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Saturday, 31 May 2014

#DGTLMRKTNG: Push the tempo!

#DGTLMRKTNG - Push the tempo!
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Digital Marketing Push Content Strategy via +blogs4bytes
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Now that you have a website, it’s time to push the content platform for indexing across both the web via search results, directory listings & social media network. The more the website indexing ratio the better the scores for search engine result pages (SERP).

What sets apart a good & mediocre website is the content of the brand products and how to portray these via rich visuals & catchy phrases / titles. In short every webpage is organically viewed by robots via the Meta description & title data followed by ALT tags for images and a host of other on-page optimization steps.

Here is how you write perfect Meta data for page titles & descriptions and SEO in a Nutshell to give a good understanding in ways to create rich snippets of your webpage. Rich snippets or structured data form in simple words can be related with search results that we see in the form of Page Titles, short description or summary extracted from the page and the link to the webpage. Another example of how rich snippets look like by posting any webpage link on FB or G+.

The objective of relating how rich snippets look like and thus how robots read a web page will help understand how to go about on page optimization. The exercise will also create a data sheet for every webpage URL under a website in custom columns like page titles, descriptions, keywords or tags, links & images. Create a custom hashtag mention for each webpage so that the same could be used to group updates about the website from the social media network. This data sheet of rich snippets for each webpage URL under a domain will be also crucial for website submissions, directory submissions, off page propagation, link building & most importantly in creating perfectly optimized & rigorously A/B tested PPC campaign ad copies.

A/B Testing Analytics with +hshdshDGTL
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Online marketing is driven by targeted reach of website in the form of its product contents, features & services. One of the most frequently asked questions in digital marketing is how to promote a website for free!

The answer is in the content of a website. The better you write and present the information the higher will be the level of engagement from the audiences. Perceiving how web searchers, potential clients & customers search for information related to a website via keywords and devising the content development strategy of the website in that lieu defines website marketing better.

Content Strategy: Incite // Appeal // Entice // Commit

Right Visuals Create Right Appeal // +Pallab Kakoti
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Content incite interest while rich visuals create an appeal in the audience to influence engagement. Entice with an exclusive offer drive them to commit with after sales customer service assurances.

Create the content copy of the website products with “one topic per page” priority so that each webpage under a domain is exclusively conversing about one particular keyword or product information. Once interest & engagement is achieved, follow up the content strategy with an exclusive offer or discount that will entice the audiences and drive them to commit. After sales assurances like customer service, product warranty, etc warrants brand loyalty as well as attributing confidence building measures required for the “commit” or sale.

Create with +hshdshDGTL
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Profile Creation:

Get started with profile creation strategy for the website across the web & social media network to create mentions of the brand name or custom keywords. In simple words create an account for the website brand name on Twitter, FB, Pinterest, G+, LinkedIn & other networks to propagate the off page branding. That way when you search for these custom keywords, indexes of website links are organically feed on SERP.

Local SEO:

List your business on Google Places and other authoritative local search platforms like yellow pages, web directories, web portals etc. Listing the physical address of the business establishment helps greatly if creating a location map of the business. 

Local SEO Strategy // #hshdsh
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Embed the map location on the contact us page of the website so that the audience & potential leads can easily trace you down to uplift confidence building measures essential for the conversion push.

Local listing garners indexes for the websites products & services within the proximity of the physical location of the business establishment. The easiest way to integrate the same on search engine network is via the location map. Search engine results are already categorized based on IP location. So if the search is from India, the results will be tailored from or

Thus listing the physical address of business establishments synced to their respective websites ensures that the local searches include results from these websites.

Embeds for Social Bookmark & Hashtag Mentions:

Other propagation methods under the ambit of “free” web marketing include SEO social bookmarking & hashtag mentions to groups social conversations. Social Bookmarking & hashtag mentions relate social signals for SEO, grouping shares & comments via social updates and creating back links to the website to attribute inbound marketing. All these back links to the website are “nofollow” which means that search engine robots will not score them as ranking betterment metrics for SERP otherwise held accountable under black hat SEO practices.

Create. hshdshDGTL
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Conversations, comments & updates on the social media networks that support the use of hashtags groups these social mentions via hashtag mentions of popular topics & keywords within the body of the message. Create embed of these social updates tagged with a back link to the website, brief text about the link and images to integrate them as automated content publishing sections for website pages. This is a unique way of propagating social content curation of tweets, likes, shares & +1s automatically published on the website to feed fresh inbound content. Any user engagement from these embeds of social updates tagged with hashtag mentions on the website page attribute outbound social buzz.

Pay per Click:

Organic website listing on SERP is a process of indexing the impressions of website results over a period of time. PPC is a faster, quicker & guaranteed “be seen” measure for boosting website visibility for audience engagement & lead generation. Campaigns are designed to tailor results for keyword searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing by bidding on the keywords. The higher the bid for a keyword the better will be the search listing for the website. Almost all pay per click campaign providers from the web & social media network offer similar bidding model for keywords with targeted reach defined by category, location & other preferences.

Assumed Off-Page Assimilation:

Assume a local business website – IFE: Interface for eLearning, a professional coaching institute from New Delhi for the following keywords on search results across Bing, Yahoo & Google.

