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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hashtag Marketing Research Tools

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The rise is imminent & the impact resonant. Yahoo announces native ads to replace mobile banners & the the domino effect of hashtag marketing intensify. The scope for social media conversations to trend with the editorial news-feeds across Yahoo and other online news agencies & publication websites. Create good advertising text copies sync with #hashtags to target viewer interest & convert them into engagements by channelling click through from the #hashtags to a social media conversation page.

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These social media landing pages enabled for easy conversations tagged with #hashtags are the new landing pages that are more dynamic & responsive because of their ability to trend virality. Marketers can profile visitor behavioural patterns to influence engagement intent and deliver higher social conversations. Latest digital marketing reports testify likeability for native advertisements by the online audience evolving demand for social conversations trend with custom hashtags.

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The cohesion of these factors to drive better social conversions insists on getting acquainted with hashtag marketing research and understanding the various available hashtag tools for online marketing research. Intensive marketing research is a prerequisite for online marketers to improve social selling and adapting to these demands by identifying to right hashtag marketing tools for research is the way forward.

2.5 billion+ hashtags posted every day
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Here are 24 best tools for hashtag marketing research that social media marketers need to know:

The free version platform allows registering & defining hashtags and considered as a good starter tool. More advanced options are available for hashtag analytical tracking via the paid version. It is one of the powerful Twitter search engines to search particular keywords. Get a list of trending hashtag topics related to them thus giving the option to easily decide the perfect hashtag. Other useful features include top influencers for hashtag or keywords, pie charts with top languages using the hashtags and spelling variants of the searched topics.
Effect of Hashtags on On Instagram Likes
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A powerful hashtag tool that offer real time hashtag intelligence for hashtag campaigns and events. Results include charts & graphics, Tweets & Retweet, Reach & Impression and Contributor lists. Good platform for stats on hashtags that are already known by using the hashtag explorer feature but falls short in suggesting related topics with the free version. The paid version gives good insights for use by PR Agencies, Consumer & B2B Brands, Conference & Events and Twitter Chat Moderators.

A good platform to start with hashtag analysis, find out the topics that are already in use and gives a good knowhow on which hashtags to use for your marketing purposes. It offers useful insights on trending and popular hashtags. The free version also gives a 24-hour trend graph on related hashtags, popularity and a list of recent related tweets.

Highly recommended platform that offer a range of tools to register, manage & track hashtags for free. The platform also acts as a directory for hashtags where others can join to contribute on the registered topic. Join a chat room to converse with people & post messages based on searched hashtags. The interface is easy to use that can be branded with banners & additional custom content. Mention related hashtags so that the feeds are collated and mentioned to their respective custom hashtag URLs like:

Hashtag Marketing Research Tools
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Twitter iPad app to organize tweets with preferred hashtags into categories. Create complete PDF reports with vital hashtag statistics referring to attributes like engagement, user influence and reach. An ideal companion for social media marketers, it offers purposeful insights on hashtag monitoring and analytics. One of their latest tweets has suggested that they have merged their website name with but has the same team.

Real time social tracking tool to track campaign hashtags, keywords & URLs by searching Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to see a list of recent posts, number of posts and reach & impressions. The platform also offers the top sites, list of influential users, demographics and location analysis.
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A useful WordPress plug-in allowing to add Twitter search or hashtags search bar on websites that displays tweets or show tweets used for a particular hashtag.

A useful iPhone and iPad app especially for Instagram users that allows tag images faster by just copy pasting them. Browse a range of hashtag categories from nature to fashion as well as make custom categories for preferred hashtags to have them handy while clicking a new picture.

Also called as “Pinterest of Hashtags”, the platform offers an interactive visually appealing interface to monitor hashtag mentions and see the social conversations around the hashtags from across various social networks including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ & others.
Primary Uses of Hashtags in April 2013
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Free Twitter tool for analytics and insights with a paid version that gets full access to search analytics for any hashtag. Analysis include the evolution of a particular hashtag over time, number of tweets, potential reach, list of top influencers, most active users along with an interactive map that outlays most retweet and favourite hashtags.

One of the most informative Twitter search tool to search social mentions based on all tweets ever tweeted so far along with deep contextual data & analysis for the searched topics. Categorize tweet results for the past hour or any other period including options to see only tweets, links, photos, videos or influencers.
Websites that Support #Hashtags
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Social media search & discovery tool to explore & visualize topics or hashtags, related tweets and post messages for user engagement with further options to retweet, favourite and highlight specific posts.

Analyse tweets based on the usage of the hashtags on conversations and the people who have mentioned these topics. The free version platform gives up to 2000 latest tweets for the searched hashtags and also suggests related hashtags.

Create folders where you can assign hashtags based on campaigns & social accounts to automatically add up to 100 hashtags on social media posts in just one second.

Twitter chat platform to follow hashtags and initiate conversations with people using the hashtag in real time by simply choosing the topic to be redirected to a TweetChat room. If the topic is trending, keep up with the number of tweets by using the Smart Pausing feature to pause them momentarily until completing replies to all the tweets.
Use hashtags from the wizardry of mobile devices
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Track & choose the best hashtags that also extends a web browser extension to schedule tweets. Reports the top performing hashtag topics based on the density of usage and comparative insights for retweet of tweets & favourite tweets without tags versus the same tweets with suggested hashtags. Good for brining in people with the tag optimizer feature that gives a score based on hashtags as they are typed while composing a tweet by automatically measuring the popularity & impact of the hashtags.

See the successful tweets and reach with search options for keywords or hashtags to see the number of estimated account reach, tweet exposure and gives an activity chart based on the list of top influencers & most retweet tweets.

The platform explores trending hashtags including real time trending topics in the order of popularity and by location to create custom trend searches.

Simple tool that gives a visualization of real time trending hashtags based on locations from anywhere in the world.

Ideal hashtag research platform that indicates hashtag mentions in real time and gives a good idea on popular topics. Mast users use the search option to find the latest tweets on a topic and utilize which Twitter accounts to follow based on the result analysis. Identify the top accounts for hashtags based on their utilization and can provide a target to work if competitors are identified for a hashtag.
Map based Twitter tool to locate tweets, and Twitter accounts within a specific geography and is an ideal hashtag marketing research tool if your business or event is regional.

Gives results related to hashtag queries & other forms of social mentions gathered from various social networking channels but the frequency of data update is not regular. Offers features like sentiment, number of retweet, strength and reach of hashtags but the missing details on how to use them makes it difficult for a newbie to comprehend the manoeuvrability. Narrow down searches by date and the preferred platform to get the results that are being looked for.

The platform offers hashtag monitoring & tracking but goes beyond by enabling community building using Twitter account and thus offering brands the unique opportunity to interact with followers. Allows a more organized & structured communication with followers with options to categories tweets based on discussions. 

Another platform for hashtag definitions and aims at providing related hashtags based on research conducted on the site. However it doesn’t offer any ranking or stats to indicate users using the hashtags, number of times they were used, or the approximate reach. Mention related hashtags manually but this may not offer the best insight for someone who is new to the concept of hashtag marketing.

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