landing pages, tweets, posts, comments etc
  • Keep them short, simple & easy to remember
  • Make the hashtag URLs easily readable by assigning capital letters at the start of each word like #HashtagURLsForMarketing
  • Do not overdo the use of capitalization in your hashtags
  • Pick the ideal hashtag for your brand & business using Google Keyword Planner that gives you the perfect opportunity to unravel the value of potential keywords
Hashtag URLs Marketing Feed

The key to popularizing hashtags URLs for your brand is to use it everywhere possible for maximum visibility but do not add them too much on a single post, comment or tweet. 1 – 2 mentions is more than enough to make a point with your hashtag, however social media circulation is the key and therefore maximum social mentions using them will definitely add momentum.

Hashtag URLs has witnessed widespread popularity with native advertising formats including native video ads, where in-feed editorial content that matches the site aesthetics enhances user engagement as compared to traditional display ads. These inclusions are in the form of post title, tweets, comments as well as status updates. In addition, native video advertising is also redefining targeted ad message delivery based on consumers purchase intent history and behavioural profiling across social media platforms.

Hashtag URLs marketing has definitely got a lot more to offer in the future where social mention monitoring will determine what editorial content message needs to be embedded for various brands. Marketing channels are already in the crossroads of offering innovative conversion platforms and some examples in that direction include:
  • Activating a #Buy on a TV commercial where people can purchase featured items by posting #Buy
  • Activating #Enter on a social post to allow users enter a contest or promotion by posting #Enter
  • Activating #Donate for a fundraising event that allows supporters to donate instantly by posting #Donate
  • Activating #Vote for a sporting event by putting a message on the big screen and inviting people to cast their vote by posting #Vote
  • Activating #Gimme on a magazine ad that lets people to get a coupon on a featured product by just posting #Gimme
  • Activating #SneakPeek on a movie trailer by including an on-screen message inviting people to see more scenes by just posting #SneakPeek
Statistically, individuals receive 100% more (2x) active engagement on good tweets, posts, comments & status updates when a URL is included and posting a concentrated number of tweets in a short span of time during a live event for instance, increases engagement by 50% than the expected baseline. Thus this is where the science of hashtag URLs for marketing is making inroads for the movement of social media marketing strategy to gain widespread popularity.

Title: How to Create Perfect Hashtag URLs
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