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Saturday, 26 April 2014

#ParallaxCampaigns: Creating a SEO Parallax Scrolling One Page UI

SEO by Blogs4Bytes
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Responsive Storytelling (heavy image takes time to load)
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People finding a website organically is the key in defining the success ratio, be it a simple HTML site or a parallax scrolling 3D one page website. Having said that parallax scrolling site’s biggest limitation is that they are not SEO-friendly and unless people find the site to experience & immerse in the intuitive 3D web design. The key is in creating parallax campaigns that are semantically tagged with schema, rich in visual storytelling driven by off page activities to eventually create a search engine optimized landing page. Parallax scrolling sites are great landing page user interfaces that are systematically coded with a compelling campaign storyline.

SEO One Page UI Design
SEO One Page UI Design by #hshdsh
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Parallax sites are designed entirely on one single page which means that essential SEO on page attributes cannot be explored to its full potential compared to regular websites that gives the opportunity to target multiple keywords on every respective page. You have one page to create a compelling storyline which is covered well in the ambit of able visual storytellers. Content strategist plays the crucial part in optimizing the limited content copy scope mostly with catchy headlines & title phrases backed by intriguing short content dialogues.

From a SEO standpoint, this gives good room to incorporate the basic on page guidelines like Meta titles & description ably feed with H1 - H2 tags. Tool tips are defined for every outbound link that also relate what is expected on the continuing page and fathom workability with optimized image naming & ALT tags.

Parallax One Page UI Design
Parallax One Page UI Design by #hshdsh
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The entire parallax scrolling campaign design is based on a concept theme around one core keyword that matches conversational query strings of additional keywords related to the core campaign keyword. Target these additional long tailed related keywords from a dedicated campaign blog. One page one keyword is richly pursued on parallax campaign to optimize them for algorithm favourability influenced by off page mentions, articles, bookmarking & social media to garner social scores for PageRank that determines site rankings.

Parallax Example Animation
Parallax Example Animation
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Parallax Scrolling Campaigns using 3D images & JavaScript / jQuery:

Rich visuals appeal influential impact on the user’s mind using 3D images to create an immersive web design. Parallax scrolling bridges these aspirations to use good images impact the ratio of page conversions.

Parallax scrolling means moving background images at varying speeds to fashion an influential illusion to create better visuals & 3D UXD (user experience design).

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A flash web design provides these balances of rich visuals & 3-dimensional effects but flash was again never search engine friendly. Parallax scrolling site combined HTML5, JavaScript / jQuery & CSS3 to mainly personify the possibilities of creating a search engine optimized website design that is equally visually rich & 3-dimensional.

Parallax scrolling effects are created using JavaScript / jQuery that load texts, images & videos from external pages. Parallax campaign themes are mostly rich image based including 3D images which take time to load and therefore not compromising on having to increase page weight by calling these heavy extensions added to regular HTML pages.

Calling sections into a SEO parallax scrolling site fixes the one page issues cited earlier. But it also create duplicate page content issues which is clearly an algorithm violation by having to display same or similar content on two or more pages of the site. Responsive Parallax campaign design resolves these issues by absolving the need to create additional pages under the site domain. One page objective based around a themed campaign storyline diffuses the need to have additional pages linked to the homepage or the landing page to be more precise.
Parallax Web Design Search Interest over Time
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Parallax campaigns are ideal for launching new products when brands don’t have to worry much about the SEO workarounds mentioned in this post. What’s important with parallax campaign is to be active on social media networks as the lack of individual URL’s & constraint from a one page layout can be made up by focusing on social signals. Search engine algorithms favours sites that demonstrate quality social SEO attributes by having a credible social following.

Another noteworthy inclusion must for a parallax campaign is to have a dedicated blog to rank a variety of related keywords based around the core campaign keyword by publishing new content regularly.  
Hash Dash Studio
Hash Dash // #hshdsh // Digital Marketing Studio //
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Target some of the blog posts if not all to use Responsive Web Design which again is algorithm compliance. The posts enable brands to drive new traffic to the parallax campaign landing page and hold the grounds for user engagement.

The unique immersive site design in fluidic parallax scrolling effect will indulge the user but the blog posts will make them a returning visitor. Other options to drive returning visitors include a themed contest based around the campaign storyline to ensure that the audience not only indulges themselves but also propagate “Word of Mouth” marketing socially.

To wind up this discussion on dealing with the perils of having a parallax scrolling site design, the focus needs to be in driving a strategic content marketing schedule that include:

· Blog Content
· Blogger Reviews
· Competition Promotion
· Press Releases
· Infographics
· Videos

Here is a great example of a search engine optimized parallax scrolling website to parlay the absolute possibilities of vivifying audiences with an immersive one page site design that is also responsive to essential search engine guidelines for rankings (infographic).

Here’s how Google have listed the above mentioned parallax scrolling one page website to notion the testament in the possibilities of search engine optimized parallax design UI:

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