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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

5 Instructive & Informative Audits for Super Brands on Facebook

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Reveal social media performance audits for top super brands via Facebook Pages that helps elevate an extended reach to overdrive marketing thrives & objectiveness. Here’s how we can improvise Facebook branding opportunities for various businesses via the empowering super info highway of digital communication in reaching far fetched boundaries of consumer connect prepared by Pallab from Hash Dash Digital, New Delhi, India.

1. Audit for Super Brand Samsung

Five Practices that have worked for Super Brand Samsung
  1. Appealing banners with right combination of pictorials & texts ensuring that graphics are appealing visitors to spare a moment and right amount of texts are encouraging incitement for click-through.
  2. Bold commenting engagement with visitors looking for customer support including unhappy fans & consumers.
  3. Ensuring visibility via Notes feature by attributing recipes to win over various types of FB fans considering the array of consumer products at their offering.
  4. Use of hashtags as branding signatures to group most if not all post updates.
  5. Healthy 4,694,811 FB page likes ensuring that east post updates organically attract minimum of 250 – 350 likes from fans network.

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Three campaigns that Super Brand Samsung have done right

Post 1 –
Timing of new TV commercial and this targeted post triggered 41K likes as opposed to organic reach per update to roughly 250 – 350 likes.

All page updates grouped under hashtag #SamsungEdge campaign designed not just to win Students with Scholarship but also bringing together Top 15 B-Schools & Engineering institutes.

All page updates grouped under hashtag #SamsungStarScholar eyeing to tap in students and create impressions for brand loyalty by giving the scholarship dream.

5 Practices that are not working for Super Brand Samsung
  1. Uneventful “Events” tab that is outdated with last event dated July 11, 2016. It’s a strong feature that creates engagement and physical turnaround for loyal fans.
  2. Missing Customer Support tab even though almost most if not all page update attracted comments from fans and each time “Customer Support Admin” handle responded back to fans giving them clarity and directions for best resolution.
  3. Not a single post since 2015 featuring any celebrity brand ambassadors. We all know celebrities do the attention grabbing part almost instantaneously.
  4. Some of the page updates follow up URL within the body of the description takes visitors to 404 Page Not Found. Very little use of GIF animations as post updates.
  5. Missing Store Tab feature that will help indicate number of fans visiting FB brand page and how many of them finally converges for either an online or offline buy.

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2. Audit for Super Brand Motorola

Five Practices that have worked for Super Brand Motorola
  1. Super healthy fan base of 13,431,608 page likes with 13,424,819 following them resulting in an average engagement of over 10K fans for each page updates.
  2. Best use of the Notes tab as an official blogging dashboard with relevant information about contests & sweepstakes.
  3. FB Page App integration for Instagram Feed giving fans extended reach and post update engagement is not just limited to FB.
  4. Brand page is very responsive to messages with most interactions replied within minutes.
  5. At least two page updates posted a day with each scoring over 1K engagements followed by a strong number of post shares.
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Three campaigns that Super Brand Motorola have done right

Post 1 –
Engaging concept that aims at creating feasible & easy engagement options for all types of fans and that promises perks & benefits for participants. Free perks always works.

Post 2 –
Campaign designed keeping in mind with the sentiment of the country and people. Add to it the cherry of discounts and it gives back perfect appreciation evident with over 43K likes.

Post 3 –
Campaign posts grouped using the hashtag #HasselbladTrueZoom in tandem with graphics that relay connection with the previous updates. Incites sentiments and invokes engagement.

5 Practices that are not working for Super Brand Motorola
  1. Not good use of Events tab with only two past event listings and no indications of any forthcoming events.
  2. Zero engagement on comments posted under Events discussion making bad example of indifference to loyal fans who suggested they were going for the event and in doing so hoping to get some interaction or follow up information from admin or event managers. But wasn’t to be.
  3. FB Page App integration for two outdated campaigns #MotoGforGuetta and #MotoSelfE as both of them expired since 2015.
  4. Missing Store Tab to showcase products and gather consensus about which products are liked by fans to determine extended marketing feasibilities.
  5. Missing tab for support or FAQ although most comments & replies direct fans to the FAQ or Support section. Having a dedicated tab for some sort of customer support impression always goes the distance when it comes to boosting loyalty.
Breakthrough Your Online Marketing Objectives with #hshdsh -
Breakthrough Your Online Marketing Objectives with #hshdsh -

