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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Digitally Yours, Socially Too!

Create compelling visual storyline campaigns via responsive designs & parallax scrolling effects driven by hashtag marketing strategy. click to tweet

Try this now with vintage Pentagram "Forever My Queen" // as they groove & we nod in unison:
I ran away with myself 
I think I ran a little too far
And baby you're gonna be my queen   
Cause the king always know just what he means

Digitally Yours, Socially Too! #hash_dash DGTL Studios //
Digitally Yours, Socially Too! +hshdshDGTL

Cycling New Wheels TweetThis! 
Wheel your marketing cycle with a better strategy. 

TweetThis! Biking for Glory
Fuel speed to marketing goals with social signals

Breaking News Arrives TweetThis!
The buzz in your business is in the way you do business. 

 TweetThis! Shot to Fame
Redefine business goals with strategic content marketing.

How About Coffee 
Let’s brew some coffee to get all started with you.

 TweetThis! Aligning Your Brand
Refine strategy to align far reaching objectives.

S.O.S #hash_dash TweetThis!
To get things done expertly you need the right experts.

 TweetThis! Let’s Play Ball
Experience the pleasures of ethical inbound.

Responsive Designs TweetThis!
Campaigns device optimized for better engagement.

 TweetThis! Want more #hshdsh
Jump in for some cool parallax campaign UI designs.

  • User Interface & Experience Design
  • Native Content
  • Social Content Curation
  • Hashtag Marketing
  • Responsive Design
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • One Page UI Design
  • Online Advertising
  • SEO Site Audit
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Page Optimization

Hash Dash // The DGTL AGNC

Create website layout that auto adjust content across any device. One page website designs with compelling storyline vivified via parallax scroll effects. Drive responsive design parallax campaigns that are 100% SEO ready & grouped via hashtag signatures.

Creating a parallax scrolling site combines HTML5, JavaScript/jQuery & CSS3 to mainly personify the possibilities of creating a SEO website design that is visually 3 dimensionally rich & tellingly appealing.

Kick Start SEO = Social Media Goals click to tweet

Boost parallax campaigns reach with targeted hashtag mentions of the core keywords or topics. Intrigue visitors with an immersive site design that combines the elements of responsiveness or parallax scrolling effects. Get started with responsive parallax campaign designs with the hashtag #ResponsiveParallax across Facebook, Twitter & Google+ to see live examples of one page // #1Page landing page optimization.

You got one core keyword with parallax scrolling one page user interface designs which is perfect keeping in mind of one page one keyword search algorithm guidelines. Empower link building with authoritative social signal relay from social media networks that also serve as the campaign triggers to drive traffic.

Dedicate blog to create an inflow of inbound traffic that is driven by an intriguing storytelling and splinter nuances of click through intent with compulsive precise writing. Catchy titles & rich visually appealing creative collaterals engage for a unique user experience design. One page that scrolls to cover the entire website is more than a challenge and requires diligent planning & direction.

The content marketing ecosystem is constantly evolving and so is the nature of business in the web publishing network. Native is making its presence felt more with increasing relevance from mobile devices where hashtags ploy contextual advertisement gateways powered with payment-as-a-service ready one click dynamic conversion triggers waiting to drive reactive consumer driven talk back forums.

One Page UI + Site Audit + Custom Hashtag =

What we do
Content curation and digital marketing strategy to optimize social media marketing for authoritative growth of social SEO signals to attribute organic search engine results page (SERP) listings for websites, start-ups & companies.

What you get
One page // #1Page search engine optimized responsive user interface designs including parallax scrolling with rich visual storytelling content feed via hashtag marketing.

Get yours now
Rate your experience with Hash Dash DGTL AGNC and get your one page UI design absolutely free. Jump in right away and fuel your marketing goals with social signals.

Plan content curation and digital marketing strategy for optimizing social media marketing growth of social SEO signals to influence organic SERP listings for your one page user interface designs.

Social marketing driven by hashtag mentions & hashtag signatures for ethical inbound social indicators attribute the difference in strategic keyword branding of the core mention of business services, products & brands.

Relatively talking make a list of your website URLs, sum each of them for one core keyword, create a custom hashtag around the core keyword or topic.

Electrify each webpage under your current website domain as a self dependent entity glorifying the realms of your business thanks to landing page optimization strategy defined with one page // #1Page user experience designs.

