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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How we make Big Data Pioneering so Big Easy?

Measures to Put In Place before We Start Lead Generation

Big Data Marketing via #HSHDSH
Big Data Marketing via #HSHDSH

An organizational level activity apt for educational & online learning companies by creating euphoria of contributions to foster growth using relevance of big data marketing and business intelligence. 

Clearly communicate for micro detail level attributions of changed attitude & relative execution plan to liberate expressiveness. Clause mandatory crisis risk management scenarios at any or multiple stages and should they occur, what are altered strategies and situational cope ups required to still achieve core objective.

Take Control over your Big Data Marketing via #HSHDSH
Take Control over Big Data Marketing via #HSHDSH
Roll out quick subscriber survey across all business centres/offices/online to collect information about role/expectations/deliverable of online learning activities till date. Surveys results help determine what numbers of conversions were influenced from online activities to gauge objectives from here forth.

Ensure at least up to 4 blog posts every month to create branding buzz and schedule online live publishing for posts between 6 PM to 9 PM.

Focus on need to improve via video promotions to enhance live engagements & social buzz. Rely mainly in pictorial promotional creative initially to score maximum engagements at first look.

51% of total 81% men and 9% of 19% women who engages actively across online learning platforms are from 18 – 24 years age group.
Focus on tapping crucial age bracket of 40+ year’s professionals via professional social networking platforms. List improvement areas in audience targeting & reach across tier 2 cities in India.

Multi Channel Big Data Marketing via #HSHDSH
Multi Channel Big Data Marketing via #HSHDSH
Create branding or product awareness by propagating online mocks & practice tests including quick quizzes by cueing in giving teaching faculties and supporting team for faculty members’ advantage to easily create & publish practice tests.

Register your local business addresses on Google & Bing Maps via Google My Business & Bing Places for Business to ensure reach & visibility across all android devices as well as Facebook users.

Roll out responsive mailer campaigns with an emphasis on conversion output metrics’ like inbox delivery rate, open rates, click rates, social sharing engagements, etc.

Prepare & plan for webinar broadcasts ideally from live local events to cache emotive recognition flares viral in creating social media buzz. Short list list of hashtags for events & encourage social sharing, tweeting, pinning of updates. Aim to introduce video based learning experiences to reflect signature moves of perceptive advertising & brand recollection in an ever increasing buzz for cloud technology.

Big Data Customer Insight via #HSHDSH
Big Data Customer Insight via #HSHDSH
Plan systematic compliance friendly scanning & updating for all old pages including back links to consolidate an effective arrays for inbound conversations. 

Aim to replace all website archive pages to comply SEO suggestive measures for Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) rankings.

Ultimate objective is to help improve our online marketing visibility across web and social with significant room for admissions boost!

Lead Generation and Centralized Lead Distribution

Roll out calendar activities for approval from right departmental/business heads prior to scheduling, Approval for content/context based activities prior to roll out with identification of web pages that has scope for lead conversion to maximize process of lead generation and lead distribution.

Digital Marketing Manager | Pallab via #HSHDSH: Revealing 47 #ZetaSOS Now to Empower Remarkable Online Success

Once upon a time there was beta so we schemed #hshdsh after stumbling across flickers of domains for just ₹XX (Yes my man, thats two X'es). #It was to be hash dash but chose to be hshdsh since TLD .COM wasn't available so growth hacking it had to be and ever since it's on beta.

Micro Detailing of Lead Generation & Distribution Activities

Identify all leads based on conditional follow ups by clustering leads across various clusters and mark each lead including all historical data to create right marketing mix & promotional get up ensuring an overall uplifting experience.

Improve Big Data Marketing via #HSHDSH
Improve Big Data Marketing via #HSHDSH
Create new website on CMS platform with development room for incorporating advanced activities including centralized lead management, incorporating third party API to procure an advanced lead distribution and conversion module.

Data mining all historical data into an online CMS module interface that ensures room for personalized and updated promotional information reach right contacts.

List number of conditional follow ups for all historical and latest data so that right information in form of marketing collaterals reaches end user or leads captured via CMS system.

Out of the box thinking required to identify how best to reach historical data. Create exclusive event awareness for data profiling activity with scope for first hand information update that will be shared to all data on CMS system ensuring end user experience is up to date!

Training Areas for Data Mining, Data Profiling & Data Clustering

Identify Data Warehousing location to oversee data mining from print to electronic format. Identify data clustering so that each lead gets up to date promotional information based on their date profiling history.


Online Mocks, Practice Tests & Video Classrooms for Lead Engagements
Prepare annual calendar of activity for mocks & practice tests for students based on current class or program and initiate video classroom sessions from any study centres or completely online at least once a week. Key is to swing in momentum of favorability based on uniqueness of learning experience for students from your brand.

Encourage your faculty to teaching staff support members to create online tests & mocks easily via an array of easy to manage dashboard tools that makes it easier to compile and publish online tests.

Grow with Big Data Marketing via #HSHDSH
Grow with Big Data Marketing via #HSHDSH
Align Scoring Algorithm for Faculty members or teaching staff based on completing steps required to create & publish online practice tests and hence be eligible for enhanced performance review.

Identify dates & final preparation periods for various nationalized entrance exams to secure admissions so that same are in lieu of custom online mocks & practice tests discussed above to give students leverage of first-hand experience before final exam.

Ensure study centres are equipped with infrastructure required to conduct recording for video classroom broadcasting. 

Discover various tools & online dashboards that allow faculty or dedicated teaching support staff to manage and operate practice tests, online mocks and video classrooms.

Micro Details for Online Mocks, Practice Tests & Video Classrooms:

Identify online programs & tools to conduct tests easily with minimum IT knowledge requirement to create & manage these practice tests, online mocks and video classrooms. Recognize after careful scrutiny & background checks to shortlist expert lectures for virtual classroom sessions via video recording to save learning sessions on cloud for on-demand online classrooms.

Test various online tests & exam modules to easily create and self manage online mocks & practice tests & video classroom sessions.

Faculty members or teaching support staff must have ability to adopt changing technological upgrades and facilitate them as per new norms suggested so far. Training sessions for minimum 5-10 hours & maximum 40-50 hours will be good for faculty or dedicated teaching team to get started with these suggested changes.

Start with 5 questions for online tests via recommended online exam publishing dashboard and list various shortfalls experienced during initial phases of your online marketing strategy. Once these flaws are detected, consider gathering as much information possible from each member of your online exam publishing team to create room for technological compliance & regular upgrades for new features as well as any bugs.

Digital Marketing Manager | Pallab via #HSHDSH: 15 Ways Pummel Whopping Big Data for Revolutionary Results

ActionTags via #HSHDSH - How to use hashtag URLs for marketing? Posted byAction Tags on Sunday, January 31, 2016 1.Polls on Social Media - Create survey based questionnaires on student enrolled program and propagate via social media for pool of repeat visitors & branding.

Indemnify & list shortfalls from suggested video classroom recordings & on-demand webinar broadcasts as it’s a key sector that will require smart understanding & quick pro resolution skills for flawless execution.

Then someone from suggested set up above will only have to worry about how to collate questions for online mocks and practice tests? Ensure that you rigorously test (goes without saying) all final modules before publishing live. Advance scheduling & proactive coordination efforts with teaching faculty to smoothly schedule, create and manage online mock tests & practice papers including video classroom recordings.

Once you have an apt system in place and constantly evolving with an ever increasing demand & use to push performance boundaries. Because when you have your system & technological infrastructure in place, all you need to worry about from there on is creating best contextual brilliance by deep exploring skill sets of your workforce.

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