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Friday, 4 April 2014

Social Signals for Search Engine Rankings

#SocialSignals for SEO Ranking by #blogs4bytes
#SocialSignals for SEO Ranking by #blogs4bytes
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Social signals are similar to the concept of inbound links wherein the more links a site has linking to it, the more it is seen by the search engines as an authority and the higher it will be ranked. Its authority is determined by sharing more content with a high influence so that added content weight is catalogued by the search engines. Getting the content into the hands of influencers is an important aspect in order for the content to get shared by all social networks.

Social signals get a higher authority nod with great content copy that is well propagated among industry leaders & influencers by identifying & connecting with them. Update your social network profiles regularly with fresh relevant content to establish a robust social media presence.

User engagement with the website content by social influences, likes & recommendations, +1, Tweet, Shares, downloads and reviews are all crucial factors that leverage social media SEO . Search engines view social signals as factors that gauge authority, trustworthiness and importance. A webpage that shows a lot of social shares appears much more authoritative as compared to a webpage with few social shares. This has been corroborated by research data that shows content activity from social media channels weighs into rankings on search engines.

How to Build Up Your Social Signals
How to Build Up Your Social Signals
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The importance of links as a ranking parameter is less likely to cease as they evolve into a new role that indicates the importance of social media activity as a ranking factor. The debate for social signals inclusion in Google ranking algorithms within the SEO community still rages in the absence of any official announcement to indicate its influence.

Just like social bookmarking SEO techniques are considered as essential off-page elements, social signals too have formed a fundamental impression that factors webpage ranking on search engines. Google’s Penguin & Panda updates confirmed the importance of high quality content & trustworthy authorship from a webpage. Social sharing these links & content as updates to influence social media activity is therefore viewed as a vote of confidence for the webpage.

The anatomy of a perfect Google+ post includes title, summary, link, commentary, #hashtagsURLs & images relate scoring factors that weighs good content copy for ranking by search engines.
SEO Factors that Contributes in Optimizing Site Rankings by #blogs4bytes
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Here are 20 social signals that Google tracks to determine ranking based on various social media activities.


  • Amount of+1s
  • Authority of +1s
  • Growth Rate of +1s
  • Amount of Add & Shares
  • Authority of Add & Shares
  • Spread Rate of Add & Shares


  • Amount of Shares & Likes
  • Amount of Comments
  • Growth Rate of Shares & Likes
  • Authority of Shares, Likes & Comments


  • Authority of Followers, Mentions & Retweets
  • Number of Followers, Mentions & Retweets
  • Speed & Intensity of Tweets & Retweets Over Time

Pinterest | Reddit | Digg | StumbleUpon | Foursquare

  • Amount of Pins & Re-pins on Pinterest
  • Growth Rate of Pins & Re-pins
  • Comments on Pinterest
  • Check-ins on Foursquare
  • Spread rate of check-ins at Foursquare
  • Up votes on Reddit, Digg & StumbleUpon
  • Comments on Reddit, Digg & StumbleUpon
Social Signals Explained
Social Signals Explained
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Social sharing helps mainly in acquiring quality and today the focus is on natural links that are rewarded with organic search rankings as they are useful for the indexing & ranking of sites. With buzz worthy content rich with long tailed conversational keywords, headed by catchy titles and appealing visual storytelling elements, the context of natural links that idealizes Google quality guidelines are naturally the most effective norms for search rankings.

Social signals & SEO are knitting a new fabric for social media SEO to attire the authoritative & qualitative content to be recognized based on their engagement levels. Likeability factors & shareable rate for natural links from a website bolster its popularity as well as ranking attributes. People tend to trust websites that are recommended by their social media connections as well as pages that are easy to find & share. These recommendations from social media activity are viewed as ranking parameters for websites by the search engines.

Social Signal SEO by #blogs4bytes
Social Signal SEO by #blogs4bytes
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