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Sunday, 23 April 2017

See how to breakthrough Product launches for rewarding results!

Online product launches for multi varied clients & products via #hshdsh
Digital Marketing Solutions via +Hash Dash Digital
Hash Dash Digital flights into referencing various strategies to collaborate online product launches for multi varied clients & products. 

Be it mobile phones or clothing retailers, these suggested assertions will surely enable brands to propagate and amass mass recognition of their products in the minds of the prospective consumers. 

Agenda: Give three different routes to launch following products. Include platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

See how to breakthrough Product launches for rewarding results!
See how to breakthrough Product launches for rewarding results!

Plot: A premium lifestyle phone (Samsung, HTC level) with USPs consisting of an excellent camera, very good design and interface

Plan A
Create a pool of participants who had to prove that their current handset is faster than new handset in contention here at a specific task such as taking a picture and posting on FB. Those who succeed will get ₹XXXX but that won’t happen as all of those tasks will be handpicked based on developer inputs of the new phone. Back up the plan with an aggressive social media marketing plan that will ensure that all available promotional slots are owned for the new phone launch.

#SERP Solutions via #HSHDSH
SERP Solutions
Note: Task here will depend on the features of the new phone and one listed above is generic. 

There has to be good amount of brainstorming before the final set of tasks are picked for the final pre-launch roll out.

Plan B
Use exact and broad match keyword search terms to drive people through to the brand’s website and display new phones exclusive features and specifications. 

Find out keywords based on what consumers are looking for and target them for maximum reach further fueled by remarketing.

Plan C
Recognizing that many target customers aren’t tech savvy by creating a promotional video about the new phone features that can be accessed by simply texting or via a QR code. Create small snippet videos explaining the new phone features and why it scores better than the others in its category and create a constant trigger channel for the effective buy decision. Texting to receive the videos will work considering most mobile users are still deeply embedded to SMS. If it’s a free SMS it works even better!
Align breakthrough solutions for your online marketing goals via #hshdsh
Align breakthrough solutions for your online marketing goals via +Hash Dash 

Plot: A heavy duty phone that any techie would love to use with USPs consisting of a superfast ROM, processor, good storage and smooth/glitch free interface

Plan A
Create a target audience of tech savvy professionals and offer them ordinary mobile banner ads run through continuously. Ensure “rich media” ads so that audience can watch videos, view an image gallery of the phone, download it as wallpaper and of course enter their zip code to find the nearest dealer, enter an email address for an e-brochure or click-to-call to know more specifically about the new phone.

SERP Ranking via #HSHDSH
SERP Ranking
Plan B
Hire a content marketing team to create storyboards about the phones iconic features and specifications to create an organic reach that triggers opinionated buzz marketing.

Create a virtual experience of how the phone looks and works via a mobile app.

Storytelling ideas for the content marketing team will be based on:
  • 1  Who is the intended audience i.e. demographics?
  •  In what contexts the consumers will look for the new phone?
  • 3  Campaign message and consumer targeting will be vital and base objective is to create a cohesive consensus about the new phone as the next big thing in smartphone technology.
  • 4  Include a comprehensive pricing comparison with other competitors in the same category.

Plan C
Try out a limited period invite only incentive plan to purchase the phone followed by another leash of buy without an invite only on a particular day of the week. Appeal for this radical campaign is when something is invite-only, everyone wants it and everyone talks about it. If the limited period invite only plan does not pan out well, we can always roll back to traditional back up plan.

This plan will work even better if we club both Plan B and Plan C to strengthen the back link spread about the phones features and specifications socially. The quotient will be to precede the phones must-have reputation for the tech-savvy can only be achieved if references of its features are found across tech-oriented sites to ultimately cement brand awareness.
Bots for your Business Branding & Goals via #HSHDSH
Bots for your Business Branding & Goals via #HSHDSH

Plot: A new range of premium denims from a brand like Levi’s

Plan A
Facebook Enabled QR Codes – Allow consumers use QR codes to like about the new jeans and get a discount on it which is like a fair exchange for basically advertising the item to all your Facebook friends.
Breakthrough Online Marketing
Breakthrough Online Marketing
Plan B
Location based proximity marketing Campaign – Customer sees a poster inside the brand’s stores that says “Opt in for text alert promotions when you’re in our neighborhood. Opt out at any time.”

Brand uses geo-fencing to figure out your location. (Geo-Fencing is when three cell phone towers figure out where you are bouncing signals off your smartphone). 

Now that brand knows where you are, it can send you a text message about special offers next time we’re near one of their stores. Location based advertising and location based services are the next big waves in mobile marketing.

Plan C
Offer a select group of customer’s mobile alerts about new stock arrivals, exclusive viewings or personalized offers and encourage them “elite” to forward the SMS to a friend by incentivising the forwarding process as an entry for a competition or a gala reward. 

Site & Social Audit by @HashDashDigital via #HSHDSH
Site & Social Audit by +Hash Dash Digital 

About Hash Dash Digital: 

1st we study
Identify keywords related to business and respective rankings on SERP. Understand expectancy from online audience, types of lead, conversions & what is expects out of leads.

2nd we curate
What site your customers are currently visiting? What material is available on your website for visitors to define content marketing strategy based on objectives?

3rd we republish
Responsive landing pages to outline for index prefaces of business brochures. Outline conversion strategy to collate leads from centralized digital user interfaces.

And for even more or to get started with your website, visit us at or just tag #hshdsh to @hashdashdigital

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