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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Between days of a year that was and hours of a year that's left! #Adieu2017

Art had its moment this month but music sure had a feast. Dark & blistered from the constant fret scratching intended for melody but could be otherwise as well. Here's evidence to set pace:

Scars - Relativity via +Sonic Rituals 

It's been a high month. Perfect setting for gala end to a year gone and one we embark. India Graffiti Run was surely high point although it was intended with Digital Marketing Growth Hack Sessions along sidelines of graffiti exhibition at Cafe Musart - my favourite after work joint to wind up a long tiring day at work.

Other than music & graffiti, bad attitude backed with startling revelations also rued the month of December. Intent was their like I mentioned via #Pallab_in stories "Colours of Life Amidst Digital Theatrics" but intentions around were unintended. Lately I'm guilty of overusing few words!

I had my moments to be honest. Opportunities were played well and purpose driven objectives saw the light of possibilities. Cliché!

From job front, for love of bread, they had their moments too! Website will finally go live and powered in-house CPL (cost per lead) campaigns atop outsourced numbers.  

Online ads on driven by cookie saved browser sessions targeted for mutual benefit served well to instil confidence.

So the next time you are incited to buy something online, try remember what colour of buy button played on your final decision to buy!

This all in common agreement today via +gapingvoid art

And we brag and when we brag we hashtag #brag_eh

Extreme grunge riffs distort mind & vision as we salvage through some insipid extortions of life's ransom for leverage.

Between days of a year that was and hours of what's left, revelations flashes across a closed mind far fetched from outcry of desires ravine.

So sometimes I just close my mind and stare back at the random darkness that loomed till light on edge of tomorrow meets horizon to bend possibilities.

Erstwhile in the year that's closing in on us we remember when we were driven by fancy user experience designs.

At the stroke of a brand new year, we enterprise possibilities with prolific armament of user interface designs that are responsive driven for on-the-go communication. UI design models based on collative study of user experience sessions to measure identifiable deliverables for sales & marketing.

Amidst digital theatrics where responsive design challenges are manoeuvred with strategic content marketing, superior user experience design rich is visual appeal elevates interest for incitement.

#IndiaGraffitiRun is born from flairs of visual embodiment pictured with colours that empower self belief and an undying openness to limitless possibilities. Beautiful & rare, pristine & elegantly poised for maximum manoeuvrability within vastness of virtual web where growth hacking digital marketing triumphs!

Join Digital Marketing Growth Hack Sessions at Cafe Musart amidst ongoing India Graffiti Run graffiti exhibit --

A Year of random King Devil début on Tumblr homepage  

A Year of Cost Per Lead in-house campaigns

A Year of CMS driven developments to parlay education 

A Year for inaugural India Graffiti Run

A Year of enterprise via an online marketplace for artists

A Year of music for desires fulfilment

A Year of hope & triumph!

#Adieu2014 via #Pallab_BlogSpot for #hshdsh also #hash_dash from #IndiaGraffitiRun at +Cafe MusArt  

Experience India Graffiti Run at

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