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Saturday, 7 November 2015

6 Ways to Be Your "#AllSpark" Focus Glory!

6 Ways to Be Your All Spark Focus Glory! via #hshdsh
SEO Ninja
See the writings on the wall
If you can read
There’s a black list
Got one name and it’s me
Yea i got no invitation
But i won’t leave
Gonna keep on fighting
For everything that’s me
1Listen to Blacklist by Manowar

How to get your shit kicked out at office? 

With these words to uncover yet so much more to discover from what’s ahead in process of case studies while auditing clientèle website development & redesigning.  

It’s been most unrevealing decade of introspection attitude when it’s about web and journey so far has been most satisfying. 

Brief insight on how to make websites guarantee compliance backed SERP rankings for client keywords with an introspection on eligibility factors for social SEO signals. 

An introspective experiment on social signals using extended lyrical quotes from various heavy metal songs by Gods of Heavy Metal - Manowar. 

Rise of #hshdsh – Good, Bad & Evil.

With web thick & fast yet unsuspectingly learning to deliver pod-cast news feed to Internet users instead of users having to read them, we venture to unearth basic plot of redesigning websites.

There will always be douche who consider themselves defenders of what’s legitimate & illegitimate in defining web activity chores while aiming pinnacle of SERP rankings!

Almost year back argument started over steps posted on one of our blog about how robots attribute scores that determine SERP rankings across search engines.  

We are of opinion that social media quotients were always eligible as white hat SEO techniques to justify who gets ranked across search pages.

Officially though there is no ownership so far from search providers about non-eligibility of social media properties & engagement activities in attributing SEO scores for search rankings.
I've sworn an oath in blood to defend the land
and all who wish to test their steel well here I am

I am the keeper of the laws

Decided by the Gods
2Listen to Let the Gods Decide by Manowar
Thus making arguments from scum diggers knighted as influencers to falsify legacies of lies decoded as programmable business economics.
Crack the Earth, Gods of Thunder
Men and beast will be torn asunder
Into the Fight I own the right

To be the King of kings
3Listen to King of Kings by Manowar 

The defenders community of influencers at behest of bullies on monopolistic marketing attitude cannot be dummied as prophesy of SERP algorithms.

Rather truest sense of applicability and individualistic renouncement in preferable business sensibility goes long way in comprehending plot of search engine algorithms.

Your Facebook page & your Twitter ID can be indexed for SERP listing but social profile tools used on websites for quick social sharing are not attributed as ranking indicators. Irrespective of amount of traffic seeded by your social media profiles to your web pages!

Same Shit Different Day – How to not make a website?

Search users today are offered SERP listings for keywords based on search, social media browsing & account login history.

Consensus of agreement about what does & doesn't stand for SERP inclusions varies for suggestive keywords & custom keywords.

Rankings on suggestive keywords are hard to achieve as compared to custom keywords where optimization techniques decodes deliverability.

Deliverability goes all ballistic when you choose to deploy your website redesigning via an interactive responsive user interface design based on intelligent content marketing.

Hashtag #HSHDSH
Hashtag #HSHDSH
Thunder touched my soul
I heard a call all should know
It’s my time i’m alive
Some will come some will go
But most will never know

That greatness lives inside
4Listen to Touch the Sky by Manowar

anticlastic. /ˌæntɪˈklæstɪk/ adjective. 1. (maths) (of a surface) having a curvature, at a given point and in a particular direction, that is of the opposite sign to the curvature at that point in a perpendicular direction – Compare synclastic.

Greatness glorified with anticlastic encores of content structuring bestows best of anything you have seen where mobile responsive layouts are designed to exercise maximum engagement.

Definition of SYNCLASTIC. : curved toward the same side in all directions —used of a surface (as of a sphere) that in all directions around any point bends away from a tangent plane toward the same side —opposed to anticlastic.

Nodes of engagements are synclastic in nature where social media extensibility to exercise revivified glorification of your core persona then embedded as your web extension for communication.
Motors running
Now you're gonna learn
Waiting on the line
Make your tires burn
Fast, faster, faster, faster
Speeding always kills
Nothing else takes us to get these thrills

Spirit of the wheel

Wheels of fire burn the night
Ride across the sky
Wheels of fire burning bright

We live to ride
5Listen to Wheels of Fire by Manowar

Belief is what drives us and belief comes naturally once you learn tricks of game to foster will of your belief. 

With us you just don’t redesign your website but relive an experience of what you started and from where you started.
See the white light
The light within
Be your own disciple
Fan the sparks of will
For all of us waiting

Our kingdom will come
6Listen to Kingdom Come by Manowar

And for your Kingdom Come moment, you need #hshdsh!!

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Page, Object & In-Use Objects Cache Optimization via #hshdsh @HashDashDigital

Page, Object & In-Use Objects Cache Optimization via #hshdsh @HashDashDigital

Page, Object & In-Use Objects Cache Optimization via #hshdsh @HashDashDigital

Hash Dash Digital

Hashtag #HSHDSH to know more!

6 Ways to Be Your All Spark Focus Glory!An introspective experiment on social signals using extended lyrical quotes from various heavy metal songs by Gods of Heavy Metal - Manowar.

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