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Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Uses of Hashtags by Profession

Hashtag Benefits
Hashtag Benefits
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The uses of hashtags, knowing how to use them and knowing who uses them are questions that have answers to drive deeper than just the synopsis of hashtag marketing. 

It can serve as an elemental career choice for many, particularly from the publication industry that are thriving on the wave of content rich editorial ad feeds broadly summed as native advertising redefines the need to endure & understand hashtag URLs for marketing. 

Click through from traditional banner ads are dipping to a mere 0.23% in August 2013 affirms the need to serve sponsored stories that matches website’s form & structure.

The creative use of these ad spaces that has a higher percentage of been seen & engaged with drive the need to furbish hashtag URLs where opinions, reviews & trend topics play hard & fast ball with the audiences. 

The objective, know what consumers are talking about brands & deliver better campaigns with the analysed data. Other than business, hashtags offers other rudimentary interventions for a range of professionals including:
  • Journalists
  • Copy Writers
  • Social media marketers
  • Event organisers
  • SEO on-page & off-page professionals
  • Content Writers
  • Bloggers
The following analysis only skims the surface from the vast ocean of possibilities with hashtag marketing.

Journalists follow up on news events as they are unfolded in chronological form with Hashtags.
Follow social mention search engines like – gives you a comprehensive analysis on keywords, phrases & social mentions from the entirety of social networking platforms or – gives you all the tweets, hashtags, keywords & phrases used on Twitter from the beginning of Twitter. More similar tools as well as good understanding on trending topics & hashtag terms already in use, journalists are ever to stay hooked with the news as they go mobile chasing the news. With mobile devices served to craft the wizardry allowing people to trend hashtag URLs or social mentions from anywhere, the legend of hashtag deliverance is fast becoming a norm.
Hashtag Use from PC & Mobiles
70.5% uses hashtags from a mobile device
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Copy Writers create a trend topic assigned with a marketing campaign.
Create trend topics using unique hashtags to define the business objectivities formed around every marketing campaign for an opinion forming cloud waiting to burst open for brands anytime soon. Endure the continuity of the campaign message across posts, status updates, tweets, comments all summed into paid as well as unpaid sponsored efforts. By the effective use of #hashtags, engineer possibilities to drive users to targeted pages by enticing intent to click on the hashtags serving as Social Payment PaaS (Payment as a Service) gateway for brands where the sale closes in.

SEO professionals form opinion on both on-page & off-page efforts.
Most if not all available good resources on SEO best practices have summed up in unison, one page one keyword effort will drive SEO on-page & off-page efforts on a better direction. With such limitations in play, the focus is to drive engagement on the singular approach to create page-buzz based on key conversational keywords used in the content and the engagement of hashtag URLs for social media conversations. Both playing hard & fair to get pages the elusive PageRank by driving on-page SEO aesthetics based on the “keyword” and use the same as “#hashtag” social mention across all available off-page SEO dynamics within the framework of SEO bookmarking & social networking.
Primary Use of Hashtags
Primary Uses for Hashtags
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Form review opinions on products & business services.
Brands desire to drive targeted engagement has reached new levels of expectations from social media marketers and the need to define campaign strategy for targeted audiences that will drive higher engagement at an effective cost of return is leading them to consider opinion forming on product reviews & business services. The measure for them is not only to push new products necked around expensive online campaigns but also to review & analyse data of the consumers purchase intent. More good if this data also includes of share of the people who have been reached with their associated online campaigns. These “share of people” may be inclined into forming an opinion for the mentioned campaign provided editorial ad feeds replaces traditional banner displays. With rich editorial content feed syndication, brands can now discuss the effective use of #hashtags associated with their campaigns. This way, campaigns intended for product promotion could positively end up as product reviews & testimonials that can further be analysed to drive more targeted campaigns in the future. This time, social media marketers have data to corroborate & relate targeted audiences that will drive them higher engagement and at the same time improve the scope of creative display with rich in-stream editorial ad content integrated with #HashtagURLs.

For opinion building on social causes.
Very similarly to review opinions on products & business services, hashtags impacts deliverance for social causes by encouraging opinion building exercises. Hashtag URLs around status updates, tweets, comments as well as sponsored videos, sponsored tweets & sponsored stories, the latter summed broadly under native advertising drives the intent to engage with ratio by further sorting the entire conversational trend in one order for anyone to catch up with a story that they have missed or went off-board for a while.

This unique nature to include the power of persuasion in a continuous flow is what channels better engagement drive with hashtags for social causes as more & more intriguing as well as motivating content feeds are delivered to audiences.

Stay informed as social media marketers with #hashtag alerts.
Most social delivery mention tools as well as hashtag research tools offer email alerts or RSS feeds for hashtags so that social media marketers are able stay in the loop with competitors & market dynamics. It works the same as any other alert service, only this one is for hashtag. Social mention monitoring & hashtag analysis could easily join hands to deliver better campaigns provided social media marketers understands the genesis that binds them together. And to do that, staying informed is important.

Stay in sync with #HashtagURLs genealogy broadly served inside - as marketers knit the fabric of #HashtagURLsForMarketing using a multiplicity of hashtag research tools that promises deeper syndication of hashtags from the pages of tomorrow.

Title: So who uses a #hashtag anyway!
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