Digital marketing // #DGTLMRKTNG for brands, campaigns with responsive designs for both email & websites where parallax campaigns optimize with rich visual storytelling content feed from social media updates via hashtag marketing.

Content storyline are optimized with social conversation tagged with custom hashtag mentions for targeted social signals.


Hashtag #hshdsh on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr to know more about what we do.

Design Intensifies Engagement. Do you want to intensify? click to tweet

By creating a themed campaign & not a brand website, parallax campaigns can highlight core objectives to create brand presence across various web channels including social conversations.

Responsive parallax scrolling SEO campaigns are one page landing pages that are defined with an intriguing user scroll action oriented storytelling strategies drawn to trigger reactive engagement from the visitors. 

Easy to share social indicators further makes it easy for the #Page landing pages to relay persuasive references from followers that are monitored & curated in real time for authoritative spam free indexing.

Parallax UI = Parallax Scrolling SEO = #PllXUi click to tweet

#PllXUi is a branding aspiration where #hshdsh is the engine that drives the content. Hashtag #PllXUi in Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or Facebook respectively to know more about the plot!

Imagine a responsive parallax campaign // #ResponsivePC that talk backs with consumers via a unique storyline campaign using characters synced with a Twitter handle.

Portray the characterization of the campaign characters to resemble the occurrences from the day of a common man purpose driven with a social message in Technicolor humour.

Broadcast live interaction sessions among the campaign characters on days of a week with further web episodes scheduling talk back online forum hours with the consumers & audiences at large.

The place, your one page // #1Page website!

If being live is tricky to relay, monitor & curate campaigns in real time, plan schedule tweets & updates based on a campaign storyline that rehearses dialogues based on a pre determined script outlining the direction for each web episode.

In the strife for hashtag promotions for marketing conversion to meet desired goals of brand building via the virality of social mentions, "hashtags are the new URL" when we wish to use them as a start up point to close a buy circle by letting consumers form an opinion or otherwise share their interest in products & marketing promotions across social networking domains.

All about hashtags at

The uses of hashtags, knowing how to use them and knowing who uses them helps.

When you click on a hashtag, you come across news feeds related to the topic.

Twitter Hashtags allow people to search tweets that have a common topic...

Market research is a prerequisite for online marketers to improve selling.

Plan social campaigns to be driven by hashtag marketing and enthused the use of hashtag signatures across all available social networks supporting hashtags. Hashtags as we know groups social conversations within a network and across networks if multiple social profiles are merged together.

Hashtag Signatures = Hashtag Menus = Do Follow click to tweet

Hashtag signatures are the social digital impressions that attribute whatever that has been said & done by grouping the social conversations. This allows the synthesis of a communication channel that can be personalized just like a social networking profile.

Extend the reach of social updates across Twitter, Google+ & Facebook by researching popular hashtag topics on each individual network. Publishing updates tagged with popular hashtags signed with hashtag signatures ensure that fresh content is automatically delivered to your twitter profile that is now a website thanks to custom hashtag menus. 

Hashtag #hashtagmenus on Twitter to know about them and how to use them to create automated page content source on Twitter handles.

The cycle for B2B social selling starts with the monitoring of prospective leads across these social media channels over a period of time to listen, engage & connect with key executives who could be the decision-maker or influencers. It's an approach that leverage the use of various social media tools to filter targeted information based on locations, business verticals & social media profiles.

Social media metrics matter by the influence it offers and the best example to exercise such an analysis is based by picking a community to focus from inception followed up by setting & measuring goals for consumer interaction. Defining the key performance indicators based on these goal settings allows social marketers to redefine a better tactical strategy that has evolved from the analysed data.

In the context of social media, native advertising are indistinguishable ads from organic content feed seamlessly integrated in a user's news feed balancing the in-stream ad look, feel & function impeccably across both mobile & PC. This is again another strong persuasion why brands prefer social media native advertising as they strife to build & drive dynamic cross device campaigns

Ad feed for textual social stories
click to tweet
Infuse the responsive elements with content strategy to design a unique graphic novel visually rich storytelling campaign tagged with custom keywords.

Rich visuals appeal influential impact on user’s mind with 3D images to create an immersive web user experience on responsive content design for better engagement scores.

Enhance user experience design with targeted content delivery for higher native advertising click through with hashtag marketing & create time stamp of authoritative social references embark the unique branding of your brand.

#hshdsh // Follow the conversation

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