3. Audit for Super Brand Micromax

Five Practices that have worked for Super Brand Micromax
  1. Good to see FB Page App integration for both Twitter and Instagram Newsfeed in real time.
  2. Healthy 5,203369 Likes with post comments replied within hours.
  3. Nice uniform page updates with consistent banner sizes, each tagged with a unique #Hashtag & destination URL within the body of the description.
  4. Nicely designed, appealing and informative landing pages for most if not all page updates. 
  5. Good to see at least two page updates a day with exclusive texts, banners and hashtags.
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Three campaigns that Super Brand Micromax have done right

Post 1 –
Hardly any engagement to really consider it as a campaign or that too a successful campaign. Sole reason for inclusion is the nicely done landing page that elevates brand UI experience.

Post 2 –
Another nicely done landing page which is also the sole reason of inclusion under this section.

Post 3 –
Sole reason to include this campaign update is because of the one by two strategy used wherein Micromax Mobiles and Udio Wallet are both covered smartly. Surely entices engagement. However an under par or hastily completed landing page undoes the good impression. Still fits in just OK. Wasn’t surprised to figure out that Transerv, Micromax & Visa teamed up together to offer payment solutions in India.

5 Practices that are not working for Super Brand Micromax
  1. An outdated Notes page with last recorded posts going back to October 9 2016. Idea was good to create an official blog dashboard but consistency of relevancy missing.
  2. Slob Events tab without any forthcoming events to inform fans and a nonchalant past events calendar which hardly gives away anything informative about what the event was.
  3. Four FB Page App leads users to page not found and worse malware alert which is a serious let down. It just takes the delete function to not showcase unwanted, expired goodies!
  4. Disappointing that only a single page update used GIF animation. Add to it there is hardly any latest product videos with the last one coming some 7 months back.
  5. Missing Support / Help / FAQ tab for fans and consumers even though most comments including complaints & grievances are answered or replied within hours.
Discover your passion. Empower yourself. Experience #hshdsh -
Discover your passion. Empower yourself. Experience #hshdsh -

4. Audit for Super Brand Gionee

Five Practices that have worked for Super Brand Gionee
  1. Great to see range of FB Page App integration to showcase different engagement options for fans & consumers with total of 2,127,168 page likes.
  2. FB Page App integration also showcasing social media newsfeeds for YouTube, Instagram & Twitter.
  3. Great to see strong celebrity brand ambassador featuring newsfeed with a range of engaging options for fans & consumers to get going.
  4. Good to see the Notes tab used as an official blogging dashboard to feature Gionee Sunburn.
  5. Absolutely great to see the Gionee Support Tab and Shop tab featuring under FB Page Apps.

Three campaigns that Super Brand Gionee have done right

Post 1 –
Showcasing an update featuring Virat Kohli as a congratulatory post to him on winning the captaincy that resulted in 49K likes with 663 shares.

Post 2 –
All page updates grouped under hashtag #SmileswithVirat. Each update shows an average engagement over 25K likes with smart use of both videos and GIF animations. It also features video talk show “Green Tea with Gionee” featuring Virat Kohli and Manish Paul.

Post 3 –
All Page updates grouped under hashtag #MakeSmiles that gives fans & consumers the opportunity to participate using pictures or selfies taken from a Gionee (not necessarily) smartphone.

5 Practices that are not working for Super Brand Gionee
  1. Disappointing to see hardly any events feature even though they have been promoting #GioneeSunburn events across multiple Indian cities. All these events should have been targeted using the FB Events tab.
  2. Two non-functional FB Page App integration was a dampener with 404 results.
  3. Most of the page updates do not include a landing page URL leading to a loss of cross reference traffic to the brands domain. This is a huge disappointment since brand is not able to store cache of their marketing spend to consolidate their ROI in long term.
  4. Disappointing to see limited use and propagation of Green Tea with Gionee and other videos. Add to it that newsfeed updates does not include any cross reference from YouTube video channel although they have a dedicated FB Page App.
  5. Ratio of FB page updates relevant to the various Gionee products is absolutely minimal. Page updates must include references to the Gionee product landing pages with clarity of product specifications and comparison to similar products.
Facebook Page Audits via #hshdsh -
Facebook Page Audits via #hshdsh -

