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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Rise of Native Video Ads


Native Video Advertising

Any paid placement of a video ad such that it slides into the natural, or native, user experience on a site is what Facebook markets ad mediums like promoted videos, promoted stories and Twitter with promoted tweets.

Quantify visual interest and brand boost to adopt native ads by top brands compared to traditional display ads. Why brands prefer native ads & how industry stats testify its reputation.  

Appeals Visually Driven

An insight into the rise in the popularity of native video ads, the demands that are channel the trend and the social media conversation strategists who channel the medium of native advertising – in-stream editorial feeds that matches the site aesthetics.

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The embedded slides elaborate the trending parameters and primarily cover:
Native Ads Vs Banner Ads
Native Advertising Examples
Native Video Ads Popularity
Native Advertising Providers
Native Advertising Delivery Value

It’s a seamless integration of contextual advertising by pulling content from brand's social media pages based on what they have posted. 

Create ads in lieu of these shared content stories and draw the customer’s attention including other interested consumers who are active on the social media thread, as quoted on the post titled Native Advertising to Drive Higher User Engagement

Native Video Advertising Content Trends

Major brands are adopting branded content based native video ads and attribute for:

41% prefer long-form branded video content61% prefer native video ads as the ad placement sync with the website layout60% wants the native ads embedded in the site.

Some of the most valuable attributes of an online native video ad include:

65% brands favor the brand safe content delivery60% prefer native ads to align their website content with premium site content57% prefer the choice based video ad delivery51% prefer the custom visual integration option46% prefer the ability to drive sharing of content

Paid native video ad syndication allow brands to lift their recall value by analyzing brand lift data in terms of consumer purchase intent profiling and affirms there likability with 75% agreeing that that’s how they determine success.

25% consumer agree that they are likely to view a native ad rather than a traditional banner with another 53% agreeing that they would look at native ads more frequently. Consumers check out native ad content 4.1 times per session on average as compared to 2.7 times for banner ads.

Native ads resulted in 416,000 CTR (click-through) at 8% as compared to 0.19% display advertising CTR, ad engagement rate stands at 39.1% which is more than three times higher and video completion rates attribute twice as high as those compared to standard media ads or banner ads. An encouraging 75% consumers have agreed that they bought a product from an advertiser as they we able to “personally identify” the native ad as compared to 50% attributing for banner ads. 

What is native advertising & what it does?

Native advertising is a conversation starter that is intended for engagement and not advertising. Tweet This!

Native Advertising creates the scope that warrants serious considerations among brands and social media marketers. Tweet This!

#HashtagURLsForMarketing or hashtag URLs has evolved for brands and in-stream ad feeds that matches the site aesthetics are trending. @blogs4bytes twitter feed, tweeting Tweet -- #Gimme #ChirpInfo to get a copy of our one-page --, can give you a platform where they activate #hashtags for instant marketing and commerce conversion. Such are the fluid inroads to the domain of social media marketing where native video advertising will match users interest feeds based on the users behavioural profiling across social media channels. 

Today social media marketers’ needs to keep pace with the evolution of new social media marketing channels using branded native video ads to deliver higher user engagement through in-feed content rich ads that upgrade the users’ usual site consumption experience. 

Native Advertising Providers:

Native Advertising Formats, Cost Model & Business Model via #hshdsh

Native Advertising Formats, Cost Model & Business Model
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this is native via #hshdsh // #go_native by #plbkkt //
this is native via #hshdsh // #go_native by #plbkkt //

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