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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Story of a Click - #StoryOfAClick via #Pallab_BlogSpot for @blogs4bytes

Capture, Random!

“Clause of Silence” by Anuj Ravi on #AmazonIN via Google ads on

Recently published a post on tattoo perception in corporate world, not only corporate but deemed as social stigma & deviant by different cultures across globe. 

After posting it live via #Pallab_IN I came across FB page based on the book. That’s when I realized that I missed an opportunity to #brag_eh about Otin Flewer Studios // Tattoos& Artwork.

Next moment I was on to search for “Clause of Silence”, thanks to intuitive suggestions I was on the landing page to purchase the paperback edition here //

Story of a Click - #StoryOfAClick via #Pallab_BlogSpot for @blogs4bytes
I remember clicking on it and saving it on my Amazon account wish list. That was that!

Today while checking click through numbers for #Pallab_IN posts, I purposefully clicked on signature footer attached to most of my posts online linked to my portfolio website

Out of curiosity & fascination of having genuine access to all Google features, I added ad feed delivery on landing page pointing for domain

So as I was scrolling down the page what I captured next was an ad listing automated by based on information saved about my visit and following steps:
  1. Lands of Amazon homepage
  2. Search “Clause of Silence”
  3. Clicked on the relevant listing to buy paperback edition
  4. Requested to Login
  5. Added to My Wish List from Amazon account dashboard
Initially I thought this must be “Cookies” triggering “re-marketing” from Adwords. But it wasn’t to be.
It was a case of profiling my visit from a particular IP and then saving the steps visited thereafter including activities recorded from my Amazon account dashboard.

My visit was automatically saved to profile & indicate some of the following scenarios:
  • Search for “Clause of Silence”
  • Clicked on Top Listing suggested by Amazon Search
  • Logged into Amazon account
  • Added book listing item to “My Wish List”
Of all the visits that Amazon bots track for each visits on their homepage portal, this must be one of the easiest for the bots to profile that “Visitor from IP wants to buy book”.

What I don’t understand here is how or why specifically Google delivered this particular ad in form of a native banner format on my portfolio homepage. 

Why wasn’t I shown this ad listing for “Clause of Silence” paperback edition by Amazon via Google display ads on other websites that I visited throughout the day. 

Is it sheer coincidence that suggested paperback book listing was random?  via // 

Am I getting tracked by both Google & Amazon unintended but gravely inappropriate otherwise?

Tracked to indicate what I search & visit in disguise of saving web search history on Google for greater realization & profiling what I am most likely intend to buy in future.

Is this data transferred too to display ad partners Amazon by Google who are one top priority customer on Adwords?


#SocialMediaMarketing Report from #India for #October2014 via #Pallab_BlogSpot
Data indicating what I tweet, update & mention socially on web including conversations with friends, family, business & colleagues. Amazon Adwords handlers are served with an array of information in form of visitor visit data analysis & most importantly factors that correlates my social quotients & connections.

I am browsing via an incognito or private browser to access my homepage UI and not logged in to Amazon at this particular moment. Then how have they shared this directly targeted advertisement push needs retrospection.

Earlier there was this satisfaction that deleting cookies is the end of the story for the browsing session. This to instil confidence that I am not getting tracked by “Cookies” that triggers re-marketing persuasive advertisements prone to “What might be of my interest”!

That satisfaction has disappeared for moment until I understand how Google was able to serve an ad feed banner advertisement on my homepage UI for book I searched few days back via

Do I take it as a sheer coincidence that suggested paperback book listing was a random coincident?

I certainly for one do not buy that! What about you?

Mast likely scenario include theory that data is shared to Google display ads partner via Analytics tracking for an automated Adwords ads to be triggered by Amazon bots delivered via my AdSense.

So after many deliberations here are the final set of actions deliberated by Amazon Adwords –
Amazon has some automated set of actions defined for user experiences of account holders based on their activity that include saving items under “My Wish List”. 

Every time Amazon system detects such user experience event, it sends an automated “Create ad” instruction to Amazon Adwords. 

Instruction is to show saved wish list items to users activities across web via Adsense partner websites. 

In case if these partner websites includes your website you are not expected to click on your own ads even if that leads to your wish list item on Amazon.

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Title: Story of a Click - #StoryOfAClick via #Pallab_BlogSpot for @blogs4bytes 
Author: Pallab Kakoti // Bio
Published: 28 October 2014
Category: Targeted Cost Per Click Campaigns

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