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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How to Use Social Bookmarking for SEO

High PageRank Social Bookmarking Sites
High PageRank Social Bookmarking Sites
The use of social bookmarking sites for SEO is an important element in brandishing your off-page optimization efforts by letting you submit URLs of your webpage, blog posts & pictures so that others in that network are able to view your brand.

Social bookmarking is a laborious task but yields results in the long run that factors logic with the boost in website traffic and eventually SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings for no cost at all other than the effort you put in!
Social Bookmarking for SEO
Social Bookmarking for SEO

You are allowed to submit as many links for your website after creating your profile with the bookmarking sites and are thus considered as an important Internal Link Building as well. When you submit an URL, you automatically generate a back link to your website which helps in boosting your rank in Google & other search engines. The better the PageRank of the bookmarking sites, the greater your back link will be. Additionally links on social bookmarking sites are “DoFollow” links which is another important factor if you want the links to be counted.

Bookmarking sites helps in spreading your website content and brand name in an easy & efficient way, guarantying free traffic to your site. They are great ambassadors of your off-page SEO efforts by allowing your readers to bookmark and share your website to their followers & fans. This thus boosts the reoccurrence of the entire chain of events which includes reading, bookmarking & sharing.

Social bookmarking tools allows users to organize the content of your website for future use, enhancing the social mentions related to your business/brand and effectively ensures that they will never lose the data ever by keeping the profile & bookmarking sessions accessible from the web anytime, anyplace at will.

Bookmarking sites are great facilitators of link building by allowing the process of back link recording as off-page SEO analysts go about bookmarking websites by tagging them by topic, quality, type & relevancy.  Refer to the following post by Kristi Hines about the various tools associated with, the world’s largest social bookmarking site.

From a business perspective, social bookmarking helps in research by following topics of similar interest that are bookmarked by others and following these links might prove helpful in redesigning a new website or identifying the trends pursued by competitors. Here is a good read by Paul Chaney on understanding the business uses of Delicious including reviews on how to go about and use the new features from the social bookmarking giant.

Using social bookmarking in marketing & PR campaigns helps businesses to amplify site traffic and develop brand recognition by curating or aggregating the best content from the web, making you stay on top of the news in your industry and giving you a certain level of credibility. The relevancy of data pertaining to your business sorted with the use of social bookmarking tools can be the differentiator for clients & companies to be attracted to working with you and also show your intent & real concern for customer service and retention. Utilizing the best testimonials from your customers and sorting them in one place in a simple format is again a big factor of the trust building factor as well as answering one of the most common questions from potential business partners and clients who asks, “What have others said about your work”?

It’s important for you as a social networker or an SEO analyst to build a reputation and be trusted by being active within various social bookmarking communities. Ensure that you submit URLs to the social bookmarking sites with relevant reviews & rating other stories as you come across them as well as connect with other people in the communities who share similar interests.

Social Bookmarking is a risk free SEO strategy because you don’t have to pay to get the results and your content can go viral if enough users find it interesting enough to share. Submitting your links with relevant tags is a great way to generate targeted traffic to your website and the best part with most bookmarking sites is that submissions are free. The only flipside of social bookmarking is that it is an arduous and time consuming process as we mentioned earlier. Learning how different bookmarking sites functions & offers their services first and then go about submitting your links also aids greatly with the optimizing purposes for your website.

To conclude, social bookmarking strategy to boost search engine optimization parameters for your website is one of the factors that is being used by constantly Google Hummingbird Update to rank & position your SERP objectives. Listings on bookmarking sites aid in faster indexing of web-pages by search engines, boost link building initiations & enhance the possibility of going viral.

Here are the top 500 PageRank 2+ list of social bookmarking sites that offers “DoFollow” links back to your website. Listing the top pages of your website that has quality content across these social bookmarking platforms will surely go a long way in enhancing your efforts for search engine optimization.

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