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Monday, 4 May 2015

Introducing Zeta - Brother of Beta by Hash Dash Digital

Pay-as-you-Go Marketing Planners

Why brother of Beta? Good question because Zeta aims to study your business order of relevance, apply science of cost & profitability and evolve to Beta before going all alpha. 

Zeta knows how you do business, what level of surveying apt for you to pool list of keywords & phrases dialect by your target market for them to go all ballistic at times of immediate closures.

 Zeta by Hash Dash Digital

Be Business Ready. Be Driven. via +Hash Dash Digital 
When opportunity widens to possibility is moment of factors all cohesively fused to create an aura of agreement where strategic cues of your solution deliverables do talking. Here case study relevance of business dynamics gives ample scope to widen effervescence for digital blueprint. Your intent in defining new order of business for your clients existing norms of everyday procedures will be visible to instrument an effective decision making process in your favour.

Don’t rush overboard, talk slow and be a wonderful listener while understanding your client’s everyday business roadmap of activities before effectively restructuring any online prerogative.  

Projects So Far +Hash Dash Digital 



Thinking about websites? 

Ingredients for fresh hand coded business domains for business.

Digital Relativity

Soul for strategies defines by digital designs in visually rich colours.


No matter what business you do, storyline creates opportunity to do business.

CMS Development

Custom application design & development to suit right taste & persona's.

App Development

Intuitive interactive mobile apps design usability & reliable functionality.


Hash tag branded keyword strategy roadmap to SERP via social – web route. 
Hash Dash Digital design, host & manage businesses to be business ready online.

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