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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Closure is not an option! #GrowthHacking @neonmob - Whole Story!

Feeder accounts on are in many ways smart growth hack techniques based on scheme of options available and cannot be attributed for account closure by being labelled as cheating.
If users manage multiple accounts on to get going with their collections and collect as many variants or chase or complete core collections are more or less smart ways. This hypothesis based on the example of my friend & colleague’s account (username -

Accused for managing multiple accounts for love & addiction called, my friend created 35 accounts by referring to as many email IDs and that was the reason offered to abruptly close/deactivate his primary account. The conclusion given was managing multiple amounts to cheating as multiple trades were initiated from these feeder accounts to the primary account.

Stoner - For love of addiction +NeonMob via +blogs4bytes 

Question is what led to arbitrate that each of these 35 accounts was not genuine. Each of these feeder accounts were created based on email referrals sent from primary accounts. Since many of these referrals were sent to friends most of whom were not actively operating their accounts to collect daily freebies, my friend requested access to these accounts from their respective owner so that daily freebies were not wasted.

In other words, from business perspective each of these accounts amounted for traffic activity on with valid multiple trades. As mentioned earlier, these multiple accounts were referral accounts sent to friends and access to them was provided to my friend so that daily freebies could be collected. Citing this scenario, it’s not fair to deem these accounts as feeder and based on trading history to & from these accounts led to consider them as “cheating”.

Even if 100 accounts are opened for love & addiction of the game, it certainly doesn’t guarantee that daily freebies from them will open any particular variant, chase or other collection categories. Ultimately it’s the user’s luck that amounts to what daily freebies will open. Deactivating/closing primary account based on these attributes should not amount to such harsher conclusions. How can negate the aspect of luck while opening daily packs? If these feeder accounts made paid transactions to open packs, would such an intent driven decision be applicable? current scheme of algorithm is predictable and that’s what led to these speculations & arbitration, all of which are unfair.

Chanakya Niti - +Cafe Musart also +Cafe Musart 
Possibility of opening rare prints including chase & variants are high with a new account on for any collection and this predictability led to scheme of growth hack techniques discussed so far. Ultimately it’s all about winning and defining the winning script led to various strategies, one of which were feeder accounts. Isn’t it all about addiction that prophesises? If so then how you can justify abruptly deactivating an account based on multiple trades to & from feeder accounts to any one account?

Closure is not a solution & certainly not a healthy way forward. Red flagging any such account suspicious for feeder activities and then initiating a dialogue with the account owner sounds like a better ploy. Inform users that so & so feeder activities has been reported & detected on their account(s) and allow them time to retrospect. If unfair trading persists from these accounts, that it is a likely case for final account closure. is an addicting game and if smart users get the better out of scheme of options available to all that certainly cannot be basis for deactivation. If anything then it is plain & simple harsh & bullying. Further users should be made aware of such feeder activities are against mandatory rules & guidelines by informing on the website itself other than what’s mentioned under Terms & Conditions.

No one reads Terms & Conditions and therefore including guidelines of website’s policies and limiting this crucial information to T&C page only doesn’t guarantee that user’s are aware of “what not to do” on

Embed crucial discussions & policy updates from within UI of will allow users to be aware of all aspects related to guidelines, rules & policies. Add an additional tab that is visible to users discussing FAQ & T&C which is currently available under drop down next to the search tab. Very few users will actually take the time to get these crucial information from the drop down and therefore making them visible attributes will serve better.

Further offer these crucial details during sign up under a visible mark-up and not just limited to ticking “Accept T & C” available currently.

Inform users who are suspected of feeder activities by requesting them to curb their actions and if these messages go unheard that will be a fair basis to deactivate or close the account. is a beautiful & addicting game and the legacy of its uniqueness should not be held under demands of disgruntled users who simply envy account users with an impressive collection. 

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