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Monday, 28 December 2015

Revealing 47 #ZetaSOS Now to Empower Remarkable Online Success

Zeta is #BrotherofBeta by 

Form of Beta driven on Parallax UI via Hash Tags

Story of Zeta

Once upon a time there was beta so we schemed #hshdsh after stumbling across flickers of domains for just ₹XX (Yes my man, thats two X'es). #It was to be hash dash but chose to be hshdsh since TLD .COM wasn't available so growth hacking it had to be and ever since it's on beta. So beta!

Zeta by @HashDashDigital - #Responsive #Websites
Zeta by +Hash Dash Digital 
Rather Beta So Far....

Long before beta & zeta were alpha who invaded digital. Invasion was futile but genes of alpha were forever evolved into today's beta for

Beta was polite in their intrusion initially to engineer space for digital in one & all. Over period of year, beta saw many changes from random website design catalogues to profile directory for @Pallab. Today @Pallab is full time action via but it eventually became what beta was for almost better half of last year. 

So Beta needed reincarnation to honour legacy Alpha. Beta needed intent - intent that is better when driven and so be driven became notion. Soon notion challenged an idea to inspire transcendence of relativity.  

Don’t just redesign your website but relive an experience of what you started and from where you started.

Get your one page responsive website driven by hashtags!

Responsive designs with parallax scrolling effects driven by hashtag marketing!!

Zeta - Brother of Beta!! Beta is what we carve out of ordinary products & services into extraordinary delights.

We plan awesome holidays. Great savings, great locations and great times guaranteed!!

1st we study your business to relay contextual relevance

Identify keywords related to business and respective rankings on SERP. Understand expectancy from online audience, types of lead, conversions & what is expects out of leads.

2nd we curate your business content & visuals

What site your customers are currently visiting? What material is available on your website for visitors to define content marketing strategy based on objectives?

3rd we republish your refurbished business branding online

Responsive landing pages to outline for index prefaces of business brochures. Outline conversion strategy to collate leads from centralized digital user interfaces.


E-Learning: Learn to growth hack online marketing & advertising!

Download your copy of "Guide to Social Media Growth Hack", an online session for digital marketing training. 5 lessons entailing smart cues on learning's from everyday moments unknown so far, this one promising relativity to everyday communications.

E-Book: emarketing training one page UI on house with growth hack sessions!

Redefine business goals with strategic content marketing. Responsive parallax driven on host of devices for better engagement!

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Street Art Murals & Tattoos Festival - #AlignCFA (Align - Centre for Arts)

Some cities, many miles, countless challenges & one dream. #AlignCFA

One dream for all! Align - centre for Arts reverberates ideology of clean India and ushers street art festivity with graffiti mural artists, tattoo artists & art promoters.

Street Art India promote street art create revolutionary ideas for outdoor advertising.

Promote street art outdoor advertising and digital marketing services for brands, start-ups & websites. Rate our website & get free website!!

HTML Forms powered by Wufoo.

Graffiti street art festival #AlignCFA - Align Centre for Arts is a lifesize mural capture event dotting various Indian cities. 

Create an online marketplace for artists where one can showcase, negotiate & deal artworks!

The Plot - Art Talk learn to showcase/create your online portfolio

Your own website including domain name; Learn to build & manage websites easy like checking emails or updating status!

Get Started! Fanfare via #HSHDSH - Workshop on Digital Marketing

Getting tattoo done?
Otin Flewer Studio - Tattoos & Artwork to reveal Tattoos in Workplace! “Otin flewer Studio” was started by artist Anuj Ravi to put together different art forms and mediums that he happened to work with over the years. Get your mark today. All we really ever own is our skin. Decorate it.

Carvings & Sculpture exclusive hand carved and sculptured art works and decorative. @OtinFlewer Tattoo shop was opened in summer, 2012, and is always looking for new opportunities.

Create compelling responsive visual storyline with parallax scrolling 3D effects driven by hashtag marketing.

One page blog

Hash tag URLs - Power of #HashtagMarketing

Turn social channels into fluid conversion channels using hashtag URLs like #vote, #buy, etc. and the ability to turn social media channels into an authentic platform for conversion.

