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Thursday, 2 January 2014

#GooglePlus Authority Even Without #GoogleAuthority by #Pallab_Blogger for @blogs4bytes

How to Increase Google+ Followers
How to Increase Google+ Followers
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Google+ is here to stay putting aside speculations that questioned its favorability when it was first rolled out due to comparison with other popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. 

Recent reports have suggested extensively that Google+ is a preferred platform for tech savvy individuals and revelations by top SEO experts have indicated the importance of Google Authorship to boost SERP rankings. 

With all these important developments in the offing, getting acquainted with Google+ is the best way to answer and improving your Google+ followers increasingly becoming a factor to reckon with.

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As is the case with all social networks, completing your profile is the very first effort to put into motion and the difference between a good profile & a mediocre one is about an hour. It will be wise to make this investment of an hour on your endeavour for gaining follower recognition. 

Add your Google+ badge to as many platforms including your website and blog to improve your profile visibility. 

Make meaning full comments to whisper the mantra of “always be crediting” to incite your knowing & interest among your followers and also to those in your follower’s network. Participate in Google Hangouts which allows up to 10 persons to participate in video chat with an unlimited number of people who can view the ongoing conversation.

Rich visuals with insightful content in your posts & updates across Google+ community & pages will certainly boost content visibility and the likelihood of increasing followers. Search for communities & pages on Google+ network related to your business and follow them as well as share relevant content with them. Do not put back links right away and wait for the interaction to begin first. At the opportune time, consider adding a back link or two but again don't overdo.

The idea is to let them know about your views and news-feed just like a Facebook business page. If they want to join you, let them do that at their own will and when they do, they will get to know about the links that you wish to propagate including your website, blogs & other social networking profiles. Create a Google+ Page based on your interest and post regularly with visual contents. This is where you would be better off if you have a blog. 

Pay extra emphasis to the visual contents that you share and add curate interesting content to incite interest that will be followed by clicks on your posts, +1’s, comments & eventually following your Google+ profile or page. In either case, your objective to boost visibility across Google+ is met.

Engaging conversations on Google+ community and Google+ Pages gets a better boost with the right use of Hashtags that amplifies social conversation reach to a much larger audience by just including hashtag mentions on your posts, updates & comments. 

Search & create popular hashtag URLs across Google+ based on your interest and curate their use to improve clicks on your social updates. This is one guaranteed way that will boost your content visibility to targeted audience increasing the likelihood of gaining attention and extending the possibilities of improving profile viewer-ship.

Tools like Timing+ will also help boost your follower numbers by analysing that top 100 posts from your Google+ profile to suggest that best time to post. Turn your Google+ feed in to an RSS feed using Yahoo Pipes. Tools like CircleCount provides insightful Google+ statistics that will help improve the chances of finding new people on Google+. Allmyplus gives you a good insight on Google+ users like the posts they have shared and the interactions they had had. Consider the use of Hootsuite to manage your Google+ page that gives you the edge to schedule social updates from one unified platform.

Another ideal tool that will also remind you constantly to push activity on Google+ is by making it visible on your browser by install the Chrome/Firefox +1 extension that will allow you to +1 a post or article without sharing them. Also consider adding the Google+ app for your smartphone to scroll through news-feed whenever you can throughout the day and find the ideal things to +1. Interaction is the key and therefore commenting like we have mentioned earlier will always go a long way in boosting your activities into conversions on the pursuit to increase follower count.

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As you go about chasing your objectives to magnify your Google+ profile & page visibility, it is imperative to be aware of certain limitations so that you don’t overdo your quest. These limitations include a maximum of 5000 people that you can follow at one time; up to 1000 people can be added a day but the recommended number is at 250 people per day. 

However there is no limit to the number of people you can follow on Google+ but the fundamental key to increase follower count is by posting, commenting, +1 & sharing regularly.

To summarize the details we have discussed on the quest to boost Google+ followers, let’s review the points once again as cited by various experts:
  • Complete your Google+ Profile and Google Authorship
  • Share good visuals using a combination of enticing texts on your posts
  • Propagate good content from your blog & website
  • Add the Google+ button on the website & blog
  • Add the Google+ badge wherever possible & applicable
  • Make meaningful comments but no excessive use of back links
  • Engage with Google+ Communities
  • Participate on Hangout for like-minded discussions
  • Identify popular hashtags related to your interest and use them on your social updates
  • Create & promote your Google+ Page
  • Follow like-minded Google+ profiles & pages and review & follow blogs on
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The scheme of things in the quest to increase Google+ followers is to post great contextual contents using a combination of both visuals & texts regularly across your news-feed that has relevancy & consistency, identify the right use of hashtags to market your social updates, comment on posts related to your interest where your opinion or feedback is relevant & helpful to them and use the suggested Google+ tools to grow your presence. These steps that we have discussed by curating best practices from across the web would eventually boost your objectives to increase Google+ followers and connect them back to your website, blog, landing pages & other desired platforms over a period of time.

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