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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

War cry on Fiftieth Post – Battle of #SMO for #SERP with #SEO.... Starring Non #Oligopoly Byte Space! #B3Driven

Pallab 50 Post's Today 100 to go #B3Driven
Pallab 50 Post's Today 100 to go #B3Driven +Pallab Kakoti 

Celebration & War Cry, do they go hand in hand?

And for fiftieth post after exactly 417 days on blogroll here’s purpose poised to be driven for quite some time but somehow cues weren't enough. 
Now better be driven before it’s too late. Time doesn't wait for nobody they say so why should I be any different. Between then & now many things remain same although lots changed. Lost plot on what role hashtag URLs play across social networks that support them had been on my mind for long I remember ever since starting to dig deeper. Deep was definitely what I dug and all this while I was digging occurrences kept reminding me to make purpose meet end. Wasn't to be and recently came across this awesome post on Moz – holy temple for all things SEO. Wonderful report that detailed every aspect hash tag URLs to facet perspective based on relevancy of use & doing so what it gives back to marketers. 

Honestly I wouldn't have cared to take trouble of fine tunings details shared so in many ways I was gladder then frowning. For one it cover all networks followed by two, giving realistic understand how social provider’s intent to be driven by hash tag URLs used on their posts. Relatively in all of them one attribute that naturally orchestrated symphony of unison was grouping. Hash tag URLs groups social conversations as we all know hard by now but is not how they are driven to deliver results across different social networks.
Post I'm talking gives you that understanding on how they behave and based on which marketers can smartly cue how to have them “#BeDriven”!

Them and they here refers to authority parleyed by hash tag URLs as driven factors for social channels to indicate vice for authoritarian signals vindicated based on assessment of causation. That causation was poised for purpose by relative network of social media users who reacts emotively based on trending signals that are prevalent & also constantly changing even as we read. As a digital marketer I want to live with truth that social media optimization for social indicators are as important as search engine optimization.
It feels good to do what you are told and even better when you can dictate terms. Long before SEO, Google happened and what followed is relative present with an oligopoly tomorrow. If that was case for SEO and Google then may I also suggest that SMO came from Facebook and that my friend sums it up for me!

For you I’ll elaborate my reference case study on social indicators prevailing to bust myth that they serve no relevance on SERP. Simply none whatsoever! Doesn't that sound plain & simple arrogant. I can understand science of marketing based on which disclosure of algorithm blueprint cannot be made public but defiance to admittance indicating causation beyond correlation cannot be summed for social indicators. Only because one who prophesies this non admittance isn't market leader when it comes to being social Search is fine but social is what Google craves to seize and just prevail. 

By all measures I don’t want that, rather we don’t need that. For one it’s bad to have only one major player in market offering “search” and two that will lead to favouritism. Not surprisingly there are already good many legal arguments in motion accusing mighty Google of monopolistic marketing, of favouring their own products for user searches related to them.

Don’t believe in what you reading then here’s substance.

Google Alleged for Anti Competitive Business Attitude – What’s wrong with it we pry?

To get to this link I've just shared, I had to of course Google like we all do and so I keyed “Google monopolistic marketing” on Firefox(Who are phasing out Google as default search platform to bring in Yahoo/Bing=Microsoft nexus). For a moment I was absolutely ecstatic to see my post on WordPress shedding light on legal battles about how Google was implicated in some cases and pending verdict in others all vying one truth – anti competitive business attitude!

Sadly for me my moment was short lived as I also realized that search I triggered on Firefox browser sought SERP results based on activity cached via my Google account. Excitedly although unsure as well I opened a private browsing session on Firefox and again keyed same keywords. This time my post was nowhere found. So what I did on Google can be attributed for authoritative relay to justify serving results based on what I did or which sites I visited in past but same cannot be case if it’s not Google but Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Doesn't that impede bullying tactics cloak & daggered for purpose poised by market dynamics. To me it does. For you I will impede your judgement in case if it’s still not comprehensible because I can understand cloak of Google blurring your decision making process. We are in fast moving digital space where almost everything who we are, what we do & what are we going to do we all are in proud company of Google services. One thing they do not have is social and that’s as relative as it gets to give more cues on their side of non admittance & denial of social indicators having to play any role on ranking for SERP.

