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Monday, 8 September 2014

To @GrooveShark, Beacon the Splinter of Revolution! From @SonicRituals

Beacon the Splinter of Revolution! #plbkkt via #hshdsh at @SonicRituals
Beacon the Splinter of Revolution! +Sonic Rituals
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Seen down every path of dark road 
Just Breaking myself taking too much load 

Too many weights resting on my back 
Had to look between the folds just for what I lacked 

Climbed up a tree without any limbs 
And overlooked my life 'til the lights got dim

I saw no signs and no real true love 
No wheel to steer to the roof up above 

It’s almost an obligation to take a jibe at the apathy of indifference from in managing their artist profile data accuracy. Baffling to see the level of ignorance and then corresponding to what could be the trigger for their ill persistence in simply not moderating comment thread from their own users. 

Users are the breadwinners for every network, be it social, business or just plain casual! Then how can moderators or the hands behind the entity are posthumously corroding that it just aches to see the potential wasted. Here’s a classic example of Pentagram for instance & ingredient!

#Pentagram Artist Profile via +Sonic Rituals at +Grooveshark 

@SonicRituals at @grooveshark // #Pentagram Artist Profile via #RnDmRituals //!/profile/Pentagram/22247030
+Sonic Rituals at +Grooveshark // #Pentagram

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Part of push content strategy is to sponsor blog posts and let decipher the numeric of click through to measure improvement when design elements are tone personified for unique reverberation user experience design. Having said that one of my latest post wasn’t doing well and so thought about adding this new touch of song embed to profile some of my favourite music that played when I blogged. Since the initiation of music has & will always be rhythm divine, seldom has it failed to surprise the blazing armour of definitive sediments particle incitement and trigger blandishment. 

After Monster Magnet (#Brag_eh), its Pentagram – most famous as one of the pioneers of heavy metal – Source/Wiki; who are ceremoniously indoctrinating the reincarnation of classic vintage metal. What better I thought then classic Pentagram “Forever My Queen” for readers to groove as they pave their way to be the source of engagement.

Preview Next Post // The Tattoo Project 

And so be it and in no time I was on my profile, search for “Pentagram” and instantly delighted to find them enlisted. Unfortunately the plot thickens and blood if so be it if not appeal with a blog is enough to make the necessary headway for the relay of data accuracy & sincerity in indexing the spam free update of artist profile data. 

To be more precise, it was downright appalling to see them not only profile the wrong data linking the legendary gods of heavy metal with some sheep Indian band also by the same name with 100% intention and knowingly by expecting the seeding of controversy because of their dubious copied band name.

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The paroxysm of sarcasm gets blindingly seeming with the sneer of a personal agenda and so it is and it is that I hate Indian wannabe bands trying to gaga metal with a coarse hypocritical accent in sheer turbulence of meaningless growling. The Indian band also named Pentagram is simply the pit of sheep!

Having them in place of the real accurate Pentagram Official wiki link and then to see the comments thread on the Artist Profile page for the real prolific role in the underground metal scenes of the 1970s with comments from other users citing unhappiness and reporting that the information is not correct going unheeded. why be so ignorant then!
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Is it the lawsuit still hindering the progress and the potential growth you are ignoring to target even so when we hear amazing rumours of Twitter – acquisition. Yet heed forth with no intent in monitoring their own user database notion genuine user forums having the viral potential of seeding virality possessed by social networking is more accurately disturbing.

Sure Google can remove Instant search result suggestion for due to their infringement lawsuit pending in US courts that debates their authenticity & questioning their business legitimacy and impose sanctions on their survivability.

Does the cost of managing these labelling of even bigger hypocrites who opine P2P sharing to be deemed as illegal be understood as the seepage of indifference on the part of so much so that they don’t pay heed to their own community efforts in getting labelling & sorting the right data for the right artist profiles.

Once I read all the comments on the Pentagram Artist Profile in, it was almost apparent that I will be doing what you are reading if you are with me so far.

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The comment thread is flooded with suggestions; some dating almost a year back reporting that the artist profile data is not accurate, linked to the wrong band and further ignoring the community efforts to correct the information is bewitchingly conspiring. The ignorance is confidingly rude and insinuates the genuine urge to document the notion and help factor measures that are corrective to be relayed as benchmarks for the souvenir propagation of community driven campaigns aiming for a better closure of causes, campaigns & goals.    

Here’s a compilation of the comment thread along with my notion to correct what should be correct for the measure of user experience design for an interface as powerful as one the go music streaming and the appalling apathy of the people who runs it //

\\ evil be trusted never betrays but evil ignorant can get you doomed //
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My Comments //
This is no way Turkish music // Maybe can be folk Turkish Metal coz I don't know about Turkish // Sure do about metal and this is pure metal and nothing else but pure classic metal // vintage via #hshdsh

Steven Young
This is definetly the wrong bio, they're from Alexandria, VA which is my hometown so I'm a little insulted.
My reply to Steven Young
Don't be my man // rather let's head way and get the correct order for them // them lord of classic metal // Pentagram is for Pure metal and nothing else but Pure Classic Metal!

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Tom Morlock
wrong bio!!!
My reply to Tom Morlock
Totally // Worse seems Grooveshark folks just don't give sheep!

Doga Hatipoglu it is right one
My reply toDoga Hatipoglu
Pallab KakotiNo my man // this would be the right one // Now it's almost an obligation to quote these comment thread and power the notion //

Bharat Konka
Haha, Yeah Wrong Bio.
My reply to Bharat Konka
Hey Bharat // Guessing your from Bharat :) Cheers to metal bro!

Damn it grooveshark, wrong band. Get it right!
My reply to Skullsmasher
Wow it's almost disappointing to see the indifference from Grooveshark // they are just too deep in sheep!

Tom McMahon
My reply to Tom McMahon
Kudos to you for being the 2nd to notion the apathy of Grooveshark indifference // it's almost a year and they still don't give no sheep!

Rinil George
My reply to Rinil George
I say "Bravo" to beacon the splinter of revolution!

All that was intended in the first place was to embed the following words from Pentagram “Forever My Queen” vintage on one of my post Content. Engagement. Visibility. #plbkkt at +blogs4bytes 

I ran away with myself
I think I ran a little too far

And baby you're gonna be my queen
Cause the king always know just what he means

To @GrooveShark, Beacon the Splinter of Revolution! From @SonicRituals

To @GrooveShark, Beacon the Splinter of Revolution! From @SonicRituals

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#hshdsh // Follow the Conversation

Beacon the Splinter of Revolution! To @GroovShark, From +Sonic Rituals 
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