5. Audit for Super Brand HP

Five Practices that have worked for Super Brand HP
  1. Good to see Notes feature with relevant contest and sweepstake details. 
  2. Healthy amount of 2,278,094 page likes with 2,251,372 fans who follow them.
  3. Good use of short videos, hashtags and rich graphics across the page updates. Rewarding combination with most updates reaching over 10K likes.
  4. Good to see that FB Page App integration for Support and most queries are typically answered or replied within hours.
  5. Rich consistent banners with right amount of images and texts blended with pleasing colours that solicits for fan or consumer engagement.
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Three campaigns that Super Brand HP have done right

Post 1 –
Great application that allows fans to engage and experience exceptionality that will incite brand ambassador values in them to spread positive word of mouth socially. 

Post 2 –
All campaigns grouped under the hashtag #ReinventGiving by allowing fans and consumers the option to participate digitally something that all brands across FB would always love. Only this one makes it naturally coherent.

Post 3 –
Campaigns with the hashtag #GiridharKaunHai for the anticipation it created prior to launch and funny elements it propagated all essential for fan & consumer engagement. Page updates using that hashtag too has been immensely successful with over 10K engagement recorded for each update.

5 Practices that are not working for Super Brand HP
  1. Disappointing to see Events Tab missing. HP sure does lot of promotional activity and adding the Events tab will certainly add more value.
  2. Disappointing to see that very few updates are referencing users to the main business domain
  3. Little disappointing to see most of their page updates are not grouped with a hashtag despite the description including strong keywords that multiplies targeted reach.
  4. synced with their major global campaign #ReinventGiving has issues while loading up in Google Chrome. Gets stuck at 50% load but works fine via Firefox.
  5. Hardly any forward link via page updates to core HP brand website
Social Media Marketing via #hshdsh - for more!
Social Media Marketing via #hshdsh - for more!

Bonus Audit 1 for Super Brand Diesel Clothing

Five Practices that have worked for Super Brand Diesel Clothing
  1. Healthy total page likes of 4,587,891 with 4,445,548 peoples who follow page updates.
  2. Great to see FB Page App integration for Diesel FAQ – ensuing that same reverberates business opportunities and marketing objectives for a global expansion plan.
  3. Great to see the FB Page App integration for their official Instagram newsfeed.
  4. Rich banners & cool videos make the fan & consumer experience chic.
  5. Healthy no of engagement likes for each page update with an average of 1K minimum recorded on most updates.
Three campaigns that Super Brand Diesel Clothing have done right

Post 1 –
All campaigns using the hashtag #DieselWatches with each update scoring minimum 1K engagements from fans.

Post 2 –
Campaigns using the hashtag #PreSpring17 for the sole reason of awesome photo shoot that simply pleads to be liked, appreciated and recommended.

Post 3 –
Campaigns using the hashtag #DieselFurAll for the smile it brings in fans & consumers during the holiday season. Massive positive if campaigns can bring about natural coherent dynamics of engagement.  Any campaign that aims to strike an emotional chord with fans & consumers will always yield positivity.

5 Practices that are not working for Super Brand Diesel Clothing
  1. FB Notes feature is outdated and reflects indifference for fans & consumers without leveraging the potential it offers in caching timestamp of important updates, contest & sweepstakes, all of which are major fan engagement fuel.
  2. FB Events tab is another underused and underrated feature that has not been used to its full potential. Listed events dates back to 2013 and reflects brand impressions pretty poorly to fans.
  3. Talking about marketing outcry globally and yet you chose not to create a FB Page App integration for Diesel Store Locator. If done correctly, said application will positively impress fans, consumers and business partnership prospects.
  4. Hardly any propagation of their core marketing mantra – D:CODE Program or Authenticity
  5. Missing customer support tab although queries, comments & replies are responded back typically in hours.
Hashtag #hshdsh to @hashdashdigital - Get a free website!
Hashtag #hshdsh to @hashdashdigital - Get a free website!

