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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to Create Twitter Profile Website with Hashtag Menus?

How to Create Twitter Profile Website with Hashtag Menus? // #plbkkt
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Have a look at the following Twitter Profile for @hshdshDGTL

#hshdsh DGTL is driven by hashtag marketing that enthuse the use of hashtag signatures across all available social networks supporting hashtags. Hashtags as we know groups social conversations within a network and across networks if multiple social profiles are merged together. Facebook & Twitter can be synced together and so can Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter. Therefore whatever is said in any one of the following medium in 140 characters is also published simultaneously in the other merged social networks.

Hashtag signatures are the social digital impressions that attribute whatever that has been said & done by grouping the social conversations. This allows the synthesis of a communication channel that can be personalized just like a social networking profile. Some of the hashtag signatures that @hshdshDGTL propagates include #hshdsh // #plbkkt // #blogs4bytes // #RnDmRituals.

Introducing Hashtag Menus:

#hshdsh is the digital hashtag signature for Hash Dash // #hshdsh Digital Studio that organizes social hashtag campaigns with real time big data analysis via social media monitoring tools. Branding is about creating signature style attributes in both visualization & appearance. Hashtags brands these signature attributes by creating custom hashtag mentions within the body of social updates or comments.

#plbkkt is the blog signature used for blog posts on It is linked to the Twitter custom hashtag URL > < and mentioned by simply typing #plbkkt within tweet, update or comment bodies. Twitter automatically groups every social conversation that has been made using #plbkkt and thus also social bookmarking the blog post for SEO off Page initiatives. Similar custom URLs are also created for different social networks:

This way all social conversations across Twitter, Facebook & Google+ are grouped with the desired hashtag topic so that the same is indexed.

#blogs4bytes is a social media, news & updates redistribution hashtag mention that is propagated across Twitter, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. Blogs4Bytes redistributes blog using freshly curated content to deliver news crux, updates, social stories, infographics and best practices via Social sharing posts to and from this platform are further attributed as social SEO signals to influence website traffic as well as boost social media conversions.

#RnDmRituals is an online music playlist broadcast streamed via!/ksetrajna/broadcasts where too Twitter, Facebook & Google+ can be merged so that the updates are grouped & published. The hashtag topics are accordingly grouped as social updates made on these channels where the link to the music playlist is also mentioned and available to all.

#hshdshDGTL Studio.
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Merge these custom hashtag signatures or hashtag mentions for @hshdshDGTL to attire a website purview by simply adding the same while editing the Twitter profile. Just mention the hashtag topic and it will automatically group all Twitter conversations made from the beginning in two custom categories mainly Top Tweets & All.

#HashtagMentions // #hshdsh
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Think from a social media campaign perspective fused with hashtag marketing objectives for an exclusive one-on-one social conversation reach. Mention the custom campaign hashtag to work as a menu item from the Twitter profile website so that audiences explore their level of participation in a unique way. Each update with the hashtag mention will be automatically grouped to factor trending purview and also profiling SEO bookmarking objectives to drive off page deliverables. The users who land on the Twitter profile website with custom hashtag menus are objectively offered core conversations & updates related to the profile dynamics making it easier to comprehend what’s in the offing from the respective profiles.

Curate Tweets for Content Publishing // #hshdsh
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Some may argue the scope of hashtag abuse to these targeted campaign hashtags and this is where rich analytical real time hashtagmarketing monitoring tools comes in handy. Campaign moderators can instantly react to abused updates that include the custom hashtag topic so that the same is reported as spam & removed subsequently. The essence of the social conversation continues to remain objectively centric & definitively directive with #HashtagMarketing. The updates are closely knit to fabric intent in the audience and be driven by this implosive digital marketing synopsis.

Extend the reach of social updates across Twitter, Google+ & Facebook by researching popular hashtag topics on each individual network. Publishing updates tagged with popular hashtags signed with hashtag signatures ensure that fresh content is automatically delivered to your twitter profile that is now a website thanks to custom #hashtagmenus.

#plbkkt // follow the conversation


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