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Friday, 18 July 2014

Changes and Challenges of Email Marketing from Inbox Placements to User Engagements // #plbkkt

51% of all email is opened on a mobile device // #email via #hshdsh
51% of all email is opened on a mobile device // #email via #hshdsh
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Email marketing is by far one of the most effective means to generate website traffic and create a buzz around campaigns via targeted content delivery designed to suit segments of audiences. It needs no introduction to outcry the potentials it draws for brands, websites & companies but over the years technological developments and the rise of devices compared to PCs & desktops has changed the dynamics of a successful email campaign.

Average Time Spent Per Interaction // #Email via #hshdsh by #plbkkt
Average Time Spent Per Interaction // #Email via #hshdsh
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So what are the parameters that can be cited to a successful email campaign is not just the stereotype metrics like open rate (no of emails opened) & click through rate (no of clicks generated from the total no of mails opened). The primary to all this metrics for email marketing analytics is relevant only if the mail reaches the intended users inbox avoiding the spam folder. Reaching the inbox is the single largest priority for every email campaigner today and only thereafter other evaluations takes centre stage.

Testing Email HTML Rendering // Preview on Different Clients
How can we measure ways to determine mass email blast campaign reaches highest number of inbox across various email service providers (ESP)? We have Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, among the primary web based email providers and email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird & others. Successful email campaigners must ensure that the email layout display is optimized across various service providers and one simpler way to get this done is by sending a demo mail copy to each of these providers respectively to preview the email layout with different providers. Other seasoned approach includes email testing & rendering HTML previews in different email clients from services like Litmus // Mail Chimp // Email on Acid // Campaign Monitor // and others.

Test #Email HTML Rendering // Preview Tools via #hshdsh
Test #Email HTML Rendering // Preview Tools via #hshdsh
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Test email HTML rendering & preview on different email clients, browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari must) and devices to optimize email deliverability. 

Number of emails opened & clicked for engagement has improved significantly over mobile devices including mobile phones, Smartphone & tablets as compared to desktops & laptops. 

Statistically 51% emails are opened on mobile, 81% of mails are deleted & another 18% unsubscribe if the email is not optimized for mobile devices.

Latest #EmailMarketing Statistics via #hshdsh // #plbkkt
Latest #EmailMarketing Statistics via #hshdsh // #plbkkt
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Responsive Email Designs
Responsive email design is the answer to the growing demand of email engagement from mobile devices. Responsive designs including on emails detects the device first and adjusts the HTML preview accordingly. From a competition standpoint only 10% of companies have an advanced email strategy and 42% companies never use responsive designs on email to indicate that early adoption of responsive email strategy optimized for mobile devices will prove beneficial.

Here’s more affirmation & boost to help decide adoption of responsive email design strategy. Career builder improved click rates by 20% and Medscape – a health information website – increased CTR by 53% after adopting responsive email designs. Source

#Email Seed Testing List // Improving #Deliverability // #plbkkt
#Email Seed Testing List // Improving #Deliverability // #plbkkt
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Email Seed Testing List // Improving Deliverability
Email deliverability requires constantly monitor ISP (Internet Service Provider) mail server thresholds to ensure maximum delivery of messages. The measurement of “did the ISP accept your emails?” is a crucial aspect to determine, improve & yield favourable email deliverability done by conducting an email seed list testing. It’s a list of email addresses where marketers send emails before sending to the actual list of recipients to test the mailers IP reputation across various ESP (Email Service Provider) to generate a report on email deliverability so that further actions can be complied to improve the delivery ratio of the campaign. 

Ensure that few of the email Ids on the seed testing mailer include a few people within the team so that the following aspects can be tested:
  • Previewing email rendering across various email clients, providers, browsers & devices
  • Verify if the email reached the user’s inbox or the spam folder
  • Proofread additionally to fine tune the email content by opening the email
  • Click on all the links found on the email
  • Report any issues with images & content alignments in the email

Evolution of Email #Marketing // #plbkkt via #hshdsh
Evolution of #Email #Marketing via #hshdsh
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Evolution of Email Marketing
For large scale email blast campaigns that relays hundreds & thousands of emails, evaluating mailing infrastructure of the sender, IP & domain authentication, sender reputation, bounce & compliance management, CAN-SPAM compliance and email list quality & permission are mandatory. Over the years, email marketing has evolved by leaps & bounds.

Batched” emails where every recipient receives the exact same message with no targeting & personalization. 

Segmented” where recipient lists are divided on factors like demographics, profiles & persona.

Dynamic” emails where targeted content send on the go was introduced including emphasis on subscriber preferences to increase the relevancy of each campaign. 

