#DGTLMRKTNG: Story of a Website

#DGTLMRKTNG: Story of a Website
#DGTLMRKTNG: Story of a Website // +hshdshDGTL // #hshdsh
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Optimizing Content Strategy
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A company brands its products with content marketing strategy in the digital domain via websites, landing pages, micro sites, social media & emails. Story of a Website is an extension of web marketing mix via content optimization strategies.

Content marketing is the key and push content strategy the fuel to drive authority over the web page. Authority to rank in search engine result pages (SERP) is based on the keywords feed within a webpage content mapped by search engine robots.

Content // Optimization // Search Engines

Content Optimization
Content Optimization
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Every lead who hears about a brand or a product looks for the same on search engine via keywords. How we perceive what keywords the searcher will search is the key in devising how webpage content should read.

Ranking websites with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is what we see on Google when we search and is referred as organic results. These are results of website optimization process followed over a period of time to build authority and social signals.

How authoritative the webpage content is to the searchers at large are the new search algorithm attributes that decides which websites to rank higher for keywords.

PPC // Search Engine Marketing // Bid for Rankings

PPC Bids for Rankings
PPC Bids for Rankings
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Ranking websites on the top results pages determines visibility to searchers and another way to be seen on search results is via PPC. Pay per Click campaigns are bidding of keywords by websites to rank them higher on search results along with organic results.

Although the general trend of higher click through from paid results are much lower to organic search listings, the demand for its marketability has risen by leaps & bounds.

Google Adwords and Yahoo PPC Ads are the two known giants that offers paid campaigns for keyword searches.

Website Analytics // Campaign Monitoring // Visitor Profiling

Website Analytics
Website Analytics
Who visits a website, how long were they on a website, what are the pages they visited, what are the demographic details of the visitors are some of the factors that are attributed with the use of Google Analytics. Advanced analytic set up allows conversion analysis to attribute social selling factors for websites.

Social Media Optimization for Social Signals // +blogs4bytes
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Social Media Optimization // Social Signals // Social SEO

Increasing website visibility is attributed also by social media marketing. Social signals also called as social SEO is the technique of attributing ethical link building factors to gain authoritative impressions of websites and campaigns tagged, mentioned or updated using keywords. The more a website post or update is seen on social networks, the more authoritative the social signals become.

To boost “be seen” factors on social networks and increase social authority for ranking, deploy paid marketing campaigns on Facebook PPC ad network. Other options include Promoted Trends on Twitter, LinkedIn Ads, Google Post Ads, YouTube ads and in general display advertising. Similar to Google Analytics, we have Facebook Analytics and Twitter Analytics that too helps measure performances from social campaigns on these networks.

Email Marketing // Responsive Email Design // +Pallab Kakoti
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Email Marketing // Responsive Email Design

For most businesses if not all, email is a typical means for everyday business communication. Email marketing therefore too holds the key in increasing website visibility and garner authoritative impressions in the form of seeding virality factors. Shaping qualitative email campaigns boosted with inbox deliverability based best practices is the primary key for email marketers.

“Above the fold” technique that underplays the role of scrolls in the body of the email design attributes for higher CTR (click thorough rates) from email campaigns. Responsive email design that determines the device first and then optimizes the email design layout to the reader is an emerging trend that has attributed higher open rate & click rate from email campaigns.

Latest trends also indicate the rise in mobile devices as compared to laptops or desktop computers to access a website giving more grounds for responsive design strategy.

Website Engagement // Social Conversions

Website & Social Conversions // #blogs4bytes
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There are many other things that can be done to extend user engagement and conversions from a website other than the things we have discussed so far. In a nut shell, we have covered how content play the crucial role in defining targeted visitors to a website via on page & off page search engine optimization.

Various website performance indicators from Google Analytics report further helps undermine the detailed visitor flow and the list out the individual report card for web pages like average time on the site, average time on individual web pages, bounce rate – people exiting the site the moment they land, number of unique visitors, number of total page views, etcetera.

Website Analytics Optimization // #hshdsh
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Analytics Optimization

Analysing these reports help webmaster and page curators to define what is working and what needs to be bettered on a website. Balancing high percentage of bounce rate from a website by adding conversion rate optimization kit that sets automated timer bound messages with a compelling offer or sales pitch works well. Listing high performance web pages from the site index and social media curation on them drives better engagement & returns on optimization efforts. Similarly paid social media campaign analytic and email marketing performance evaluations delivers crucial data to curate perfectly optimized website marketing strategies.


Conclusions: Story of a Website
Conclusion: Story of a Website // #plbkkt
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Story of a website cannot be summed in such few words and only references about strategic content development planning can be instigated. Content is the key and has always been for marketing right from the print era to the digital domain. Website is an extension of web marketing blended with rich visual storytelling attribute to keep the visitor engaged with intent. Intent can be influenced with catchy writing & appealing visuals to define click through, the first step towards social selling. Intent will keep influencing the visitor as they click though the social conversion cycle of a webpage drawn to define conversion analytic. Conversion is a scope of lead generation by deploying efficient funnel based marketing strategies optimized with the right content message and easy to engage call-to-actions. Attractive returns on call-to-actions by visitors create scope for long term associations and brand loyalty. In the end it’s the impressions of the brands content delivery model that elevates the goals for marketing.

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