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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Committed today I venture into relative known in hunt for unknown

Updated - 17 May, 2015

Data Driven Intent on Arrival Defined by User Experience Design

Consequential intrusions native in SERP poised by profit signs.

Committed today I venture into relative known in hunt for unknown
Committed today I venture into relative known in hunt for unknown 
So what's your intent on being driven today?

Start with your own domain name?

Good domain name must fulfil following three parameters:
  • Simplicity
  • Keywords
  • Branding
Nothing great was ever achieved without .....
Nothing great was ever achieved without .....

8 Tips to choose right domain name:

  1. Brainstorm 5 top keywords
  2. Make domain Unique
  3. Only Choose Dot-Com available domains
  4. Make it easy to type, easy to remember & easy to type (less than 10 characters preferred)
  5. Create & Fulfil Expectations from target audience who read your domain name
  6. Set yourself apart with branding based on expectations from target audience
  7. Reject hyphens and numbers
  8. Write it out and read it repeatedly before making your mind

#TakeBreak at @WKNDGetaways

Growth Hack digitally, social too! +Hash Dash Digital 
Create a dedicated campaign blog that publishes new content driven by branded / custom keyword ads via PPC, Facebook Campaigns, Twitter Trends, Google & LinkedIn ads. Group via hashtag mention topic and other display advertising mediums to target responsive parallax campaign landing page optimized for #HashtagMarketing.

For a moment I felt simple question directed at me almost personally specially realizing what I posted last night on relevance of....
"who does what they do and with whom did they do when they did it all"!

It further compelled me to venture sincere rebuttal that must only be expressed by admissible intent. Further driven second base was second last question to completely make it obviously clear that I must apply now. Especially here again realising upon consensual agreement on how I came across job openings

I must have ventured naively and do not recollect now which is why relevance metrics unsighted in oblivious behavioural profiling of you, me & them makes agenda cue for attention grabbing gimmicks. Hence my application as “Copywriter” only to further serve cause for you to consider my application and an insatiable urge for me in having flexibility to work offshore from Make In India.

I love my country and am a quiet patriot who loves his country far too much to even consider leaving her for greater gold & treasures. Between all that's said or rather expressed so far thanks to your interesting & unusual job application process. Further recollecting last question summed up unsurprisingly clearer now by simply asking for my LinkedIn profile. I just knew what I had to do which is to use my latest brief signature attached herein to indicate relevance of my application:-

Where I am currently located, What I am currently doing and what you have been doing and now wish to do in even for more countries where possibilities from India are driven via hash dash digital.

Data from India about Indians means cream business and what better if you have an Indian plan your objectives based on assessment of client case studies from foreign countries.

Assessments drive critical decision making process where precision & timing delivery of information matters. Even better if you can reserve exclusive bragging rights over your persona as an introspective patron who is also die hard critic for empowerment of digital marketing.

Obnoxiously vomiting further relevancy & citations of relativity when you will further realise upon seeking more information about my profile in case you choose to come so far that I have ventured digitally for long I remember ever since staring my first job as an email support executive. 

Understanding client case studies and finding cues that will drive online business objectives better & nitro jet fuelled to excitement, preferment & enlivenment always intrigued me and also a favourite. That's what I chose to start doing from recently via Hash Dash digital, that what I was doing for my current job, that what I did some 5-7 years back with Trance Vision Technologies where I with my school buddies did a brief company venture stunt offering one page websites for Rs.999 once in 5 years! On a smarter computation measurement that keeps giving you online leverage lower the cost of acquisition considering what we intend to do by giving them relevance of online business reach without resorting to profitable extortions guise as purpose or guidelines.

Because freedom to basic necessities of responsibilities, dreams & family are fundamental right of all sentient beings and are borne by resolute gut driven to result incisive numbers that indicate prosperity.

Totally Growth Hacked

What should you pay for start-up Facebook Page?

X acquires new likes on FB page at an average cost of 76000 per month make it approximately 2500 likes per day.

An average of 2500 - 3000 likes per day on X's FB page triggers approximately 800 – 1300 daily interactions at 5 – 60 shares per day.

Acquire New Likes

X’s monthly break up of likes per day on FB page shows average of 350 likes with maximum cap of 3000:-

Therefore (3000 – 300) x Rs3 per like at an average minimum default cost of 2700 X 3 = Rs 8000 approximately // 8000 X 30days = Rs 240,000 per month
3000 – 300 x Rs 8 = Rs 21600 if we increase cost per new like to Rs 8 assuming fact that new brand & new likes always costs more // 21000 x 30 = Rs 630,000

Closing Arguments:

With a zero fan base and aiming 40 – 50K fans per month, approximate average monthly budget should be capped between Rs 240,000 to Rs 630,000 

................ this half we will keep covering so you keep coming back. subscribe to receive notifications on mobiles/devices when we have something important to say. 

Hash tag #hshdsh for more @HashDashDigital
Hash tag #hshdsh for more +Hash Dash Digital 

........... and so here's

Race is against my own deeds, a seed of time seeded when knowing was naive. Relatively today going’s rough, bad weather forecast & relevance of science fostering mayhem. 

Total mayhem of a hardcore metal song with ugly vocals on background yells constant. Good times are always at relative hindsight of things. Holy Father and Thy sins for company! 

Sins all it takes to swallow pride, rather squash inhibitions of emotions that foster do or die. Die another day would have been smarter. 

Alas not to be. Committed today I venture into relative known in hunt for unknown. Enquiry

Fill out my online form.

Use Wufoo integrations and get your data to your favorite apps.
Iit jee that was above Ssc bank coach is what below
Fill out my online form.
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------------------------------------ end of entrench 

First Seed

so they say your buzzing and they seem not wrong in what they say that you are buzzing and here we say only, keep buzzing!

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