Bonus Audit 2 for Super Brand Jack and Jones Clothing

Five Practices that have worked for Super Brand Jack and Jones Clothing
  1. Great to see an updated FB Events tab with most recent event recoded 5 days back. Only one brand in this review report who have used the feature really well, exploring all available extensions.
  2. Ranveer Singh as a brand ambassador was the icing for a healthy page with 2,018,306 likes and 2,011,403 people following them.
  3. No of FB Page App integration visible all working to offer fans & consumers maximum leverage for engagement across newsfeeds. This include top social media handles including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.
  4. Awesome product shoot updates all of which are clubbed well with hashtag and landing page URL within the description of the page update.
  5. Great to see working Store Locator tab with an updated database of stores across multiple Indian cities.
Hashtag #hshdsh for Social Media Optimization Audits -

Three campaigns that Super Brand Jack and Jones Clothing have done right

Post 1 –
Discounts works best for Jack and Jones. Almost all post with hashtag #Sale records an engagement of plus 10K. Another way to check this aspect is by using the hashtag #DontHoldBack

Post 2 –
This particular page update features slider towards the bottom that shows additional products from the same category displayed for Jeans. Gives fans & consumers the added visibility that sure incites trigger intent for buy. 11K engagement views.
Similar to the update shared above only this one features Sweatshirts.

Post 3 –
All campaigns using the hashtag #5KChallenge that gives fans & consumers to get involved with the brands marketing strategy and get featured on social media. Smart campaign idea that will not only shell out 5K but also offer a challenging experience to the buyer just to be pepped up about their shopping prowess.

5 Practices that are not working for Super Brand Jack and Jones Clothing
  1. FB Page App for Career is repeated and doesn’t go well in branding page. There is a difference between a website and branding page. That gap shouldn’t be exploited only because we can. Plus too many Tabs also distracts fans.
  2. FB Notes tab is outdated and underused. Page updates must leverage with the Notes to create an in-built blogging dashboard.
  3. Cross checking the landing page URL before posting is avoided at times. For instance clicking on website banner for Jackets will return “There are no products matching the selection.”
  4. Both Locations and Store Locator tab are giving the same experience and therefore the need for repetition in their inclusions must not be overlooked.
  5. Missing targeted landing pages for certain page updates just to measure their performance better and eventually compare stats to get improved in future. 
Be Business Ready with Facebook via #hshdsh
Be Business Ready with Facebook via #hshdsh
Long story short, the objective of the case study discussed above is to give an insightful panorama to comprehend how integrating social media network plays a crucial role in up-sizing your business brand and impacting business deliverable measured typically with profits & results by propagating Facebook as the campaign frontier of your products, services & solutions. 

I would further recommend to refer the following post -- HOW TO USE FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS --
 that discusses why you should care about your Facebook pages in setting your business goals, optimizing your pages, joining related networks, connecting with consumers as well as sharing content information related to your business domain.

What is Facebook.Com and Why Should you care?

Facebook.Com is a social networking tool for people to connect friends, families, colleagues allowing them to communicate and interact in a variety of ways.

Learn about Facebook Vocabulary

Before we start digging, let us go through a quick reference glossary on Facebook.Com terms used across the website and that will be helpful in our discussion.

End to End Digital Marketing via #hshdsh
End to End Digital Marketing via #hshdsh
How to set up Your Facebook Profile

Technically, guidelines affirm that profiles are for people and pages are for businesses.

How to Create your Facebook Page

You need to be logged in to create your page and once you are on the page above, you will be directed by a simple wizard to create your page.

How to Promote your Facebook Business Page

It all comes down to your Business Page and how well it engages users with applications like the discussion board, video tools and other features to give your content more variety.

Learn about Facebook Groups

Businesses should create a Facebook.Com Page to represent their brand or company; however creating your Facebook.Com Group has its own benefits and yields responses from a community of people with a common taste of interest.

How to Advertise on Facebook ads allows you to promote your business, create a bigger fan base and drive new leads & prospects for your sales team to capitalize on your investment.

Learn about Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm

Facebook.Com EdgeRank Algorithm determines which items are delivered to a users news feed once they realized that you simply could not share every single piece of activity information from all their friends on Facebook.Com

Best Practices for Facebook Business Pages

Be interactive, fun & helpful with the content delivery and updates on your business Page

How to use Facebook Insights

Measuring marketing results is a key aspect for any marketing strategy and why should be any different!

The Simple Way to Increase your Influence with #hshdsh -
The Simple Way to Increase your Influence with #hshdsh -

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