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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tattoos in the Workplace! #The_Tattoo_Project by @KingDevil with @OtinFlewer

As the hour approaches twilight,
a consonant mind coruscating towards a T-Point,
Strolls through the day unwinding
Into the haven of good times amongst friends 
Crackles of unintended pun
And few dashes of wryly smiles illustrate a random thought of insinuations
As individuals stop to gather momentum
And finish the business of what’s ahead. 
Amidst theatrics, dusk fades into an oblivious darkness
And bestowed by the shadows around
As OtinFlewer enters T-Point
The Evenings begin! 

Tea Point Stories #T_Point Via #hshdsh with @OtinFlewer for @blogs4bytes by @KingDevil
Tea Point Stories by +King Devil via +Anuj Ravi 
The story goes on with an acquiescence that I have to scratch my way through the challenges that pose throughout the events of desires ravine; desires to be a “tatted man” like my man – @OtinFlewer. Tatted good, tatted desires fill! The undying thirst unquenched by an unfinished quest of a rockstar experience that could not be lived “yet” and sanctities of belief that tattoos have inspired throughout the pages of history.

Having a tattoo is like “I’m sure of everything I am”. From prince to princesses to priests & prisoners, tattoos have dwell on all. In fact it arguably is one of the oldest forms of art in documented history. Remnants of tattoo into an art form have evolved over the sweep of civilizations dating back to early tribal aborigines when scars in humans epitomized The Chieftain cult.

How it all did began // The Tattoo Story at #T_Point by @KingDevil with @OtinFlewer 
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Tattoos are distinguishing marks that are often related in weight of their acceptance or rejection of values in traditional Western or Japanese culture while modern conceptions are identical to traditional Tahitian tattoos because of their prominence in reflecting expressions of physical and social interactions within the cross sections of a society.

Elizabeth M Rapp in her Senior Thesis "Stigmatization or Decoration: Tattoo as Deviance, A Cross Cultural Study" brings to light the Iceman mummy discovery in 1991 concluding affirmations to the practice of tattooing in the “iceman” age and describing it as the art of placing ink under the skin to leave a permanent mark.

History of a Tattoo // Story of a Tatted Man by @KingDevil with @OtinFlewer //
History of a Tattoo // Story of a Tatted Man
History is evident of a range of tools found by archaeologists that were used for tattooing, excavations of tattooed mummies from different regions of the world and tattoo like marks found on statues to confirm that tattoos dates back to varying time periods including the likes of ancient Greeks and Romans.

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According to an archaeological discovery in an ancient cave in Spain, history of tattoos can be traced back to over 40,000 years when people used bone needles to scrape colour patterns in the skin. Centuries of evolutions later, today tattoo artists use small electric machines with sterilized needles to engrave tattoos and give you crafty body art forms for varying state of expressions.

The Tattoo Survey // Your Opinion Matters - Rock 'n' Enrol // #Tweet This! 

Tattoos in the workplace // #T_Point Stories Tweet This!
Back at Tea-Point having said all this, notion of the hour is about inhibition of a myth that the impression of Tattoos in the workplace can sometimes be attitude unprofessionally. Google this phrase and the answer will surprise that there is a notion about tattoos being deemed as an unintended slur that may implicate your professional stride further implicating scenarios for job seekers having to hide tattoos from the neck up.

Meaning of tattoos & their desired expressions or bold style statement may vary from person to person. Two people having similar tattoos may not necessarily intend the same meaning. For some it’s a memoir for someone significant in their life while some may intend tattoos as a reminder of a struggled past or where they came from, where they are and where they are heading! Many mark a tattoo as a sense of belief

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Are #Tattoos Still a Taboo at Work // Story of a tatted man!
Are #Tattoos Still a Taboo// Story of a tatted man! 
Socially visible tattoo marks often draws negative attention, stereotyped and can even extend invitation for discrimination. Society eyes them as unequal, delinquents, gang hood, and so on. In fact many MNCs & organizations may not hire in case you are sporting a visible tattoo mark in your body.

How does the physical act of tattooing reflect individual adaptation to cultural beauty standards? People in cultures all around the world “judge a book by its cover,” and bodies, existing as they do in society, are one of the ways in which people classify those around them.

Regardless of its origin, the primary focus of modern tattoos is self-expression. Once seen as taboo in Western cultures, the stereotypes associated with tattoos are slowly being disbanded and now accepted. In the United States, Japan & Tahiti, Tattoos are said to be in a “renaissance period” and gaining wide spread popularity although at one point of history Western cultures deemed them as taboo.
If anything, tattoos are a modern adaptation of self-expression & the physical act of tattooing is a symbolism to freedom.
Tattoos Aren't Junk but an Art form! // #The_Tattoo_Project at
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Tattoo issues for employers depend largely on what kind & where the tattoo is sported by employees and certainly the law tends to support employer dress code/appearance policies. Moreover employers branding image must be regulated with consistency by retaining flexibility in creating rules for their policies.

Consider it this way, a concierge of a four-star hotel with large tattoos ok skulls & crossbones on the back of each hand will implicate scenarios that might concern the management compared to a dishwasher from the same hotel with the same tattoos due to lesser direct contact with the hotel’s customers.

A survey conducted by Pew Research Centre on the perception & implication of tattoos in the workplace offers the following interesting statistics:

You're the loaf of my life. What's unprofessional about Tattoo // @KingDevil with @OtinFlewer //
What's unprofessional about Tattoo
Nearly 40% of people who completed the survey between the ages of 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo;

12% have a visible tattoo that can be seen by their managers & colleagues during work hours;

76% respondents feel tattoos & particularly piercings can lessen the chances of being hired during an interview;

39% of those surveyed – believe employees with tattoos reflect poorly on their employers.

39% believe that employees with tattoos can poorly implicate the employers brand image. 

Approval of Tattoos in the Workplace // A Study by @KingDevil with @OtinFlewer for #T_Point //
Approval of Tattoos in the Workplace // A Study
Walmart, doesn’t allow facial piercings but they do allow tattoos provided they are not offensive. In case the tattoo is offensive then they must cover them cover up properly during work hours.

Book sellers Borders, view body art form including tattoos & piercings as something that makes employees interesting and is considered a positive.

Senior executives and other employees Form Motor Company are allowed to sport a tattoo with the only exception of refraining from piercings as that could lead to factory settings endangerment and/or worker safety.

California-based fish taco chain of restaurants allows employees to prance their tattoos in the restaurants as well as the corporate office.

So we have a survey where you are the actor. #The_Tattoo_Project Tweet This!

The Tattoo Survey // Rock n Enrol via #hshdsh by @kingDevil with @OtinFlewer //
The Tattoo Survey // Rock n Enrol 
Stage 1: You are in a board of meeting, one of the directors actually and have ............walked in with tattoo ......visible body mark .......will it inhibit implication that may influence balance of order?

Stage 2: You are in a family function with your uncle, aunts including distant relatives.... You decide to call in few of your friends too.... Most tatted men & women.... What are the inhibitions it a social stigma?

#hshdsh // Follow the conversation

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