Native Advertising with Hashtag URLs


Redefine business goals with social media content production & delivery to align far reaching objectives.

 Ask me anything on and growth hacking emarketing

Basics of viral marketing growth - Buzz Marketing

Creating a viral marketing campaign is a tough proposition but is definitely not rocket science! get people to talk about your stuff

Go Viral with #hd_viral via #hash_dash

Growth Hacking Digital Marketing, Social too!!

Make sequels of the campaign message via an email series to create inbound authority of the landing pages & micro-sites.

Analysing UX behaviours to target events that relay engagements via emotive content strategy!

#GrowthHacking @Neonmob – #Neonmob says its #cheating! Join the digital collecting revolution on NeonMob. Collect, trade, and discover limited edition art.
"User interface (UI) & user experience (UX) designs driven by strategic content marketing optimized for authoritative social signals. 

Hashtag #hshdsh for native content feed automated using social curation & strategic content marketing."

"Social signals are like inbound links, more links a site has linking to it, more it is seen by search engines as an authority for higher rankings. 

One Page UI is a form of elevation for websites, start-ups and brands."

"Use letters that you use on your signature as your hashtag signature. 

The key to owning an exclusive hashtag is using a combination of letters, numbers & underscores. 

"Are you seeking an online marketing manager for challenges in digital marketing, online advertising, web analytics, and social media marketing."

"End to End digital marketing via #HSHDSH with a strong emphasis on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization & email marketing."

Stories by Pallab Kakoti : Contently

Growth Hacking Online Marketing and Advertising with Strategic Content Management experience for over 10 years. Subscribe to Pallab's Podcast for growth hacking on digital marketing.

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Saturday, 7 November 2015

6 Ways to Be Your "#AllSpark" Focus Glory!

6 Ways to Be Your All Spark Focus Glory! via #hshdsh
SEO Ninja
See the writings on the wall
If you can read
There’s a black list
Got one name and it’s me
Yea i got no invitation
But i won’t leave
Gonna keep on fighting
For everything that’s me
1Listen to Blacklist by Manowar

How to get your shit kicked out at office? 

With these words to uncover yet so much more to discover from what’s ahead in process of case studies while auditing clientèle website development & redesigning.  

It’s been most unrevealing decade of introspection attitude when it’s about web and journey so far has been most satisfying. 

Brief insight on how to make websites guarantee compliance backed SERP rankings for client keywords with an introspection on eligibility factors for social SEO signals. 

An introspective experiment on social signals using extended lyrical quotes from various heavy metal songs by Gods of Heavy Metal - Manowar. 

Rise of #hshdsh – Good, Bad & Evil.

With web thick & fast yet unsuspectingly learning to deliver pod-cast news feed to Internet users instead of users having to read them, we venture to unearth basic plot of redesigning websites.

There will always be douche who consider themselves defenders of what’s legitimate & illegitimate in defining web activity chores while aiming pinnacle of SERP rankings!

Almost year back argument started over steps posted on one of our blog about how robots attribute scores that determine SERP rankings across search engines.  

We are of opinion that social media quotients were always eligible as white hat SEO techniques to justify who gets ranked across search pages.

Officially though there is no ownership so far from search providers about non-eligibility of social media properties & engagement activities in attributing SEO scores for search rankings.
I've sworn an oath in blood to defend the land
and all who wish to test their steel well here I am

I am the keeper of the laws

Decided by the Gods
2Listen to Let the Gods Decide by Manowar
Thus making arguments from scum diggers knighted as influencers to falsify legacies of lies decoded as programmable business economics.
Crack the Earth, Gods of Thunder
Men and beast will be torn asunder
Into the Fight I own the right

To be the King of kings
3Listen to King of Kings by Manowar 

The defenders community of influencers at behest of bullies on monopolistic marketing attitude cannot be dummied as prophesy of SERP algorithms.

Rather truest sense of applicability and individualistic renouncement in preferable business sensibility goes long way in comprehending plot of search engine algorithms.

