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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Why a responsive one page UI website and a custom hashtag? #plbkkt

Grab a One Page UI Optimized for Social Signals via Hashtag Signatures

Just rate us and grab an exclusive one page UI design for websites, start-ups & brands from Hash Dash DGTL // +hshdshDGTL. Start here right away by visiting the following one page UI from the house of hash dash and come back here to complete the rating form. 

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Why have a One Page UI and Hashtag Signatures?

campaign storyline curator
Campaign Storyline Curator
Most of us if not all have a website and few who do not have a website will sure have Google or Yahoo email account and thus access to a unique profile on the web. Bottom line is that this is where you want all your social conversations to meet, communicate, express & elevate. Elevation has many forms. Expressions of state of mind & taglines like "being yourself" suffices elevation to few while others are quenched with far more objective driven exercises in the form of page visits, page views, click through, lead generation, social selling and conversion analysis.  

One Page UI is a form of elevation for websites, start-ups and brands. Engagement and click through elevations are the two primary forte for one page responsive UI designs. Sequencing the details of the website offerings in the form of products, services, media files, articles & links are curtailed with appealing visual interactive form of display that encourages user intent & incite interest for engagements. 

The visual sequences of website sections in one page optimized with ready to share social buttons where custom hashtag signatures ensures the grouping of all social interactions in the form of likes, shares, +1s, tweets, pins, comments & updates. Creating an easy to pick custom hashtag signature requires very little yet gives a whole lot more. These social mentions are branded with custom elements related to businesses & websites with the objective of creating a brand recall value apart from grouping a search engine friendly index able feed of landing pages, videos, blog, links & websites.  

What hashtag are you? Four simple questions and you know yours!
What hashtag are you? Four simple questions and you know the answer!
What hashtag are you? Four simple questions and you know the answer!
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We think that there are four options (including the four we could think of & you can always excel) with hashtag signatures that relates to how you write your signatures. Initials, all letters or shorter combinations of letters that forms your name!

Your name in short

Say your name is John Doe. Your hashtag signature in short can ideally be #jhnD, #jhndoe, #jonDoe or simply #johnDoe.

Your name in short exclusively yours

Before choosing to use your hashtag signature just make sure you search the term, name, topic primarily on G+, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook to monitor & own the hashtag mentions exclusively.

Your name in full

Bold move. You choose to be distinctive. Just hashtag your full name. For ex if your name is John Doe, your hashtag signature is #JohnDoe

What Greek are we talking?

You need to hashtag #plbkkt on G+, FB & Twitter to start with what hashtag signature is all about. Only then you can decipher the Greek that we are talking.

To click links for hashtag #plbkkt on various social media network that support hashtags refer to the menu on the top of this page or on the links here below:

Twitter #plbkkt // FB #plbkkt // Google+ #plbkkt // Pinterest #plbkkt // Tumblr #plbkkt

What happens with all the hashtags?

The possibilities of prefixing the "#" sign on keywords, topics or just letters, numbers & underscores to group social conversations and maximize reach of social updates including comments, tweets, shares, likes & +1s across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, LinkedIn via Twitter and Pinterest via Facebook & Twitter.

How do you write your signature?

Use letters that you use on your signature as your hashtag signature. The key to owning an exclusively hashtag is using a combination of letters, numbers & underscores.

Brands are using Hashtag Mentions! Are You?

Visual is the way, why not native visuals for texts via hashtags!

Content marketing is definitely the key to all winnings in the web be it any form where hashtags are the native feed. +blogs4bytes 

Hashtags are the native ad formats for texts in social conversations across networks that supports it to relay authoritative time stamps of updates, tweets, pins, shares, +1 and likes. The quality code of unobtrusive in nature with the advertising feed display is  balanced with hashtag mentions within the body of social update forms where hashtags extends reach, relay authoritative social signals and group the string of information published across the social media network.  

We conclude this post on using hashtags with a really smart quiz on inbound marketing from KISSmetrics.

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Viral marketing is tough but not rocket science and is very much achievable!

Viral Growth Basics from Hash Dash

Go Viral with #hd_viral via Hash Dash
Viral marketing campaigns deliver highly resonating impact to establish brand awareness on products & services propagated mainly via word-of-mouth and enhanced by using pre-existing social networking services. Creating successful viral campaigns requires strategic planning & research via viral messages that appeal to the audiences with high social networking potential.

audience view for viral marketing
Successful viral marketing campaigns produce over 1 million+ impressions that cross over to the mainstream audience to deliver additional exposure via television, radio & print media. There are 400 million tweets sent everyday, 5.3 trillion display ads a year, 4.75 billion content snippets shared on Facebook and over 1440 hours of YouTube video uploaded daily. Successful viral marketing campaigns must make their presence felt by seizing the audiences defined in this clutter of online activity. Source

For a brand that wants to expand the reach of their large existing audience base by publishing remarkable content not necessarily viral in nature is a good move forward to maintain presence. But for a small medium business that doesn't have an active audience of devoted content users, piles of mediocre content will not be enough. In this case, viral marketing campaigns do the trick by attracting audiences from elsewhere.

Viral Coefficient Example
Viral Coefficient Example
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Brand advocacy via word of mouth boosted by high levels of social media engagement in the form of brand interaction & propagated by social sharing increases the effectiveness of viral campaigns. Social mentions are fast becoming an important element attributing a score of 7.24% measured by search engine algorithms to determine website ranking. Therefore the role of campaign moderators & real time brand interaction monitoring via social media tools plays a crucial factor in devising the maximum reach from a viral campaign. This creates ample scope for reasoning the impact probable from massively improved organic search rankings of the viral campaigns in the form of landing pages, micro-sites & websites.

