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Sunday, 17 May 2015

₹ - Quest for Power: From Storytelling to Story Making

Intermission: Why can't blog have one?


We reason till redemption over endless hot cups of "Chai", how to best serve your business objectives online.

When you succumb and standstill to faintest of air you realise what you are at but to say least it’s just another beginning.

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₹ - Quest for Power: From Storytelling to Story Making
₹ - Quest for Power: From Storytelling to Story Making

Good domain name must fulfil following three parameters:

  • Simplicity
  • Keywords
  • Branding

Zeta: We make good domain names.

  1. Brainstorm 5 top keywords
  2. Make domain Unique
  3. Choose only Dot-Com available domains
  4. Make it easy to type, easy to remember & easy to type 
  5. Less than 10 characters preferred
  6. Create & Fulfil Expectations target audience who read domain name
  7. Set yourself apart with branding based on expectations from target audience
  8. Reject hyphens and numbers
  9. Write it out and read it repeatedly before making your mind

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Race is against my own deeds, a seed of time seeded when knowing was naive. Relatively today going’s rough, bad weather forecast & relevance of science fostering mayhem. Total mayhem of a hardcore metal song with ugly vocals on background yells constant.

Good times are always at relative hindsight of things. Holy Father and Thy sins for company!

Sins all it takes to swallow pride, rather squash inhibitions of emotions that foster do or die. Die another day would have been smarter. Alas not to be.

Committed today I venture into relative known in hunt for unknown. +King Devil 
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Inspired from band lyrics like Urban Discipline — Biohazard, Skullcrusher — Biohazard, Skin — Biohazard, Packaged Rebellion — Anthrax, Sets me free — Biohazard

Change doesn't come easy it’s the only thing constant.
Strange the change that I reverie is so dormant.
In order to survive you got to earn your respect.
Over the edge now you push me into retrospect.

I control my becoming and what dares to insinuate.
Prong from inside my pride pun to infuriate.
I'm jumpy at the edge of rationale.
For long I remember I reckon the sentinel.

It’s me that makes me hit me it’s me that want to break free.
I'm cleaving to get a hold on my spree.
It’s me who wants to run me it’s me & I can’t see.
I'm blinded yet reaching for what price it might levee.

I shed my skin and hold on for a better life.
I stick my neck out and it’s not for \m/e that I strife.
I dream the dream you dumbfound.
I dawn beautiful the arrival you yen to ground.

Revolutions up on your sleeve move on.
Take your packaged rebellion game on.
Inanities in cynical skew hang on.
Reek of guilt overdrive to hold on.

Pounding rhythms raging guitar set me free.
I look in the mirror smile back what come to be.

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₹ - Quest for Power: From Storytelling to Story Making

because I choose to 

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