Your Facebook page & your Twitter ID can be indexed for SERP listing but social profile tools used on websites for quick social sharing are not attributed as ranking indicators. Irrespective of amount of traffic seeded by your social media profiles to your web pages!

Same Shit Different Day – How to not make a website?

Search users today are offered SERP listings for keywords based on search, social media browsing & account login history.

Consensus of agreement about what does & doesn't stand for SERP inclusions varies for suggestive keywords & custom keywords.

Rankings on suggestive keywords are hard to achieve as compared to custom keywords where optimization techniques decodes deliverability.

Deliverability goes all ballistic when you choose to deploy your website redesigning via an interactive responsive user interface design based on intelligent content marketing.

Hashtag #HSHDSH
Hashtag #HSHDSH
Thunder touched my soul
I heard a call all should know
It’s my time i’m alive
Some will come some will go
But most will never know

That greatness lives inside
4Listen to Touch the Sky by Manowar

anticlastic. /ˌæntɪˈklæstɪk/ adjective. 1. (maths) (of a surface) having a curvature, at a given point and in a particular direction, that is of the opposite sign to the curvature at that point in a perpendicular direction – Compare synclastic.

Greatness glorified with anticlastic encores of content structuring bestows best of anything you have seen where mobile responsive layouts are designed to exercise maximum engagement.

Definition of SYNCLASTIC. : curved toward the same side in all directions —used of a surface (as of a sphere) that in all directions around any point bends away from a tangent plane toward the same side —opposed to anticlastic.

Nodes of engagements are synclastic in nature where social media extensibility to exercise revivified glorification of your core persona then embedded as your web extension for communication.
Motors running
Now you're gonna learn
Waiting on the line
Make your tires burn
Fast, faster, faster, faster
Speeding always kills
Nothing else takes us to get these thrills

Spirit of the wheel

Wheels of fire burn the night
Ride across the sky
Wheels of fire burning bright

We live to ride
5Listen to Wheels of Fire by Manowar

Belief is what drives us and belief comes naturally once you learn tricks of game to foster will of your belief. 

With us you just don’t redesign your website but relive an experience of what you started and from where you started.
See the white light
The light within
Be your own disciple
Fan the sparks of will
For all of us waiting

Our kingdom will come
6Listen to Kingdom Come by Manowar

And for your Kingdom Come moment, you need #hshdsh!!

#hshdsh to @blogs4bytes to reveal more or simply visit

Page, Object & In-Use Objects Cache Optimization via #hshdsh @HashDashDigital

Page, Object & In-Use Objects Cache Optimization via #hshdsh @HashDashDigital

Page, Object & In-Use Objects Cache Optimization via #hshdsh @HashDashDigital

Hash Dash Digital

Hashtag #HSHDSH to know more!

6 Ways to Be Your All Spark Focus Glory!An introspective experiment on social signals using extended lyrical quotes from various heavy metal songs by Gods of Heavy Metal - Manowar.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Introducing Mr Fiddler - Also Featuring Mars Explorer via @Neonmob & Brand New Iron Maiden Song!

Farewell Mars Explorer by Jonathan Blessin What can I do? Always there's a little bit of hope, to keep a person going, always there's something to anticipate, or to   look forward to. What have I to look forward to but death? What have I to hope for but a peaceful eternity? What would you   do in this situation? I'm alone, so desperately and painfully alone, literally the only person on the planet, and yet it   isn't even my planet. If I take my own life, will I be forgiven? I feel like Burgess Meredith in that old Twilight Zone   episode, pressing the barrel into his temple, whispering to himself "surely I'll be forgiven." No, no I won't do it. I   refuse to take my own life. Do you hear me, you stupid, ungrateful planet! I'll live until I'm old and grey if I have to!  This is my final entry. I'm not going to kill myself, I refuse to become another suicide statistic, though some might call   my mission suicidal. I've decided that I cannot live without another human being in my life, whether they be a child, an   elderly person, a man, a woman, whatever, I don't care. I need contact, and so I've decided to head back north. The two   scientists at the Outpost will be my last resort, if no one has survived up north, but I've got a feeling that I won't be   coming back. I'm broadcasting this diary on a public radio channel. The Earth needs to know the truth. It’s winter, and   it’s cold, but there’s less dust in the winter, and I might survive the journey. Wish me luck, but don't try to find me.   Stay away from this planet. This is Lieutenant Megan Hudson, signing off.

