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Friday, 5 February 2016

15 Ways Pummel Whopping Big Data for Revolutionary Results

Big Data Generation through various Platforms / Mediums 

15 Ways Pummel Whopping Big Data for Revolutionary Results via #HSHDSH

Online Activities for Lead Generation 

#ActionTags via #HSHDSH - How to use hashtag URLs for marketing?
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1. Polls on Social Media –

Create survey based questionnaires on student enrolled program and propagate via social media for pool of repeat visitors & branding.

Dashboard based web tools to easily create polls related to studies, programs & current affairs. Easy interface login that can be managed by faculties themselves as well as dedicated account managers assigned for job. Faculties can also forward poll questions via emails to account managers whose job role will be to facilitate poll schedules to different student programs based on their enrolment history.    

2. Webinars –

Record live classroom feed from to stream web video classroom streaming on-demand. Ingeniously process can start via any good mobile phone. Capture short videos of classroom sessions so that file format is short & less heavy for hassle free mobile upload to social network. Schedule expert sessions on webinar recording. Record expert faculty sessions during classroom lecture and simulate video footage for online web casting download on request.

Plan talk-back sessions via chat with subject matter experts and share transcript of chat event exclusively for lead generation. Record web screen captures of chat event so that recorded visual footages are audio dubbed suitably for release.

3. Online Contests / Quizzes –

Automated CMS admin controlled quizzes on course curriculum –
Assign account managers to collect quizzing questions related to ongoing classroom lectures for web publishing after suitably editing final link for propagation.

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HSHDSH suggests local real estate brokers or agents to manage their property listings for rent or purchase via website sync to Facebook page. Create new photo albums for each property listing and add quality content details in description section of each property pictures.

Social Account Manager Dashboard Features:

  1. Permission based student mobile numbers
  2. Integration to send link via SMS, WhatsApp, FB, Email, etc
  3. Social Sharing to enable leverage for higher content engagement
  4.  Introduce activity based point scoring dashboard profiles community driven domain
  5. Sharing our quizzes, polls & related web links will compile points on users account dashboard
  6. Redeem points to unlock “High value Mock Tests” or expert study material resources.
  7.  Leverage promotional entities for online distance education programs

4. Questions & Answers Forums –

Encourage student participation on important study topics for various exams by starting hashtag campaigns across social networking platforms. Focus on creating an online discussion forum for various subjects with exclusive expert sessions regularly.

5. Blog –

Manage blog dashboards on most if not all recommended channels like Tumblr, WordPress, and Create scheduled & real time posts on study materials, sample papers & Distance Education books via these many blog channels with core objectivity of lead generation.

Our objective is to map Cost per Acquisition for each lead generated via various identified channels.

Sign up for paid content exchange network to target right audience for blogs.

6. SMS / Email / WhatsApp Campaigns –

Make lists of targeted audience categories for Permission & Non Permission to channel notifications & alerts related to student enrolment.

For non permission, reach out subscriber with email notification alternative route suggestions.

If users decline, send ID to dormant reserve available for mass packaged release to third parties.

To gather leads via SMS & Email Campaigns, create paid SMS & mailers with easy fill in forms for data collections. Assign attractive post form submission rewards like discounts, cash back or points to entice users into completing CTA (call-to-action).  

7. Apps for Students –

Mobile Notification & Alerts App for timetables, assignments, homework, student performance report via SMS & email messages. 

Big Data & Business Analysis via #HSHDSH
Big Data & Business Analysis via #HSHDSH
Historical Data Preservation - Data MiningData Preservation – Historical Data – Define Case Study Scope for Each Lead – Objective to Update Records on all leads – Categorize Each Contact with Updated Current Contactable Medium – Email, Phone, Social, Postcards are current options to launch touch base – Maintain historic data preview on each lead – Starts with Data Mining
Sourcing Big Data Management & Applied Business AnalyticsAssign Ownership of Data ChannelsInitiate filing of all data files into various categories of contactable mediums –Start Data Mining Process based on “approved format” – “approved format” implies to Contact Management Dashboard – Web based unified data management – Towards centralized lead generation & distribution database structure. Assessment of System, Manpower & Time to Evaluate Cost, Profits & Achievable.

8. Search Engine Optimization –

Optimize all website pages with page title, description, image description, schema tags, Rich Card Validation, Rich Pin, and Location Verification.

9. Search Engine Marketing –

Create top scored paid marketing landing pages with quick data collection forms based on high volume search keywords & phrases across tier 1 & tier 2 cities. Optimize paid PPC ads to perform only during specific business hours of weekdays & weekends for a more effective ROI.

10. Social Media Marketing –

Create list of social media updates in 140 characters that includes text, link, image & short description & hashtag. Compile up to 100 such messages for social media publishing every month via automated scheduled social updates delivery apps including cross network sync.

11. Email Marketing –

Integrate all available domain web pages with email subscription request buttons via an easy effective two step subscription verification process to compile list of permission based email ID’s. Create email campaigners to assemble as many new leads possible including subscription confirmation for various topics & categories via quick fill in form or social sharing tools.

12. Affiliate Marketing –

Integrate with affiliate marketers related to educational background for promotion of client branding. For example, create eBooks (mobile compatible) of sample papers, study materials related to various course curriculum, recorded virtual classroom sessions and more.

13. Google Analytics –

Review traffic flow of business domain name over years, identify top pages, recreate them with optimization inputs and republish with smart social sharing tools.

14. Online Advertising –

Display banner advertising, Video advertising & Native advertising for client promotion across top India websites from both branding & add recall value perspective.

15. Blog & Article Submissions, etc. –

Identify forthcoming events including religious & cultural festivals across various States & regional cities to create blog, articles & related content marketing collaterals in advance. 

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Data Clustering to Uplift Contact Management System Tools & Resources:

Clustering, statistical learning, association analysis, and link mining are all among most important topics in data mining research and development.
Once we reach following level, we need introspection for lead management and fine tuning how to source leads from online campaigns. Initiate role management for each leads, deploy lead sourcing details to capture real time details of lead and closing in by substantiating how we can follow up on same in future. 

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