Predictive” emails used big data clusters to anticipate future behaviour of the user and design the email content based on purchase history, web visit & email click data with the objective to send the right message to the right user at the right time.

Agile” emails is the new bloke in town that offers real time email personalization features allowing marketers to optimize the content delivery based on the recipient’s time, location, device, social graph as well as the weather!

Use Email & Social Together to Reinforce Message Reach // #plbkkt
Use Email & Social Together to Reinforce Message Reach // #plbkkt
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Email List Management
Email list management based on various categories differentiated by market, business & location as well as two rather simpler forms of clients & prospects will largely help in sending the right content message that appeals to the reader. So far, we have covered how we can reach an inbox following responsive design norms, seed testing & sender’s IP reputation to better email deliverability. Once the email reaches the inbox, the stage is set for the second deliverable – content that appeals & visuals that entices.

In simpler words, create a compelling content storyline for the email campaign tagged by an enticing subject line offer to influence open rates.

Email Content Design & #UX Strategy // #plbkkt via #pkblgspt //
Email Content Design & #UX Strategy //
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Email Content Storyline Design
This brings us the need to understand HTML design elements in an email layout. The following elements could be largely associated in most if not all email designs:
  • Pre Header // shows up first in mobiles & below the subject line in the recipient’s inbox
  • Header // Company logo, tagline or banner descriptor
  • Headline // 2 – 3 keywords attention grabber & information about mailer content or landing page
  • Sub-heads // Short phrases with salient features that help reader to move though the content copy
  • Image // Visuals that appeal & intrigue, videos or infographics for a graphical storytelling UI
  • Copy // Make short sentences, uses bullets, bold/italics type and structure grammar & spelling
  • Signature // Sender name, contact details & call-to-action (CTA) for readers to know what to do next
Create the mailer content design by keeping in mind the target audience relevancy so that the subscriber get engaged & stays engaged with the email. Consider re-purposing content from a blog post once the same is published. A newsletter email design that include 3-4 features from a blog post, company announcement, hints & industry news offering a visually rich experience to the reader. 

Announcement mailers designed with a specific offer or a company sponsored webinar, podcast, special events, new projects, client acquisitions, recent hire or a reader opportunity.

Personalized #Emails improve #CTR + #Conversion rates // #hshdsh
Personalized #Emails improve #CTR + #Conversion rates // #hshdsh
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Whatever the content message is for an email campaign, ensure that the mail is responsive in design with a clear call-to-action so that the readers know what is expected out of them. Encourage the readers to share your mailer via social share buttons for the simple equation more shares = more exposure. Include contact info like sender name, email, phone numbers & website and make it easy for the readers to subscribe or sign up for the company blog.

The Complete #EmailMarketing Process via #hshdsh //
The Complete #EmailMarketing Process via #hshdsh //
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Mailer content storyline design must define the purpose of what you hope to achieve and how it will be re-purposed by the reader. Know the target audience and create the content storyline based on the reader and not about you. Ensure that the design is largely “above the fold” so that the reader gets an idea of what the mailer is about without having to scroll down. And time the delivery of your email campaign as timing is everything. The time of the day and the day of the week can make significant difference in the overall success of an email campaign. One way of knowing the best time for your mail is by sending mails on different days & times and tracking the results to optimize future deliveries.

Avoiding the Spam Folder
To make your email campaigns avoid the spam folder, focus on the following mailer best practices:
  • Avoid Purchase List //
  • Send via a reliable ESP //
  • Get certified //
  • Avoid Dirty Tricks //
  • Reputable EMS (Email Marketing Service) Provider //
  • Use limited & recognizable “From” email Ids //
  • Proofread //
  • Monitor deliverability //
  • Stay in touch //

#Email #Campaign Final Check List // #plbkkt via #hshdsh
#Email #Campaign Final Check List // #plbkkt via #hshdsh
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Email Campaign Final Check-list
Before the “send” button is hit, double check the overall email design to favour better response & engagement that your email campaign deserves!

  • Will the mailer subject liner pique or intrigue interest in the reader?
  • Does the mailer have a pre-header that introduces your business?
  • Does the mailer have a well designed header?
  • Will the mailer headline grab the reader attention?
  • Does the mailer have visually appealing images that entices engagement intent?
  • Does the mailer include a call-to-action button?
  • Does the mailer include social share & follow buttons?
  • Does the mailer provide sender name & contact details?
  • Is the mailer format easy to read?
  • Is the mailer design mobile friendly with proper alignment in all browsers & email clients?

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Title: Changes and Challenges of Email Marketing from Inbox Placements to User Engagements // #plbkkt
Author: Pallab Kakoti // Bio
Published: 18 July 2014
Category: Email Marketing

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