Full Series for Mars Explorer


When the Earth became overpopulated, NASA created the Mars Space Program, with the ultimate goal of colonizing and populating the planet Mars. The goal, which was to be accomplished over a period of one to two hundred years, was to build massive, live-in cities while tending huge greenhouses capable of expelling enough oxygen to change the chemical constitution of Mars' atmosphere. The mission, over the years, at times seemed like it would succeed, but in the end, the storms of the red planet proved too great, and they wiped out all life which attempted to survive on its surface. This is the diary of Lieutenant Megan Hudson, transcribed from her own vocal broadcasts and attached to pictures which she took of the landscape around her during her final months. She is one of the last survivors on the red planet, and her story will serve as a reminder and a warning for many generations to come.
Collection Source

31 Rationales of Remarkable Storytelling
One of every piece in the entire series, including variants and chases
And it felt good! More than anything it was mindset that I will follow up the complete series with post and thus unindented here I am on flip side of story creating room for storytelling.

All digital images you see on this post are exclusively available only on and are owned by various artists from across the world. In this instance, we have Mars Explorer by Jonathan Blessin. To get them and many other collections you need credits or freebies!!

And when you go chasing for them beautiful freebies, how about wishful me intervene and gleefully share my referral link -- you see i get them freebies too when you join and you can too continue the story of them beautiful freebies!!

For those who dare boldly where others like us falter are the mighty credit buyers!! Each credit gets you packs that opens hidden cards for any collection. number of cards opening from each pack varies for collections.

Same goes for freebies, each of which opens hidden cards from any collection. luck is a factor or something close to luck because you need luck to open all hidden cards from any collection considering odds of same card opening again & again making matters tense as well!!
Introducing Mr Fiddler by #hshdsh #MrFiddler
Introducing Mr Fiddler 
For love of freebies to collect digital arts collections via @Neonmob and feature legendary music from metal gods Iron Maiden - If Eternity Should Fail - The Book of Souls
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Saturday, 10 October 2015

101 Reasons Why @FIITJEE Accelerates Unparalleled Success!

Why Forum IITJEE coaching ensures indisputable rewards?

101 Reasons Why @FIITJEE Accelerates Unparalleled Success!

Forum for IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is a coaching institute offering different programs for students aspiring admissions to premier engineering colleges. FIITJEE in short initially started their operations from New Delhi and slowly made its presence across Pan India. Today FIITJEE has over 50 centres across India including metros, Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities ensuring aspiring engineering students best in class coaching experience.

FIITJEE embarked on procuring wholesome school education to students via their benchmark introduction of School Integrated coaching programs like Supreme and Pinnacle. These programs introduced a revolutionary form of engineering preparations for aspiring students by eliminating any need for additional coaching outside the school system.

+FIITJEE  Website Over the Years!

Ever since year 1992 when FIITJEE was founded, aiming for unachievable heights to continuously raise the bar for students has become part of the FIITJEE DNA. Catalysts of FIITJEE growth over the years have ensured introduction of FIITJEE Junior Colleges in Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Visakhapatnam.

FIITJEE Success Stories for JEE
Many like-minded Schools across the Country joined hands with us in this Student centric endeavour to create Ideal School Education platform for Students to get admission in IITs & US Universities without stress & tension along with huge success in Olympiads, SAT-I & SAT-II. And it was this faith only that again enabled us to create landmark success in NTSE.

And it is this very faith that has again inspired us to provide a platform for Students aspiring for admission to US Universities in form of USA UnivQuest - a comprehensive program taking care of all aspects of the preparation – in the same old, trusted FIITJEE way.

@FIITJEEShining - Excel IIT JEE with @FIITJEE
Launch of FIITJEE World Schools at Hyderabad is a concentrated effort in these directions where Students are trained for the best in the world through methodologies and practices that are truly world class. Students in other select cities will also have an opportunity for preparing admission to US Universities through USA UnivQuest School Integrated Programs run in collaboration with our Select Associate Schools.

