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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

12 Unparalleled Ways to Increase College Admissions Growth

Comprehensive case study on improving conversions totaled with campaign audit, strategy evaluation & optimization schedules to upsurge BTech admissions for various Indian colleges.

How to improve College Admissions with absolute guarantee? #HSHDSH
How to improve College Admissions with absolute guarantee?

Goal – Increase Admissions

What’s Ahead!
Step by Step narrative outlaying online media marketing strategies and conversion optimization tips for Premier Universities & colleges to accomplish XXXX admissions in XX days from targeted audiences with an investment of ₹XX,XX,XXX

Table of Contents

1) Align Campaign Goals to Business Goals

2) Establish Marketing Media Goals

3) Determine Campaign Marketing Goals

4) Audit Social Presence

5) Survey Search & Display Audience

6) Core Keywords of Target Audience

7) Core Keywords of Target Audience
8) Know BTech Competition
9) Take Action Post Audit
10) Search Keyword Audit Learning
11) Develop Campaign Content Strategy
12) Measure Campaign Progress

Align Campaign Goals to Business Goals

Campaign Goals
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product Leadership
  • Viral Co-Efficiency
  • Leads
  • Sales
Business Goals
  • Reach
  • Reviews & Testimonials
  • Shares, Likes, Retweets
  • Drip Marketing Actions
  • Conversion
College Admission Tips for Higher Enrollments via #HSHDSH
College Admission Tips for Higher Enrollments

Establish Marketing Media Goals

Campaign goals are brand awareness & product leadership attributes that will help create an ideal win-win scenarios for registrants (students). What are the value additions and how we explain them to prospective students?
     Objective is to achieve conversions and not limited to lead generation.
     Campaign CTA include XXXX admission registrations wherein each registration will pay INRXXXX to be eligible for campaign objectives
     Create pool of eligible prospects from unsuccessful leads to be filtered as ready to convert for future campaigns. Design drip marketing plan to keep them interested

Campaign Marketing Goals

Primary goals are:
  1. Admissions: XXXX Successful B Tech Admissions
  2. Branding: Impression Visibility on Search & Display Networks
  3. Remarketing: Identify, assign & nurture leads for conversions.
  4. Drip Marketing: Roll out communication plan for unsuccessful leads.

Audit Social Presence

Review all social media marketing platforms to formulate dedicated approach plans for each dashboard. Aim for more positive reviews, likes & ratings from both Facebook and Google. Nurture possible conversions via 1-on-1 social counselling using Twitter & Drip Mailers. 

Consolidate competitive visibility across search and paid display networks.
Automate social media updates across all social media dashboards using advance scheduling.

Create funnel of lead conversion categories to assign conversion communication planner.
Automate drip mailer communication planner for various forms of unsuccessful leads.

12 Unparalleled Ways to Increase BTech Admissions Growth via #HSHDSH
12 Unparalleled Ways to Increase BTech Admissions Growth

Audit Social Presence

Activity Details
  1. Schedule updates for next 30 days
  2. Initiate 1-on-1 conversations
  3. Boost branding experience & create impressions of successful conversions
  4. Create network of alumni and prospective students
  5. Posts from thought leaders & students
  1. Visual Updates with hashtags & post CTA analytics
  2. Target popular trends with an ideal post CTA explainer.
  3. Create explainer videos and alumni reviews
  4. Career newsfeed updates backed by informative data that creates impact for registrations.
  5. Share success stories around NU experience.

Survey Search & Display Audience

Tally keywords that are coercive to successful conversions in B Tech Admissions including broad, phrase & exact matches. Tally CPC of each keyword and determine various display network categories.

     Increase enrollments for B Tech course
     Create search marketing campaigns to attract top listings on core keywords
     Create display marketing visibility across top websites frequented by students.
     Create re-marketing extensions across both Search and Display ad networks to encourage conversions by improving communication collateral.

Core Keywords of Target Audience

  • Top Engineering Private College | 1K – 10K Average Monthly Search @ ₹6.66
  • “B Tech Admissions” | 100 – 1K Average Monthly Search @ ₹25.68
  • Engineering Degree Courses | 10 – 100 Average Monthly Search @ ₹52.27
  • Admission for degree courses | 10 – 100 Average Monthly Search @ ₹54.07
  • [Jaipur B Tech Colleges] | 10 – 100 Average Monthly Search @ ₹6.18
  • “Colleges for B Tech” | 10 – 100 Average Monthly Search @ ₹32.31

Know BTech Competition

Identify competitor campaigns to analyse communication collateral. How different they are when it comes their paid campaigns? List Call to Action (CTA) denominator that will single handily influence conversions. Ensure ad copies and landing pages are best optimized for better quality score.

     Deploy Influence Marketing channel from an anonymous domain that will offer “an almost unbiased” comparison of other competitors including your brand, where your brand scores better.
     Deploy PPC marketing campaigns directing students to this “Influence” dashboard for comprehensive opinion that your brand’s B Tech is best out there!!
     Look at what type of content competitors are creating, how often they are sharing it, & what influences they are interacting with.

Know BTech Competition

  • Urban Pro – Just a Lead Generation Channel
  • Bennett University – Times Group Company
  • Shiksha – Just another lead generation channel but listings here will be a plus
  • SRM University – Informative website
  • PES PESSAT – Clean Website
  • Manipal – Good Clean Landing Page
  • SMU – One of the best website with rich visual appeal conducive for successful conversions

Take Action Post Audit

Create PPC search marketing campaigns across both Google and Bing/Yahoo network. Deploy display marketing campaigns triggered with remarketing attributes to constantly encourage conversions. Create FB brand visibility campaigns along with Trending schedule across Twitter.
     Initiate 1-on-1 counselling with prospective leads
     Deploy drip marketing schedule for various lead stages from the conversion funnel.
     Refer to the following Keyword Planner Sheet to measure the ROI of search marketing campaigns.

Search Keyword Audit Learning

  1. Shortlist keyword ideas and assign them to various ad groups
  2. Identify “Long Tail Keywords”, bid on them and analyse traffic patterns to deploy both organic and inorganic search marketing strategies.
  3. Determine the Commercial Intent of Shortlisted keywords
  4. Analyse and evaluate keyword competition to broadly define average cost per click by improving quality score.
  5. Deploy keyword research for other search platforms and identify competition if applicable.
  6. Create keyword chart for organic search terms including prepositions and questions based on core keyword “B Tech”.
  7. Boost organic visibility of core keywords based on prepositions & questions.
  8. Plan inorganic traffic using Buy Now (Sign Up Now) Keywords, Product Keywords, Informational Keywords & Tire Kicker Keywords.

Develop Campaign Content Strategy

Determine content mix and posting cadence across all paid marketing channels. Content is key and therefore content scores for best title must include powerful, emotional, common & uncommon words. Title optimization is of paramount priority.
Create online search marketing campaigns based on following keywords:
     Top of the funnel
     Middle of the funnel
     Bottom of the funnel
       Campaign Call to Action deliverable needs to be honored.
       Display Re-marketing Visual Appeal is ultimate key to successful conversions.  

Measure Campaign Progress

Use various campaign performance analysis tools including Analytics & Social Insight Reports to continuously cross evaluate progress. Deploy additional Traffic analysis dashboards to determine best performing content storyline.
     Align Analytics with Conversion Optimization Goals

     Social Media Marketing evaluation based on advanced analytics & custom reports, Facebook Insights & Google Analytics (who, when, and how many people are viewing and interacting) 

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