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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How to salvage social marketing growth for challenges ahead?

Annual Social Media Marketing Plan for Publication Company

This covers primary vision, mission, values, primary activities, company history and so on. What is unique value proposition? How to differentiate from others in the field?

Define legacy of your business in related industry and salvage sole factor as major thrust for conversion.

It is also useful to outline what the current brand identity of the organisation is like. Are there any personality attributes to be considered? What about overall look and feel? These helps develop campaigns that are coherent & unique for clients.

Campaign developments & strategy proposal must coincide annual educational calendar schedules that include host of scholarship exams, comprehensive study materials, expert faculty members and combination of best classroom & online learning experiences.

Business Objectives

What is the overall goal of various programs?

A good way to do this is to break it down into specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets indicated in measures submitted under marketing budget proposals.

For example, number of Likes on Facebook, number of followers on Twitter, recruitment of online influencers/ambassadors, number of positive comments on social networks, number of Shares, or ranking on Klout or Alexa all to eventually assess possibilities of successful conversions.

Objectively lead generation followed by new enrolments are ultimate conversion indicators. Qualitative and quantitative indicators of success, bearing in mind the principle that sometimes less is more. Qualitative indicators include to mass propagating successful candidatures since inception. Collect students & parent’s audio, video & text based testimonials.

Ensure that annual marketing proposal for social media marketing & optimization offers best qualitative leads for enrolment conversions. Quantitative indicators include number students & alumnus associated with selection protocols to articulate public relation measures deployed.

Objective is to drive maximum social media engagement by objectifying online promotional drivers to influence future enrolments via campaign artworks & micro-sites deployment.

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Communication Objectives

What's the single most persuasive or most compelling statement your brand can make to achieve objective?

Target Audience Definition

The more precise and detailed, the better it is to reach conversion goals.

Data Mining - #HSHDSH
Go beyond age and sex to describe demographics and psycho-graphics that will confluence an influential role for successful conversion. 

Explain how the audience currently thinks, feels and behaves in relation to the product category, client’s branding for specific products or services. This process will further be leveraged using marketing keywords suggested for PPC bidding.

Cater to two groups for all social media marketing campaign including aspirant themselves as well as an influencer network helping conversion factors. For example, during campaigns, notion is to offer various versions of same artwork with contextual emphasis targeting different age groups.

Re-marketing strategy during online paid campaigns includes targeting visitors who visited any client websites and using visit cache to trigger lead generation ready landing pages.

Consumer Insight Review

Customer Insight is the intersection between the interests of the consumer and features of the brand.

Leads Marketing - #HSHDSH
Its main purpose is to understand why the consumer cares for the brand as well as their underlying mindsets, moods, motivation, desires, aspirations, and motivates that trigger their attitude and actions.

Best customer insight targeting includes using student results over years, testimonials from both students & parents, scholarship exams and more.

Objective is to motivate various targeted audience age groups with contextual visually appealing artworks that nourish conversion dynamics from both students & parents.

Visual Context Briefing & Latest Best Practices for Success

What tangible pictures, videos, images come to mind that that are useful, entertaining, or memorable, related to client’s products or services, which might be shared and passed along among friends?

Social Marketing - #HSHDSH
Part of annual social media marketing proposal pitch, incorporate periodic online tests via email marketing & social campaigns.

Visual context must engage audience to comprehend that study resources, online correspondence materials & online mock exams ensure maximum engagement from targeted audiences.

Social Media campaigns & email marketing call to action & activity update should be able to share online preparation tests scores across social websites & invite friends.

Uniqueness Explorations

What is remarkable about the Brand, Product or Service? 

Glorify story behind the business or the founder and key factoids which few people know about.

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Cultural Context Marketing

What news would be relevant to client’s business and of interest to audience?

Digital Marketing - #HSHDSH
Are you aware of any popular blogs related to business as well as thought/opinion leaders and who inspires or influences of client’s educational market?

Google Alerts must be based on targeted age groups and keywords inclusion must be reviewed in Google Adwords to ascertain monthly search volume for each specific keywords. 

Influence Marketing - #HSHDSH
Influence Marketing - #HSHDSH
End to End Digital Marketing -
End to End Digital Marketing -

Online Marketing Activity Timeline  

Next time an educational company asks for an appraisal related self assessment report, refer to following activity timeline proposal. With clear cut digital marketing plans based on extending visibility boosts across every available online channels for an educational company. 

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Sr. No
Time Line
Delivery Expected
Weight age
Develop and implement a online marketing plan.

Start publicising online story making events to target right audience.

Suggestions are apt for an educational company planning for maximum visibility followed by improvised engagements.
There are various ways you can choose to promote your event, including:

- E-mail
- Online Notice board
- Online Blackboard
- Location Plasma Screens
- Adverts on local dailies
- Location Posters
- Direct Mail
- Event Promo stands
- Press release
- Micro sites for SEO
- Social Media Marketing
- Podcasts
45 Days Before any Scheduled Event
Before scheduled Dates for Scheduled Events & Story Making to Storyline procedures
Depending on Target Exam or programs, identify who are target audiences and what are current needs & expectations. Encourage feedback from online visitors to better overall impact.
Identify key competitors are and what their events are like; What promotional activity will commence to broadly classify ideal online marketing plan via online advertising, Direct Mails, PPC Ads, CPA Campaigns, Native Advertising, Content Exchange, Premium Blog, Paid Promotions
Continually monitor online marketing effectiveness and that all tasks have been undertaken.
Monitoring source include faculty program review and end of course evaluations from students.
Student exit survey data.
Employee evaluations.
Administrative monitoring on program success.
Financial viability of programs & ability to meet financial goals.
Ongoing market viability of program.
An expert advisory board review.
Timeline for each evaluation activity.
Process for reviewing program evaluation data. Making programmatic decisions.
As per Requirement
As per Requirement
Calibrate Online Centralized Lead Management & Distribution centre including online profiling on all old data to identify communication message, medium & schedule.
Develop an Online Contact Management Module – with Hierarchy based admin/manager/professional dashboard features for successful lead conversions.   
Individual Project Timeline Scope Applicable
Individual Project Timeline Applicable
Test online exam modules from various sources on web to effectively calculate cost of module development.
 Conduct internal review tests for platform robustness analysis of various online exams scheduling.
Within 24 – 48 hours depending on available features on program modules or as per requirements
48 hours or 2 days or as per requirements.
Calibrate process to register all study centres officially on Android and Facebook Maps via Google My Business & Bing Places for Business.
Initiate process to touch base all study centres for location verification from both Google & Bing.
Individual Project Timeline Scope
Can vary based on number of study centres.

Build new department with accountability for web analytics, lead generation/landing page design, social media strategy, multivariate testing, email marketing, blog and pod casting. Create parallax campaigns semantically tagged with schema, rich in visual storytelling driven by social media marketing.

#HSHDSH via @HashDashDigital

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