Why Students Consider FIITJEE is because it’s the Best in IIT-JEE and beyond. FIITJEE Value system revolves around truth, transparency & commitment. Whatever they think, they say & whatever they say, they do. They present to you what they actually are.

Here’s a compilation of 101 reasons why FIITJEE Programs & Preparation Road Map is the ultimate when it comes to success in JEE, NTSE & SAT.
  • 1.) Innovative Programs & Concepts
  • 2.) Preparation for JEE Main & Advanced
  • 3.) The Total Success Approach
  • 4.) Preparation for Olympiads, KVPY & NTSE
  • 5.) Research & Development
  • 6.) FIITJEE Rankers from Classroom and Integrated School Programs
  • 7.) Success Trail of Producing Toppers via FIITJEE Programs
  • 8.) List of Top JEE Performers and What Students Have to Say About their Success?
  • 9.) List of Toppers and What Parents has to say about the success of their children?
  • 10.) FIITJEE Scholarships Based on Scholastic Achievements
Shaping IIT JEE Aspirations with Flying Colours
Shaping IIT JEE Aspirations with Flying Colours 
  • 11.) FIITJEE Powered My Performance Analysis Test –
  • 12.) FIITJEE Online Test Series
  • 13.) Student JEE Advanced Ranks via JEE Distance Learning Programs
  • 14.) FIITJEE Concept Strengthening Classroom Program
  • 15. FIITJEE Rankers Study Material
  • 16.) FIITJEE's Vision & Mission
  • 17.) FIITJEE’s Pool of 1700+ Competent Full Time Faculty Team
  • 18.) FIITJEE’s Pattern Proof Teaching Methodology
  • 19.) FIITJEE’s Emphasis on Personalized Coaching for Student-Faculty Interaction
  • 20.) FIITJEE Study Resources & JEE Solutions
FIITJEE Coaching for JEE
  • 21.) FIITJEE Success Stories
  • 22.) FIITJEE Performance in Various Exams
  • 23.) FIITJEE Performance in Board Exams
  • 24.) FIITJEE Competitive Coaching Programs for JEE Advanced (earlier IIT JEE)
  • 25.) FIITJEE Competitive Coaching Programs for JEE Main (earlier AIEEE)
  • 26.) FIITJEE Downloads for JEE Advanced Solutions
  • 27.) FIITJEE Downloads for JEE Main Solutions
  • 28.) FIITJEE Downloads for NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) Solutions
  • 29.) FIITJEE Downloads for KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yogana) Solutions
  • 30.) FIITJEE Admissions Tests & Selections

  • 31.) FIITJEE Classroom Programs for Class VI Students
  • 32.) FIITJEE Classroom Programs for Class VII Students
  • 33.) FIITJEE Classroom Programs for Class VIII Students
  • 32.) FIITJEE Classroom Programs for Class IX Students
  • 33.) FIITJEE Classroom Programs for Class X Students
  • 34.) FIITJEE Classroom Programs for Class XI Students
  • 35.) FIITJEE Classroom Programs for Class XII Students
  • 36. FIITJEE Classroom Programs for Class XII (Pass) Students
  • 37.) FIITJEE Integrated School Programs for Class VII Students
  • 38.) FIITJEE Integrated School Programs for Class IX Students
  • 39.) FIITJEE Integrated School Programs for Class XI Students
  • 40.) FIITJEE Correspondence Programs for Class IX Students

  • 41.) FIITJEE Correspondence Programs for Class X Students
  • 42.) FIITJEE Correspondence Programs for Class XI Students
  • 43.) FIITJEE Correspondence Programs for Class XII Students
  • 44.) FIITJEE Correspondence Programs for Class XII (Pass) Students
  • 45.) FIITJEE Performance in International Science Olympiads
  • 46.) FIITJEE Performance SAT (Scholastic Aptitude or Scholastic Assessment Test)
  • 47.) FIITJEE Toppers in JEE Advanced 2015
  • 48.) FIITJEE Toppers in JEE Advanced 2014
  • 49.) FIITJEE Toppers in JEE Advanced 2013
  • 50.) FIITJEE Coaching Programs for NTSE (National Talent Search Examination)