Back to subject of fiftieth post & resurgent attitude to meet purpose poised by one page responsive parallax campaigns driven by hash tag URLs. Yes you can say that I or Hash Dash Digital prophesy role of social indicators on SERP only because it serves our cause and yes is what we also agree on & stand by unapologetically. Not because its business for us and since it’s bad for business to just have only one player to depend upon. I do agree that other search providers are still not able to fetch & deliver results as accurately as Google SERP but hey nobody comes to world born perfect but only in time!
I see strategy and reckon to stand by vie for non oligopolistic tomorrow when it comes to search providers.  

Maybe I’ll try something else because I see Bing featuring new webmaster tools and DuckDuckGo making its presence around. 
Maybe I'm naive to deem newbie talent with legendary pros but we don’t come to this world as heroes but our deeds make us heroes!
I see Firefox’s resolve to bar Google search on their browser’s default search feed and I also hear recent agreement between both Google & Yahoo/Bing to seed tweets from Twitter handles be relative for SERP débuts.

Be driven by what you need and not by what we can profit from legally! #B3Driven
Drawing back again to highlight agenda for #PLlxUi one page driven by hashtag marketing, this is growth hacking based on user empowerment model. We want to not just sell any product be it your own responsive website at just INR 5000/- but also empower you with smart cues that allows easy manageability of online portfolios curated socially based on compelling contextually driven content storyline. Add even smarter cues of hash tag URLs marketing in fast evolving social trendy user base that are agile, mobile & ready to reconcile.  

To them we offer parallax scrolling responsive one page websites with own domain name, web hosting & more not because we don’t want to make profit out of what we do but because we chose not to blur our product transparency pseudo fragments of hypocrisy & untruth.

Most if not all hosting service providers do not offer any plans to host websites less than anything that will cost close to at least not less than INR 2000 including top service providers with market reputation & excluding all random resellers. Theoretically most SMB websites if not all doesn't need anything more than 20 MB tops including images, scripts & HTML pages. But Google or Bing or Yahoo or DuckDuckGo and you will not come across any single such reputed service providers offering web hosting plan in less than INR 2000 per annum.

Midst this nonchalant market dynamics we brave forward with what we offer and we stand by for purpose driven online user interface & experience design of businesses based on assessments of ground realities. We just don’t design & host websites to extort your cause to be online but rather take pride in assessing & planning why you or your business needs a website. That way we are able to minimise cost factors by leaps & bounds which we honestly hope should also be envisioned by our competitors including major players.

For example a local business vying for attention on local search including via mobile devices based on their radius of delivery or reach do not need 100 pages with 2 GB hosting accounts. Rather simpler & more affordable options ensuring & honouring their online adaptive intent work wonders. To them we reach and offer one page responsive parallax scrolling search engine optimized user interfaces feed by blog platform and charged for social delivery via easy likeable content based storytelling that transpires genuine CTR intent.

We too do not favour or opine for monopolistic marketing towards an oligopoly cynicism where referrals do workout and so we say recommendations about our services that completes conversion qualifies every such case with 20% profit for each new sale. Oh yes! We are serious.

Grand Design of Schemes & Things from Hash Dash Armoury definitively featuring: one page mock up design, responsive, parallax scrolling, own domain name, web hosting, content curation, SEO + SMO ready, local search ready, contact form ready and absolutely ready for your business. First visits are free to business locations and subsequent processes completed via easy to answer survey based questionnaires all in unison envisage your invasion for online presence.

We are responsive. We are parallax. We are hash dash. And I Pallab welcome you to.....

#BeDriven or #B3Driven for more!

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