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Friday, 28 November 2014

"additively drugged by freebies" ....!!

Two Curios Cases of Digital Artwork Patronage – @Neonmob VS @Curioos via #Pallab_BlogSpot

"additively drugged by freebies" ....!! #Pallab_BlogSpot via #Pallab_in Stories on #DigitalArt //
"additively drugged by freebies" ....!!
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And not one common factor......
Two curious cases of digital art patronage, each equally riveting & addictive but with a common connection – Chris Messina other than classy, creative & appealing digital artwork that they parlay!

Enter “Chris Messina”!

Back then, he was working with Google when he tweeted about prefixing the bar code “#” on words & topics to group them within & across social media platforms like Twitter.

While going through his search results, I got to know about where he worked briefly after quitting Google.
Sure next thing I wanted to know was more about “” who had something unique to incite his intent for association after his huge prowess with overwhelming success as “one” who gave us the hashtag!
One thing led to many other and on flip side I ended additively drugged by freebies to open digital arts from various collections. Each further includes groups of classifications categorized by rarity created with lots of love, passion, flair & satisfaction. Collect up to 6 freebies every 24 hour (careful don’t forget to use them every 24 hours as they do not get carried forward) hence you end up additively logged in every twenty four hours at least once to collect joys of daily freebies one more time!
First time was when we heard about freebies first time....

So what’s the big deal.....? is where it all started although critics will say has been there for a long time now. is the latest inclusion and must I mention that I was looking for a worthy alternative to every since I stumbled with them while following Chris Messina’s appeasement story to doctrine the synopsis of hashtag grouping.
It started early this year when much after half of the world realised about marketability & branding persona of hashtag mentions for business promotions. So fascinated I was with this discovery & possibilities hashtags offer for marketing across social media networks that I had to know who thought about this at the first place.
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Not much other than sheer joy, exceptional artwork & preposterous creativity in bytes richer than Technicolor sharper than HD. Neonmob my friend.... Not gonna lie, @neonmob is pretty addicting
That will be part of brag & boost....

I don’t remember when was the last time I asking for favours so shamelessly!

“Please do me a favour ....going to send you an email invitation actually..... Do click on it and sign up to create an account”
I would shamelessly endorse to friends, colleagues & of course family often further ending it with
“Please do that as a favour for me!”

On the flip side, between hashtag, Chris Messina & big deal was a newer me embodied with redefined perspective via collateral of blog to create space for random bragging.
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One Page UI + Site Audit + Custom Hashtag = Pay With a Tweet

The uses of hashtags, knowing how to use them and knowing who uses them help.

When you click on a hashtag, you come across news feeds related to the topic.

Twitter Hashtags allow people to search tweets that have a common topic...

Market research is a prerequisite for online marketers to improve selling.

Hashtag Signatures = Hashtag Menus = Do Follow

"additively drugged by freebies" ....!!
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