  • 51.) FIITJEE Coaching Programs for Olympiads
  • 52.) FIITJEE Coaching Programs for SAT
  • 53.) FIITJEE Coaching Programs for KVPY
  • 54.) FIITJEE Talent Support Exam (FTSE)
  • 55.) FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam (FTRE)
  • 56.) FIITJEE Centres across Pan India
  • 57.) FIITJEE Hostels & Residential Facilities
  • 58.) FIITJEE Big Bang Edge Test
  • 59.) FIITJEE Rewards including Cash Rewards
  • 60.) FIITJEE Fortunate 40 Scholarship Program

  • 61.) FIITJEE Coaching Institute Ethics
  • 62.) FIITJEE Ideal Student – Teacher Ratio
  • 63.) FIITJEE Overall Development to Strengthen & Improve Student IQ Level
  • 64.) Highest Number of IIT-JEE Selections for 17 Years Consecutively since 1998.
  • 65.) FIITJEE Grand Masters Package for JEE (Main & Advanced)
  • 66.) FIITJEE Rankers Test Papers File (RTPF)
  • 67.) FIITJEE Initiative USA UnivQuest – Enabling Students to go to world’s best Universities
  • 68.) Madhya Pradesh Talent Recognition Exam by FIITJEE -
  • 69.) Talent Recognition Exam for Students from State of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh & Cities of Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali by FIITJEE -
  • 70.) Rajasthan Talent Recognition Exam by FIITJEE -

  • 71.) Free Boarding, Lodging for Deserving Students Potential Top 500 AIR JEE Adv.
  • 72.) Assess Yourself, Explore Career, Create Plan, Expand Skills & Be a Winner!
  • 73.) USA UnivQuest Aptitude Test powered by FIITJEE
  • 74.) Potential Discovery Test powered by FIITJEE
  • 75.) Goal Setting Sessions powered by FIITJEE
  • 76.) Junior Rankers Study Material powered by FIITJEE
  • 77.) FIITJEE All India Open Test Series for NTSE
  • 78.) FIITJEE One Year All India Test Series for Class XII Students
  • 79.) FIITJEE One Year All India Test Series for Class XII (Pass) Students
  • 80.) National Level Exam powered by FIITJEE Important to Secure Top Rank in JEE

  • 81.) Importance of FTSE Benchmark for both Students & Other Coaching Institutes
  • 82.) FIITJEE Online Test Series by – Learning Through Assessment
  • 83.) FIITJEE School Network across Pan India
  • 84.) Online Subject Concept Tests (Full & Part Online Test Series) by
  • 85.) Experience Simulated Test Environment to better Student Preparations
  • 86.) Gain Insights Through in-depth analytical & detailed score report
  • 87.) Benchmark yourself amongst Successful Aspirants
  • 88.) Identify improvement Areas and Remedial Suggestions
  • 89.) Become Proficient in Subject Concepts
  • 90.) Build Exam temperament & readiness

  • 91.) FIITJEE Open Test Series for JEE conducted across 65 cities across India
  • 92.) FIITJEE Concept Strengthening Classroom Programs
  • 93.) Online Doubt Removal Support with online tips & illustrations
  • 94.) Chapter Practice Problems to Control Commands over Fundamental Concepts
  • 95.) Periodic Tests on JEE pattern with regular expert feedbacks
  • 96.) All Inclusive FTSE Syllabi Based on JEE Paper I & II
  • 97.) FIITJEE Answer Keys for Previous Years IIT JEE Papers
  • 98.) SAT 1, SAT 2, Advance Placement & TOEFL Coaching via USA UnivQuest
  • 99.) Elevate Performance Analysis via Personalized Analytics
  • 100.) FIITJEE Approach of Aim – Goal, Tame – Concepts & Claim – Success 
  • 101.) Target Exams Online Including NTSE – 1, JEE (Main & Advanced), BITSAT & KVPY

Evolution of @FIITJEE Website - 1999 to 2015

Testament of Educational Evolution for IIT JEE Aspirants!

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