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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Want huge 6 lakh visitors? Know how to get.

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6 Lac visitors in next 6 months


Reduce bounce rate on primary domain, increase average session time spent per visitor for every visit and consolidate various follow up measures to ensure that the visitor is subscribed to client's educational services.

We focus on creating content channels of engagement with students to increase time spent on client’s domain. With this objective we look into an integration of Social Content Calendar
  • How-To Articles
  • List of Do's & Don'ts related to subject matter
  • What Posts
  • Why Posts
  • Videos
Once we have channeled a Social Content Calendar, we look into push content strategy where we will deploy or content channels across various online marketing networks. These marketing channels include:
  • Native Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
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Extend Content types for each stage of the visitor’s journey:

Awareness Stage

1.    eBooks

2.    eGuides

3.    White Papers

4.    Editorial Content

5.    Reports

6.    Blog Posts

Consideration Stage

1.    Webinars / Webcasts

2.    Podcasts

3.    Video

4.    Expert and Solution Oriented Guides

Decision Stage

1.    Product Comparisons

2.    Case Studies

3.    Free Trials / Downloads

4.    Product Focused Content

In Crux…..

1.    Define your customer

2.    Define your objectives

3.    Design/Create Content

4.    Create a Messaging Calendar

5.    Define your Measurements

6.    Execute your Plan

Supplementary:How to reduce bounce rate?

How to achieve traffic traction goals of 6 Lac visitors in 6 months using combination of online ads and an in-house content marketing team?

Let’s start the following strategy planner by determining average AD spend across four primary channels – Google Search, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn and how much website visitor traffic cum leads generation can be tapped based on approximation.

Google Adwords PPC Campaign:

SSC Campaign –

₹5000 daily budget > Av cost of ₹2200 to ₹2600 daily > 300+ visitors a day

IBPS Bank PO Campaign –

₹5000 daily budget > Av cost of ₹2200 to ₹2600 daily > 300+ visitors a day

C Tet Campaign –

₹5000 daily budget > Av cost of ₹2200 to ₹2600 daily > 300+ visitors a day

Law Campaign –

₹5000 daily budget > Av cost of ₹2200 to ₹2600 daily > 300+ visitors a day

Total Daily Traffic from Google Search 1200+ visitors > Total approximate cost of ₹2500 x 4 = ₹10000

Total Monthly Visitors 1200+ x 30 days = 75000+ for total approximate cost of ₹300,000 -----a

Twitter: ₹ 5000 Daily > 300+ Visitors > ₹ 5000 x 30 = ₹ 150,000 mo > 300 x 30 = 9000 mo visitors -----b

Facebook: ₹ 5000 x 2 = ₹ 10000 > 300+ x 2 = 600 visitors > ₹ 300000/mo > 600 x 30 = 18000 visitors mo ---c

LinkedIn: ₹ 5000 Daily > 300+ visitors > ₹ 5000 x 30 days = ₹ 150000/mo > 300+ x 30 = 9000 visitors ----d 

Total Traffic from Paid Ads = a + b + c + d = 75k + 9k + 18K + 9k = 111,000 visitors monthly

Total Cost to Achieve 111,000 visitors a month = ₹900,000

Therefore objective of 600,000 visitors in 6 months is very much achievable. 

But challenge is in identifying ways & means to guarantee that traffic surge to client's website is retained.

For visitor retention leading to successful conversion, refer to the following strategies.

Influence Marketing:

Introduce an anonymous comparison website detailing best SSC/Bank PO/Law/CTET coaching institutes around Delhi wherein verdict as the best comes in favor of clients.

This will also target competitor branded keywords are configured to ensure that “our” compare website delivers paid Google search visibility and in turn ensuring that candidates are conductive for client conversions.

Once we have achieved expected number of visitors, we introduce team of core content compilers for client. There will be monthly recurring cost with this venture but in long run same will ensure competitive keywords visibility are not cost borne options.

Measure will not only address competitive marketing but also relay a rich content creator team to felicitate our plans for post “first 6 months” objective wherein we will introduce launch of mobile/device/laptop ready online learning dashboard for clients.

Want huge 6 lakh visitors? Know how to get.
Want huge 6 lakh visitors? Know how to get.
2 Content Writers (₹25K x 2 - a), 1 Principal Researcher cum Quality Analyst (₹30K – b) and 2 additional executive level standby resources (₹15k x 2 - c) for image sorting, duplicate content check, off-page SEO and similar tasks.

Monthly cost of Content Team a + b + c = ₹110,000

Another core objective of this exercise will help formulate rich online content learning repository available to all levels of visitors.

Use Moodle Online Learning Management open source tool will aid in our objective to create a robust dashboard tools for all types of visitors including both free & paid users.

Cost of Moodle deployment will be around ₹15k – ₹20k monthly retainer fees. Once we have Moodle based learning dashboard mobile/device readied, we also create android & IOS mobile app exe.

Question Topics for the keyword UPSC
Question Topics for the keyword UPSC

Video Recording Classes:

“Never miss a call ever again” – Impact of such student friendly features will be huge. Onetime set up of a camcorder that records both visuals & audio ensure that students filter client for good great reasons. Introduce video recording of all classroom sessions!!

Deployment cost for classroom video recording will be around an estimated ₹150,000

If client does not wish to incur such a deployment due to strategic reasons, must at least comply to create a few short demo sessions.
Content Marketing:

Key to student visitor retention is primarily content development including literary, audio & video formats. Thus need for an in-house content development team is crucial.

Refer to the following screenshot that outlines content requirement based on what people are looking.

Content marketing team will be assigned topics from such visualization. Data is picked in real time from online sources where visitors are converging for maximum information.

We do not just assign topics, but also ensure that each post “Titles” for clients on various topics score A+.

Process of assigning title scores is available online based on researched data formulated in various algorithms to decipher scientific reasons that will incite user intent for engagement.

Preposition topics on the visual chart above for keyword “UPSC”
Please zoom to view the preposition topics on the visual chart above for keyword “UPSC”
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