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Monday, 13 January 2014

Search Engine Optimization for Mobiles

How to do Mobile SEO
Search engine optimization for the mobile version of your website is an important objective for any business brand with the rise in the usability of mobile, tablet or Smartphone devices.

Prior to the development of a mobile search engine optimized website, one must know how the users are going to find your site through search and how they will navigate across your site. Google analytics will give you a good direction in this regard by letting you sum up data for:
  • Mobile Traffic Volume
  • Mobile Search Keywords
  • Top Organic Mobile Traffic Pages
Segmenting your mobile traffic data to analyse how your audiences are accessing your site and optimizing your site for any & all mobile, tablet or Smartphone devices will help you good in designing your mobile site.
Mobile SEO Process
The Mobile SEO Process

Responsive Design

Mobile SEO for your website is all about offering a unique user experience & knowing which mobile browsers are rendering your pages across multiple devices defines your approach as you dig deeper into incorporating a Responsive Design.

Definitively responsive designs are website layout that automatically adopts multiple devices based on their screen or pixel sizes. Google has in fact started to penalize websites that are serving desktop web pages to mobile searches as we see an increase in the use of mobile operating systems. Sites that use responsive designs ensures that the same set of URLs serve the same HTML pages to any platform, be it a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Furthermore, Google recommends this configuration or approach for mobile website versions.

Optimize Mobile Website for Local Search Strategy

By optimizing your website for mobile users, you as a business ensure that local search listings for your business is trending. Recent studies have confirmed that:
  • One in three mobile queries is local
  • 61% users contact a business & 59% users actually visit a mobile website after using local search feature from their smart devices
  • 79% uses smart devices to help with shopping
  • 71% Smartphone users use mobile search to know more about a TV, Press or an online ad
Therefore, incorporating a local strategy with your content marketing plan helps in capturing mobile traffic.

Optimizing Images & Visual Media

Images & video media collaterals are dynamic content for your mobile website as a full screen of textual content on a smaller screen is uninteresting for mobile users. Moreover the social media predictions for2014 has already affirmed that visual content will clearly edge over textual content, also helps identify the need to focus on a visually rich mobile version of a business website.

Keyword Research for Mobile Audience

Keyword research in the conversation query string & mobile conversion measurement are two crucial aspects of mobile SEO. Search users behavioural graph for the search query that is being executed either from a mobile device (typed or spoken) or a desktop device (typed or spoken) demands that more & more keywords are needed to be mapped for discoverability betterment across search engines. Therefore grouping of keywords like the following example is the key:

Flower shop
Flower store
Flower shop New Delhi
Flower store New Delhi
Flower shop in New Delhi
Flower store in New Delhi
I am looking for a flower shop
I am looking for a flower store
I am looking for a flower shop in New Delhi
I am looking for a flower store in New Delhi

Faster Page Load on Smart Devices

Ensure that your mobile website version loads in 1 seconds on a Smartphone keeping in mind of the August 2013 announcement by Google that the content of the page should be “above the fold” since this way the content is visible without needing to scroll down. However latest stats reveal that a mobile page takes more than 7 seconds to load. Google further affirmed that Slow-loading pages will be penalized in the future and the speed factor will continue to increase as an essential scrutinizing factor that will affect ranking signals.

Social Sharing

Mobile searchers are social and therefore they need options to quickly & easily share content & recommend your services using popular social platforms. Therefore, social sharing networks that offers easy-to-use Plugins for mobile sites like is the recommended as it will ensure that the mobile website content will be more visible in general.   

Refer to the following post for an overview of Google’s recommendations in Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites.

Analysing today’s trend in traffic from mobile devices, it isn’t rocket science to sum up that they will surely surpass desktop traffic in the very near future and therefore the need to optimize websites from mobile devices is more than the need of the hour. Starting early will help understand better the evolution of these metrics and hence our efforts to stay at par with them.

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