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Monday, 19 October 2015

Introducing Mr Fiddler - Also Featuring Mars Explorer via @Neonmob & Brand New Iron Maiden Song!

Farewell Mars Explorer by Jonathan Blessin What can I do? Always there's a little bit of hope, to keep a person going, always there's something to anticipate, or to   look forward to. What have I to look forward to but death? What have I to hope for but a peaceful eternity? What would you   do in this situation? I'm alone, so desperately and painfully alone, literally the only person on the planet, and yet it   isn't even my planet. If I take my own life, will I be forgiven? I feel like Burgess Meredith in that old Twilight Zone   episode, pressing the barrel into his temple, whispering to himself "surely I'll be forgiven." No, no I won't do it. I   refuse to take my own life. Do you hear me, you stupid, ungrateful planet! I'll live until I'm old and grey if I have to!  This is my final entry. I'm not going to kill myself, I refuse to become another suicide statistic, though some might call   my mission suicidal. I've decided that I cannot live without another human being in my life, whether they be a child, an   elderly person, a man, a woman, whatever, I don't care. I need contact, and so I've decided to head back north. The two   scientists at the Outpost will be my last resort, if no one has survived up north, but I've got a feeling that I won't be   coming back. I'm broadcasting this diary on a public radio channel. The Earth needs to know the truth. It’s winter, and   it’s cold, but there’s less dust in the winter, and I might survive the journey. Wish me luck, but don't try to find me.   Stay away from this planet. This is Lieutenant Megan Hudson, signing off.

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When the Earth became overpopulated, NASA created the Mars Space Program, with the ultimate goal of colonizing and populating the planet Mars. The goal, which was to be accomplished over a period of one to two hundred years, was to build massive, live-in cities while tending huge greenhouses capable of expelling enough oxygen to change the chemical constitution of Mars' atmosphere. The mission, over the years, at times seemed like it would succeed, but in the end, the storms of the red planet proved too great, and they wiped out all life which attempted to survive on its surface. This is the diary of Lieutenant Megan Hudson, transcribed from her own vocal broadcasts and attached to pictures which she took of the landscape around her during her final months. She is one of the last survivors on the red planet, and her story will serve as a reminder and a warning for many generations to come.
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31 Rationales of Remarkable Storytelling
One of every piece in the entire series, including variants and chases
And it felt good! More than anything it was mindset that I will follow up the complete series with post and thus unindented here I am on flip side of story creating room for storytelling.

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Introducing Mr Fiddler by #hshdsh #MrFiddler
Introducing Mr Fiddler 
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