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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Shuffle #DGTLMRKTNG in everyday online routine for Brand Advocacy

#DGTLMRKTNG: Brand Advocacy by Working Professionals
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You are a working professional and have been hearing a lot about digital marketing for website growth, lead generation, email marketing all driven for one objective – audience. None better if the visits to websites are targeted and defined for maximum engagement in the form of social conversations related as social signals and higher click through from the content strategy. Intent for click through is triggered by appealing visuals and catchy titles optimized with long tailed conversations query string of the core keyword.

FB is for fling, Twitter is to boost, G+ is subtle & LinkedIn is limited. Pinterest is still far-fetched to the masses and Flickr like Yahoo is silent. Apps are mobile and so are you and so should your website too with responsive design. You shuffle 2 – 3 hours a day or 8 – hours a week at best online and that includes your device mostly while on the run and running errands at odd hours. And yes you want results with #DGTLMRKTNG for a website you manage, a project actually for as long as you remember and now you want to pump some action into it.

+Pallab Kakoti stands for +World IPv6 Launch
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A few weeks back, we published a post on World IPv6 launch – project aiming to achieve a network of IP for every device in the planet. A domain name is an IP so your business brand name is an IP – set of numbers to define your files on the web connected to the Internet. With IPv6, every device will intelligently transmit dedicated data from mobile devices for digital impressions of your every activity from financial transactions, updates, events to every scope of digitisation possible. Relating how acquainted you are with mobile devices to transmit data via applications like FB, Twitter, G+ and so on will be handy as we go about defining the activities online for social signals.

What you say, mention, express or update socially in the form of texts, pictures & links are signals that are attributed to define how authoritative your conversations and social shares are to the network you are connected. Any activity by your network for your updates or “activities” online fuels the fire of social signals to quantify what you are sharing in the form of a qualitative website ranking score. Optimize the qualitative patterns of scores from your online activities with targeted mentions from the core keywords of the social conversations, social shares or website content updates. This is the most crucial aspect of your digital calibration efforts to relate authoritative indexes of your website updates via links shared on social media networks and social bookmarks.

Websites for Lead Generation // +hshdshDGTL 
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You need a website or a social profile that can be optimized using a range of online tools to calibrate scores for authoritative indexing.,, are some of the options to get you started like we have. With these platforms you can create posts regularly to publish related targeted content for your website. Creating a website itself is not that difficult and requires a little understanding in hosting, redirecting or domain forwarding or dedicated IP with dedicated hosting. The latter is paid but absolutely hassles free. The former is tricky but manageable within the 8 – 9 hours average a week that we agreed for #DGTLMRKTNG.

We host websites with, & for free using easy web based file manager or FTP access. Free domains are available with Freedomain.CO.NR domains that allow URL forwarding to free hosting platforms we have mentioned. Try hosted with free domain and forwarded to the free web host Both the platforms are advertisement free so you won’t have to worry about obtrusive banner advertisements or pop-up ads from your website should you choose to agree to host with them. You can also create blog and forward the URL to the domain extension to manage regular content publishing at ease. This sounds tricky but you can manage with a few hit & trials. Plus we are there for the handful push if you may require. Just fill this form here and share your hiccups with hosting, designing & managing websites, landing pages, campaigns online. Once you are satisfied you can leave us a nice testimonial!

Website Analytics for Conversions // +hshdshDGTL 
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Now that you have a website, you have links that are optimized with catchy titles defined with short description that search engines share on search results pages to incite click through intent. Optimize the content strategy of the website link with appealing visuals and feed with conversational keyword phrases in relation to the page title, description, image naming and file name. These attributes relate scores for better rankings on search engine and can be handsomely summed into SEO. Handsome indeed as SEO as easy as it may sound is as easy as it can be!

Go about SEO in a Nutshell to know much better about search engine optimization and using the same for your website.

What you share is what they see. When you say you have a link from your website and the social media network at large to propagate the social authority for ethical inbound, what is defined in the description of webpage, page title and the image tagged with the link to the audiences in the form of a snippet. Google, Yahoo, Bing or search engine results are web snippets for websites and social snippets across FB, G+ and other social media networks. Twitter doesn't serve an automated snippet preview of shared web links and therefore requires manual text add along with the link. An image can additionally be uploaded in social updates via Twitter where the overall message or the tweet will have to be fewer than 140 characters inclusive of text, images and links. This is where hashtag marketing creates scope for ethical inbound relay of authoritative social signals that can be grouped and searchable by prefixing any word within the body of the tweet with “#” sign.

