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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Content. Engagement. Visibility. #plbkkt at @blogs4bytes

His Infernal Majesty - HIM sings and I embed few of his words from "Gone with the Sin" as I blog and you read:

I adore the despair in your eyes
I worship your lips once red as wine
I crave for your scent sending shivers down my spine
I just love the way you're running out of life
Having a website is not enough unless you, I & they find your site as we search for needs defined by keywords or phrases that we use every day.

Every time your prospect hears about a brand, we search for more information about that brand. How the brand places itself smartly within display collaterals ranging from websites, social media network, blog, campaigns, emails & newsletter all in native form is crucial for branding. It’s safe if you can define how you want your consumers to perceive about you in ways that the long terms associations are channelled in the most satisfying fashion by means of your content. Define your content to piece a memorable campaign storyline that strikes the right notes of emotions tagged with compelling message for the greater good of the society.
This post is to relate how many of us could & should parlay writing in our everyday schedule. Start with just about anything that intrigues or defines your interest initially and better if you could relay writing in context to your skills or everyday job responsibilities.
Visuals appeal interest & content excites intent! That’s the fundamental mark up for web publishing today. Catchy phrases & title pursued by persuasive content summary is one of the crucial attributes that improves click through percentage, be it web content, banner ads, text ads, tweets, social updates, search results and the list just goes on where visuals ensures the initial user attention capture.

Scribble & scribe critically acclaimed highest quality!

Rephrase content using automated web tools that would smartly but often lousily replace words with synonyms from any content phrases; fine tune system rephrased content copy for readability boosters by humanly editing the machine made copy.

The game has evolved from the loopholes created by wannabe like myself. The tool have vanished the idea & purpose behind it still draws parallel while working on a word document.

While writing an article on MS Word; make sure the sentences are not marked with a green underline that implies the sentence needs some corrections. Make short sentences and always cite the references of your article so that the reader could relate your research & how well you have delve into confiding the details articulated from your content.

This may not be the best advice that you could ever get about content writing but honestly this was definitely one of the strategies that made me continue with prudence. It was mostly learning while being at it with directional guidance sought from websites like or

Over time, techniques evolved as habits were instilled by documenting everyday work activities. What was done during the day like defining a problem, including the debates & arguments, fine tuning the possible win-win scenarios and finally composing the resolution?

The point is about making writing a habit so much so that the habit will eventually devour the critic in us all who have till now delve regressive status quo in the concision advents made to inculcate writing.

Personally publishing fresh content gives me a satisfying high and the pursuit further leaves me with knowledge that elevates the boundaries of my knowing. It pushes me to resonate the new learning made with every published post by signature moves that requires research, case studies, best practices & finally shaping them in my own words.



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How content marketing, & push content strategy defined so far will help you, your brand, your campaigns & your websites?
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What will you get in relative terms?
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