Improve invites for Viral Marketing Spread
Improve invites for Viral Marketing Spread
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Each viral campaign must be boosted with leverage factors attributed from various online sources like email campaigns, social post ads, native ad feeds, promoted trends and other related traffic networks. The more buzz created intending to boost the primary objective of the viral marketing campaign, the better the chances of virality by seeding its presence from every possible scope.

Buzz Marketing with
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Market buzz is also intended to drive increase in brand engagement by real time interaction with the audience via the extensive & mobile network of social media. The influencer markets for brands are highly opinionated forums that propagate opinion building measures to influence buy or commit decisions from the online audience. Opinion forming today is the essence of most if not all online businesses specially the ones that caters online buying & selling of products & services. Testimonials, client feedback survey, online quizzes, native advertising feeds all indicate the rising pattern of real time one-on-one interaction with the audiences so that maximum thrust is driven into marketing intended for brand loyalty. In other words, cushion viral marketing campaigns with “anchors” in the form of SEO links, social media shares & organic website traffic.

Viral Content Storyline
Viral Content Storyline
Having said all this, the key to viral marketing success depends on the campaign storyline and content script. The campaign creative visuals must appeal & incite. The nature of the content should be as such that it emote emotional sparks from the audiences done by factoring social causes that impacts public good. Create content that strikes the emotional chords of the audiences and flair maximum attention with an emotional branding message mix in the campaign storyline.

Viral Marketing is Achievable When Viral Coefficient is Above 1
Viral Marketing is Achievable When Viral Coefficient is Above 1
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Mathematically the success ratio of viral marketing campaigns is determined by the direct result of viral coefficient above 1, the number of new viewers generated by each existing viewer. Viral marketing campaign titles & headlines are the most crucial aspect that determines higher levels of audience engagement by attracting new viewers. Experts suggest that the more audiences consume campaign content & appealing visual, the more are the chances of the audience sharing & propagating the creative content.

Create Compelling Viral Content Story
Create Compelling Viral Content Story
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Best practices websites & examples cited on search results for viral marketing campaigns overwhelmingly attribute that compelling title strikes an emotional chord with the audiences. Research reports indicate that negative emotions are less profound in successful viral content storyline compared to positive emotions. But interestingly, it also indicates that viral content success is still highly factored when negative emotional sparks evoke anticipation & surprise from the audiences. This creates intent for click through and the inclination for content share.

Facebook vs Twitter Engagement
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Some of the most tried & tested content medium suggested by successful viral marketing campaigners include:

> Special Report or Guide
> Article
> Videos
> Email Series
> Research
> Tools
> Software
> Apps
> Calculators

The most common relative if not all to these suggestive viral marketing campaign mediums include usefulness of the message, appeal from it, inciting social cause, impacting public good & ease of sharing.

Market assessment is another crucial aspect that determines what campaign storyline needs to be pursued & put into action. Branding will differ from brand to brand & in turn from audiences to audiences. Analyse the levels of existing customer interaction & research on previous campaigns including competitor campaigns and funnel interesting facts & figures to quantify success ratio of viral campaigns.

Prepare a media plan and schedule social posts to actively relay social anchor roles in the propagation of a viral campaign. Real time campaign monitoring, moderator interactions grouped and driven for maximum reach with the use of hashtag mentions epitomizes the versatility of any viral marketing dynamics. It fuels engagement & relativity of viral coefficient above 1.

Make Viral Content Easy to Share
Make Viral Content Easy to Share
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Easily shareable social buttons & unique hashtagURLs generate targeted interest in the viral campaign scope. By preparing the campaign schedules & defining moderator channels, campaigners are able to integrate the connection between the brand & the viral content story. Plan the social media distribution channels so that valid social share formats are induced in the campaign propagation timelines.

Understanding the psychology of existing user behavioural experience on the brand website & social media platforms furthermore elaborate what works for a brand and what doesn't. Creating a content storyline that relate with the everyday lives of the audiences enhances the probability of inciting interest for engagement, social sharing & word of mouth marketing. All three are highly crucial and impacts the cluster of deliverability from online activities.

Social Sharing Schedules for Viral Campaigns
Social Sharing Schedules for Viral Campaigns
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Campaign schedules & social post timelines prepared in advanced greatly elevates the potential of virality by defining what to say & how to display the social anchors of the viral campaign. Determining how audiences will react to social shares, posts & other “anchors” to push the viral marketing drive will help plan better and create even better visuals tagged by intriguing & committable titles or headlines.

Power conversational channels for the campaign collaterals and discuss various flairs of related topics to talk about so that the campaign spread generates value, feed & impressions to the brand. Give the audience something to do with the call-to-actions as such that it serves a larger purpose and boosts the continuity of the campaigns resonance for a long-term association.

Audience & Brand Content Management
Audience & Brand Content Management // +blogs4bytes
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Make sequels of the campaign message via an email series to create inbound authority of the landing pages & micro-sites. Reports indicate that 9 out of 10 respondents to a survey confirm that they actively share interesting content with others via emails. Integrate a comment section on the anchor landing pages or micro-sites of the viral marketing campaigns by connecting & communicating with the audiences.

Engagement Marketing from Hash Dash
Engagement Marketing from Hash Dash //
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Conclusively, viral marketing campaigns ought to be simple and relevant to the target audience. Prepare a list of ideas that relay the design & written elements in fresh, flawless & aesthetically appealing. Make social sharing easy and customize unique hashtag mentions that make it easier for the audience to interact, engage & spread. The viral content storyline should ideally be about what the audience cares about most and the campaigner or the marketer must understand why the audience will enjoy, share and endorse the content. For that to happen, marketers also need to ensure that the viral content story is culturally relevant & delivers a forward thinking mindset to the audiences.

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