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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Absolute mayhem anticipated ahead. Car pooling in rescue act! #ODDEven #OddEvenPlan

Having said all that I’ve shared so far, I am still clueless where I will be moving in by end of January 2016.

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Share to Unlock – Case Study on Real Estate Websites in India via #HSHDSH
#HSHDSH suggests local real estate brokers or agents to manage their property listings for rent or purchase via website sync to Facebook page. 

Create new photo albums for each property listing and add quality content details in description section of each property pictures. 

Once property consultants locally have channelled an organized systematic process of adding new property listings via Facebook page connected to website, only then initiate in submitting same locations across various real estate brands. 

Recommended: If you want to enjoy reading this post, strongly suggest album "Conspiracy of One" by "The Offspring." Because you'll need to - "Come Out Swinging - come out alone, They're in your way, they're in your way As long as your swinging strong then you'll get by" and "You're gonna keep your head up through it all, You're gonna bust out on it (Original prankster)"!!

Quality efforts & applied measures while submitting property listings with accurate visual insights will surely won’t go unnoticed. 

If you still have inhibitions about will visuals make any difference in getting better responses to property listings, answer to that is by honestly answering what would you have done had you been in similar position of someone looking to move in new house?

My predicament to move in new house is also triggered by growing buzz on #ODDEVEN puzzle proposed by infamous political newbie AAPtards

Absolute mayhem anticipated ahead. Car pooling in rescue act! #ODDEven #OddEvenPlan

At their wit’s end while dealing how to best manage governing cycle of metropolitan city like New Delhi, their proposal lacks vision & sensibility. 

It’s not that threat of smog wasn’t felt earlier but their rush to introduce #OddEven without proper planning & limitation of resources in hand will surely backfire. 

Mundane Inanities of Real Estate Websites in India, lack of UI & UX Design Intelligence.
Mundane Inanities of Real Estate Websites in India, lack of UI & UX Design Intelligence. Share to Unlock
For one, Delhi Public transport connectivity is simply not enough in present scale of demand with #OddEven in play. Imagine impact of new commuters triggered by this proposal to an existing public transportation network which is already lagging for ages!!

Absolute mayhem anticipated ahead.

Car pooling services in rescue act.

Are you in for ride?

In case moving in to new house near to office or business isn’t an option, car pool services will sure make them visible finally. They have been around for quite some time but never felt like a selling concept. 

Now under demand dynamics of #OddEven, car pool start-up services sure promises fair trade play.

Here again, trust & confidence building factors makes end game. An app with official connect via reliable social network can help route accessible car pooling ride partners. 

Information about user preferences can be introduced to discussion table by brainstorming set of questions expected to answer win-win for each members on a particular route. 

Share to Unlock – Case Study on Real Estate Websites in India via #HSHDSH
Share to Unlock
Factors like cost, convenience & timings are absolutely vital depending on different work locations and works best if your ride partners are working in same company.

Now honestly, when we ventured to some of websites offering car pooling services we were baffled by lack of product design in them. 

Experience personally was even more dampening after realizing that an argument amongst #HSHDSH consultants was disappointingly pointless. 

We blindly bragged about Blah Blah car dot com after recalling that brand name since last 2-3 years but never visited their website until #ODDEVEN. 

When we first heard about #ODDEVEN, we like amateurs bragged how they will finally make their presence felt and that they should be working on revised blueprint model of their business to cater opportunities created by #ODDEVEN diktat.

Curve-balls & #HSHDSH, Together we ride! #CarPool #OddEven
Curve-balls & #HSHDSH, Together we ride! #CarPool #OddEven

We were pointlessly wrong.

From an amateurishly designed user interface to glance their product model, one inevitable truth was their existing platform has no sync with crisis in hand where they can surely turn fortunes around. 

You can register your car to offer “an UBER like” ride but other than that there wasn’t any definitive insight about tapping most from opportunity in hand. 

Listings for car pooling intra city services were available on display but on closer look it didn’t took long to realise that most listings were by repeat users. 

In fact we felt that there is every possibility of these listings was submitted by known influencers for company. Online solutions available across most service providers lacked vision & personalization. 

Rather impression was more like classified platform where anyone can just post about anything. No verification services were offered owning responsibility about listings from subscribers.

Here’s a situation that demands utmost trust, ownership & validation for car pooling services but other than just offering anyone to publish listings without validating authenticity. 

Genuineness of information & details of available riders was one major reason why we said that car pooling services model requires well known social networking platform. 

Only then can basis of trust & ownership can be met to an unknown stranger looking for ride to office and back every day.

So get on with your thinking cap, get down to sketching an ultimate business model for start-up causes for industries like real estate and car pooling. 

#HSHDSH via #Zeta gives you ideal start-up solution for your business dynamics to prosper in bloom of new opportunities harvested by product design avidity. 

Visit us online at to fill up contact form. 

You can also tweet #HSHDSH to @hashdashdigital and request product design survey aimed at collating information about your business plan/idea. 

Once you have completed survey, we review your details to prepare your start-up model for ultimate success. 

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That's What Main Man Says!!

Recommended Advisory Lyrics: Important must you know information for F***tards. That's how you made me feel with your #ODDEVEN diktat. It's 242 midnight and I'm laying awake to make it for work before 8 am since then's when I'll have to report in office parking lot. Office won't open till 10am!! 

That's just on odd days because tomorrow I'll be even what them AAPtards will say.

Enjoy the Ride with #HSHDSH - Learn as you Campaign!! @blogs4bytes
Enjoy the Ride with #HSHDSH - Learn as you Campaign!! @blogs4bytes

Come out swinging, come out alone
They're in your way, they're in your way
As long as your swinging strong then you'll get by -- Come Out Swinging

You're gonna keep your head up through it all
You're gonna bust out on it
(Original prankster) -- Original Prankster

Don't get me wrong
I know you're only being good
But that's what's wrong
I guess I just misunderstood
Go -- want you bad

Install in me
Clear me on my way -- million miles away

This time I turn around, things have changed
Now I don't feel the same, yeah
Start a fight, kick a fit, one more time
Dammit, I changed again -- Dammit, I Changed Again 

This world is hard to fight
Hitting you once, hit it again
To know the way it feels
Everyone gets knocked down
When you get up it's real
Taking it back, turn it around

Get on it, up on it, get on it
(Wouldn't wanna be you) -- Living In Chaos 

(Oogaa chaka, ooga chaka)
(Oogaa ooga)
(Oogaa chaka, ooga chaka)
(Oogaa ooga) -- Special Delivery 

If I had a perfect day

I would have it start this way -- One Fine Day

Deep inside I seek what's burning
Should have known all the while what's true
Went along, to fool myself
Can't go on, I can't escape it -- All Along 

So here we go
Having the same old fight again -- Denial, Revisited

And in the sun, a loaded gun
Makes for conversation
All the while in denial
It's too late for me to change

And you were unchained
Nothing more had changed
I could fake it
If you still hate me
Confiscate me -- Vultures

Nobody wins
Nobody hears us fall
Nobody wins when it's done
Conspiracy of one -- Conspiracy Of One

And then there was no bound to my excitement when I came across this exclusive: The Offspring - Huck It, Bonus Tracks from the Australian and European realese of "Conspiracy of One". 

Drop a bomb in the public's eye
Fuck the sponsors, they always lie
You are pointing to go fast and go

Broken bones and baking skin
Notify your next of kin
You'll know you'll come alive some day

Huck it
Now you feel alive,
stinks like shit all the time
Huck it
It's like you gotta try
risky shit, by the time
You cannot practice just lay it on the line -- Huck It

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