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Friday, 5 June 2015

Vintage Kids by Michael Vincent Manalo - #hshdsh presents #SKADFRRE

Full Series - Vintage Kids by Michael Vincent Manalo for +NeonMob 

Fresh lease of life awaits misadventures of pursuance as destiny twilights arrival of summation. Departure of legionnaires battling intercase beyond point of munition retaliation. Order of judgement awaits dreams of millions as thoughts beings to conspire yet again.

Will the fury of the elemental forces transgress the oppression of newborn occults fiefdom to martyrs? Lost cause and into infinity over bridge of finite moments mingled to transpire the occurrences of noble mind.

Welcome to the world, where everything's in vogue, since style is the present, and vintage isn't old. Here the children laugh and play, wearing clever tools. Surely what the world needs, are more of these clever fools.

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