Hashtag Mentions as Social Signals for Rankings // +hshdshDGTL 
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Hashtag mentions within the body of social updates groups social conversations across networks that support hashtags and allows content visibility to like minded audiences at large. This way by simply adding the hashtag sign on important keywords as well as custom keywords like we do with #hshdsh, #blogs4bytes, and so on, social conversations along with links, visuals & brief summary of the shared information is forever indexed across the social media. Doing so ensure you are creating an impression to others in your field of work including potential leads & clients while also personalizing the shared social content. Almost all social networks allow embeds for shared social updates, videos, images & links that can easily be integrated into websites, landing pages & mailers to easily propagate the shared content digitally. All this for the common objective to derive authoritative impressions of websites relate winnable scores attribute ranking factors on search results.

#DGTLMRKTNG: Story of a Website gives you a “one stop” insight on all attributing factors that relate who you are seen on the web and what “be seen” factors you are factoring for the elusive ranking we all strive for. Content is the key be it in the form of website content, page title, story titles, webpage description, describing images with proper file name and social updates tagged with #HashtagMentions.

Create SEO UI // +blogs4bytes 
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Create more authority for webpage, blog, social profiles, social updates, tweets, pins and all other forms of links by propagating the content feed to targeted communities. Identify groups, pages & communities on G+ & FB to share your content links regularly within the sanctity & guidelines of the forum. // Your the brand advocates by participating in a game of stocks & trading of social posts, updates & online activities. Every activity in simple words relate to a call-to-action like visiting a website, link, tweet, blog and so on in return to be paid with points that can be used to push content for your websites or updates. It is a well monitored network that’s attributing targeted social audiences for everyday you and me who wants to leave an impression on the digital domain. Read missions carefully as you have to literally earn your points that can be resourcefully used to market your content headlines. // Similar social advocacy of content, social updates & social stories via Tumblr, Twitter & Facebook by publishing them on your network to earn points on your account. Use these points to amplify reach of your content updates socially. The more you publish social stories the more you earn points or reach for your content. Check out the link first before clicking on the actual call-to-action button to be sure what actually you will publish in your social network. You can further indicate likeability remarks about completed social shares so that more of the same are regularly feed to your social profile.

Social signals attributed by hashtag marketing and what other drives are powered with researched & strategic content development via marketing research tools are well factored on the post “24 Research Tools for Hashtag Marketing”.

It is just a hashtag sign before any word relatively speaking but definitely they attribute much more than relative. Hashtag signatures, hashtag mentions & hashtag menus across FB, G+ & Twitter are readily available social media network with Big Data feed for every social conversations unlike dormant & primitive website promotion strategies via website submissions and directory submissions. You can relate all these three giants in the post SEO in a Nutshell with relative ease. Each of these social embeds tagged with hashtag optimized content delivery are available as html embeds that can be easily pasted across websites, landing pages, blog, mailers and micro sites again with relative ease. And each of these conversations once embedded and conversed socially from websites relate authoritative social signals for ranking.

Utilising the 8 – 10 hours we had a week at the start of the post comes to analytical purview here by relating conversion dynamics of applied science experiment to define “ROI” for your efforts.

FB is for fling, Twitter is to boost, G+ is subtle & LinkedIn is limited. Pinterest is still far-fetched to the masses and Flickr like Yahoo is silent.

#DGTLMRKTNG // #plbkkt
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The next big thing is not Facebook, never was Yahoo or Bing and can never be Google. The next big thing is always “Coming Soon”.

Your becoming factors attributed in the advent of #DGTLMRKTNG from the odd shuffling hours of online activities that you now want to relate for more authority than ever had been before is without doubt the next big thing.

FB and Twitter can be sync together by merging both accounts to auto publish social updates across both networks grouped respectively by #HashtagSignatures. Similarly LinkedIn & Twitter plus Pinterest & Twitter can also be unified for auto published updates across social media. The challenge here is to create the social updates in less than 140 characters including texts, links & images grouped with #HashtagURLs for unified auto publish across Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

hshdshDGTL Studio // #hshdsh
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Social bookmark for website promotion and web indexing is a similar process that promotes the cause of unified social updates for auto publishing via Digg, Twitter & FB integration. Unifying these accounts and publishing social bookmarks of your website pages creates social updates grouped with hashtag signatures for branding. Here is a post on search engine optimization via social bookmarking strategy and how to go about strategic social bookmark indexes of your websites, social profiles & blog.

The game changer would have been if all three FB, G+ & Twitter could be synced for unified auto published social updates. This is far-fetched as social signals attributing as ranking factors are still yet to be officially stated by any search engine algorithms, be it Bing/Yahoo or Google. Unifying them and relating scoring attributes that truly justifies legitimate competitive business practices will go for a toss with reports already alleging Google influencing search results favoured for their own products & services by legal authorities from both India & France.

They (G+, Twitter & FB) being therefore separate thus will justify the cause and effects drawn with this post on shuffling digital marketing in everyday routine online activities attribute brand advocacy. Who else can be a better representative or spokesperson for a brand than their own architects?

#plbkkt // follow the conversation

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