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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

#Howto Find Popular Twitter #HashtagUrls for Marketing

Finding Popular Twitter Hashtags
Minus #googleplus, Twitter connects most social networks // via #hshdsh
Minus Google+, Twitter connects everywhere // via +hshdshDGTL
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Wiki defines Hashtags as a form of metadata tag that is actually a word or an un-spaced phrase prefixed with the hash symbol (#) that helps spread information on Twitter and at the same time also aid systematize the same . Simply put, it is a way for people to search tweets that have a common topic and thus start on a conversation. It’s an authoritative medium to reach a large audience and keep them in the discussion loop by mentioning the hashtags with every tweet. Even if you have a low follower tally for your twitter profile, hashtags will still provide you the prospect to reach a worldwide audience.

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Some tweet tips while utilizing hashtags will comprise maintaining the tweet relevancy to the topic and not utilize the same all the time through every other tweet. Make the most of popular keywords by using tools like Google Keyword Planner so that you could support your hashtags on relevancy & popularity. Lastly & most significantly, maintain your tweet content to be engaging as well as enlightening to encourage social sharing.

And now that we know what hashtags are by & large, it is important to find out the trending hashtags related to various industry verticals and for the same, try the following websites:

#Howto Find Popular Twitter #HashtagUrls for Marketing
 Pin It! - The site allow you to see what times of day and which days of the week a hashtag is most popular in the form of a graph. Right below the graph, the site additionally displays the most recent messages related to that hashtag. – This site displays the geo locations of popular hashtags for each country, region or city by just using the search box to look for information about a hashtag. – Form Twitter groups based on popular hashtags of importance that ensures not only you can determine hashtags related to any industry vertical, you can also connect with others who have similar interest about the applicable hashtags that you are using. – The site presents columns of top trending hashtag information like “top today”, “top this week” & “all time high”. Clicking on the hashtags gives you extra information like user-defined definitions as well as correlated tags. In addition, you can also analyse the most recent tweets for that hashtag and go straight to the Twitter profiles that have mentioned or used that hashtag. – This site is more of a visual trend generator for popular twitter trends & hashtags across the worlds that are displayed via an interactive map. The platform is best used for identifying location specific twitter trends for local businesses and clicking on the trend of a hashtag gives you the hottest tweets for that topic in real time.

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To monitor & track hashtags in real-time, there are tools like Monitter (currently undergoing upgrades to comply with the latest series of changes in Twitter’s API) and Twitterfall. For less popular Twitter hashtags, try setting up daily email alerts for the use of a specific hashtag by setting up a Twilert.

One of the fundamental rules with the use of Hashtags is to avoid overusing them as the same reduces the usefulness by fragmenting the discussion. To give your hashtag more relevancy & milieu, consider giving a quick explanation with your tweets and make it perceptible on what is being talked about. While creating a new hashtag, make sure that it adds more value to your followers & yourself.

Another major & recurrent use of organizing hashtags is with conferences & events by allowing the conversations of the speakers & after-parties to be tracked via a hashtag. From an event organizers standpoint, pick a single hashtag early on that represents your event or brand and remind the attendees of the hashtag time and again. For others who are not Twitter savvy, consider providing an easy conversation tracker for your website using Widgetbox or Tweetgrid (currently undergoing upgrades to comply with the latest series of changes in Twitter’s API).

## Evolution of Twitter Hashtags ##

Creating a viral marketing campaign is a tough proposition but is definitely not rocket science and something very much achievable. #hd_viral // #plbkkt via #hshdsh

Creating a viral marketing campaign is a tough proposition but is definitely not rocket science and something very much achievable. #hd_viral // #plbkkt via #hshdsh

Updated 24 July 2014

Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to “Retweet with comment” so that the original reference of the share is visible in context with the comment tweet.

The earlier feature “Quote the tweet” offers only limited characters since the retweet update takes up most of the 140 characters.

The objective with the new feature is to foster the continuity, relevance & context of social conversations without detracting from the length allotted for a response. Source

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