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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Next Big Thing is not Facebook never was Yahoo and can never be Google+

Your business grow through the power of happy customers review // #Hash_Dash via @blogs4bytes is where you converge //
#Hash_Dash via +blogs4bytes is where you converge!
We are no expert to really predict such an exorbitant claim but if we look back down the pages of yesteryear the pattern defines the prediction. Some years back we were hooked to Yahoo like it’s the next big thing and sure it was until Google, FB, Twitter & other such platforms happened. // One Page Responsive UI Designers
Today Yahoo itself seems clueless to what seems to be their core offerings. 

Is it Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Answers, My Yahoo or the rich content syndication that seems to be their primary forte lately? 

Yes as a brand they have evolved and moved on to get adapted to the growing demands & evolution of web interfaces.

But the fundamentals of their services seem to have taken a beating with the evolution of social networking. 

Evolution of your time on the Web // #TheNextBigThing by #Pallab via @blogs4bytes -

Recent developments by Yahoo include replacing mobile banner ads with native advertising indicates their willingness to adopt evolved ploys for coherent marketability trends. 

But where is the uniqueness & forwardness in their approach to offer something exciting.

Facebook, Twitter & Google then dominated the web world and still do. 

The recent acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook is purely inclined for the phenomenal growth of WhatsApp’s user base. 

Google wants to be the one brand that offers just about everything available in the web ranging from emailing to social networking and much more.

Twitter too has evolved with time from being a simple intuitive platform that was meant to share everyday moments from minute details to detailed agendas. 

  • Amazon 1994
  • Yahoo 1995  
  • EBay 1998
  • Google 1998 
  • In 2003
  • FB 2004
  • Twitter 2006
  • Slideshare 2006
  • Google+ 2011
The likes of LinkedIn, Slideshare, Pinterest, Google+ all very much under the ambit of social networking.

Today we have a host of tools available in the social media marketing domain that collects data feed from various social networking channels and unifying the collated feed into one integrated web platform account. 

There have been many attempts by leading brands to offer such a unified homepage that collates data sources from users various web accounts.

#Pallab_Blogger via @blogs4bytes The next big thing is an intuitive platform of social conversations unified into one window / browser / app. //
iGoogle (discontinued), My Yahoo, Netvibes, Protopage, Startific, Startme, Symbaloo are some of the leading web service providers that offers personalized homepage. User can easily create an account to any of these platforms and customize the homepage content & layout to their liking.

Data feed are connected using API services from various networks so that the user can personalize the content based on their professional or creative persona. The objective clearly is to unify the most used web interfaces and access them all from one platform for an easier & comprehensive management.

However much of these services could muster enough steam to propel its engine towards web domination and slowly but surely the dark clouds loomed over each of these prototypes. Some sustained the bad weather and moved on while others were hit by closures & refurbished marketing forwardness to counter the demands of technological & web evolution.

Therefore having said all this, the question comes to what is the next big thing then?

Today social conversations from both the personal & professional domain are the fabric that weaves internet users across the web. 

Widgets, Browser extensions, Plug-in, Mobile/Smartphone applications & intuitive web interfaces are fast trending the internet user’s topography.

Social conversations include comments, status updates & timelines from FB profile/page, G+ profile/page & Tweets trends where mentions or topics can be grouped using hashtags. 

Professional updates & activities form the basis across platforms like LinkedIn & Slideshare. 

Pinterest has evolved into a major attribute for visual marketing elements to enhance online shopping triggers by bookmarking product pages or URL feeds. 

It has also largely attributed in the evolution of visual storytelling trends that captures user’s engagement intent better compared to text based interfaces.

Similar services are already offered by a handful of providers for business purposes primarily with advanced features under paid model. 

From unified communications for businesses, unified social conversations

The next big thing is an intuitive platform of social conversations unified into one window / browser / app.

One Interface that collates all that you say & do across web including social media brought under one unified platform is the bee in the wannabe! 

Until someone explores this possibility, here's some other action to get going for now!  

#GooglePlus Authority Even Without #GoogleAuthority by #Pallab_Blogger for @blogs4bytes

#GooglePlus Authority Even Without #GoogleAuthority by #Pallab_Blogger for @blogs4bytes //
How To Boost Google+ followers?

Complete your Google+ Profile 
Share good visuals using a combination of enticing texts on your posts 
Propagate good content from your blog & website 
Add the Google+ button on the website & blog 
Add the Google+ badge wherever possible & applicable 
Make meaningful comments but no excessive use of back links 
Engage with Google+ Communities 
Participate on Hangout for like-minded discussions 
Identify popular hashtags related to interest & use them on updates 
Create & promote your Google+ Page 
Follow like-minded Google+ profiles & pages and review & follow blog on

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#GooglePlus Authority Even Without #GoogleAuthority by #Pallab_Blogger for @blogs4bytes

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