JEE // Bank PO Examination // SSC Examination

Here is how we go about:

  • Create dedicated webpage or landing pages for each of these topics or keywords
  • Create dedicated hashtag mentions for each webpage
  • Create social bookmarks for each of these pages
  • Share these social bookmarks across social media network via dedicated hashtag mentions

Under the steps mentioned above, here’s how a tweet or an update on FB & G+ will look like:
#IFESSC // Most decorated & recommended professional coaching in New Delhi for SSC Examination // // #SSC // #Examination

In this example:

  • #IFESSC is the custom hashtag mention that will group all future updates when the same is added in the body of the tweet or update;
  • “Most decorated & recommended professional coaching in New Delhi for SSC Examination” is the core description of the tweet or update;
  •” is the link (back link) to the desired website or landing page;
  • #SSC & #Examination are set to magnify reach of the tweet or social updates by grouping the conversation for like minded individuals within the network.
#HashtagMarketing at
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Research popular hashtag mentions for topics or keywords related to an industry for each respective social media network across FB, Twitter & G+ to shortlist them for inclusion. Tagging these popular hashtag mentions augments the reach of the update to a larger group of targeted audiences. Here is a link to a post on 24 Best Tools for Hashtag Market Research.

What we discussed about rich snippets optimization for web pages will be handy here in the social content curation – the process of publishing & sharing social bookmarks as social updates grouped with hashtag mentions that can be embedded into HTML pages to attribute inbound marketing from the website. It also plays a crucial role in creating A/B tested PPC ad copies of the website landing pages intended for the traffic drive.

Most PPC ads offer a single sentence for the page title in limited characters including spaces, two sentences to describe the product or follow up the title text in limited characters and finally followed by the link to the website landing page. Focus on “one topic per page” discussed earlier for the website content development strategy helps here as the website pages could itself be used as the landing page for lead capture.

Display Advertising: Google, Yahoo & Bing Network:

72% PPC Marketers Plan to Spend More in 2014 // Source via #hshdsh
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Another form of paid web marketing available under the web domain is via display advertising – group of partner websites advertising banners & other interactive formats to the advertisers landing pages via Google Adwords or Yahoo/Bing PPC Advertising. Advertisers can choose the category of partner websites like travel sites, job portals, local directory services etc where they would like to advertise their website.

Display advertising elevates the “be seen” factors of website campaigns by extending the audience reach from search engine results to thousands of websites across the web. Plus visuals appeal better as compared to textual formats and thus contributing in higher click through rate. (CTR)

Average Campaign Spend - Search vs Display // Source via #hshdsh
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Social media network too is an ideal medium that drives everyday you & me into engagement. FB PPC ads works in the same business model of Google Adwords except here you get to target the audience based on their interest, demography, location, age group and so on. You don’t bid on keywords here with FB PPC but on an average per click basis of click through percentage from the advertisements or on FB CPM which is paying for every thousand impressions of the advertisement.

Relating from the assumption of a local business website as a reference for example here & also cited earlier, FB PPC or CPM ads can get audience engagement in the form of likes, shares & visits to the website. But how much of these activities convert into a successful sale to attribute social selling conversion analysis is the key to defining the efficiency of the ROI. FB is more like a fling network and therefore expectancies of social selling conversions from advertisements related to say “IFE” (the guinea pigs here) which is into education & professional coaching may not be the headway. Sure parents too visit FB and so do students & working professionals. But how much of these engagement audiences categorized by age groups are attributing in a social sale from the PPC campaign is the key in comprehending continuity.

It’s wiser to go with CPM ads on FB where the advertiser pays for every thousand impressions of their advertisements so that branding visibility & ad recall value are the attributed objectives.

PPC LinkedIn

Create LinkedIn PPC Ads // +Linked Marketing Solutions
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Similar to FB PPC ads, LinkedIn PPC ads too follows similar ad creation & audience reach targeting measures. 

LinkedIn Campaign Manager // +Linked Marketing Solutions
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Create a campaign for a landing page or an update on the LinkedIn network via professional profiles, group updates or company page updates based on either PPC or CPM. With PPC LinkedIn ads advertisers pays for every click on their advertisements or for every thousand impressions of the advertisement via CPM LinkedIn Ads. Targeted landing pages & internal LinkedIn updates could also be posted as the targeted ad URL so that native advertising look & feel of the advertisements capture better engagement.

The good part with LinkedIn PPC or CPM ads is that targeted audience reach is defined for websites more so for businesses related to professional or educational background and the massive recruitment industry. Plus advertisers know who is engaging with the sponsored updates & advertisements to funnel the leads for conversion in the long run.

Between Google, Yahoo, Bing, FB & LinkedIn network that we discussed, the best returns on paid advertisements based on a case study for a professional coaching institute from New Delhi is expected without doubt from the Yahoo/Google/Bing network followed by LinkedIn & FB.

For start-ups with no exposure on PPC campaigns, it’s wise to hit & try from a personal Google Adwords account or Yahoo Bing PPC Network. Both offers free credit on successfully registering an account so that advances on a personal level could be made into understanding how the advertising model functions. Understand how keyword bidding takes place and how maximum bids are set for keywords. Parlay targeted engagement based on audience interest, demography, location & other aspects for both search and display advertising network.

#plbkkt // follow the conversation

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